Easy & Simple 06031 Doom's Day Kit V; Review Sets F and G

Hot of the presses, it’s the release of the Easy & Simple Doom’s Day Kit 06031 rifle sets.

Up for our reviewing enjoyment is the F and G sets. Voidbringer in Green and Battlemaid in red.

Original promo pics can be viewed here.

So lets get into this. Voidbringer in green first. There is also another Voidbringer set in all tan, but I chose the green set as it fits well with a custom figure on the go.

Packaging. Typical E&S slipcover box packaging as we have seen in the past. The new thing this time is the new textured pattern on the slip cover with the new E&S brand logo. Similar to the new packaging on the 26044 Evacuation series figures just releasing. Cover card inside, over top of the cut foam inserts. Nothing fancy, and it works well and keeps package weight down.

So let’s dump it out and get going. There is a nice selection of gear. Rifle and Glock pistol with all the trimmings, some neat gear like the I phone, I watch, sunglass respirator and prybar.

We’ll begin with the main event, the rifle. Voidbringer F is the Spike’s Tactical ST15 in olive green, with black Troy Industries free float handguard. We get some nice molded details, and the upper and lower receivers are molded in the green plastic instead of painted. From the first pic we can see close up details of the take down pins in silver, and moving selector switch.

We have seen the receiver mold before with a different handguard on the E&S PMC Urban Assaulter 26039 figure.

Magazines are the FAB Defense Ultimags, 30 round, x3 quantity. Lots of nice molded details. Test and textured grip. The magazines are molded in clear plastic for the window feature then painted black. But it’s not as clean as it could be, so you can see the blurry edges of the paint around the clear window.

Magpul Pmag drum magazine. Again, nice molded details and paint features. The gold lever seems to be quite distracting, and there is no reference to any kind of paint applications like this on actual drums.

Right side of the receiver group.

Nice molded grip.

Typical moving bits on the E&S rifle. This time the charging handle is spring loaded. Some aren’t. The moving bits are done in a gold trim which looks nice against the green, and gives the appearance of titanium nitride coating.

Barrel muzzle device details.

Stock extends, and has enough friction to hold position.

Butt details on the stock.

I Watch details. This version is the black face and OD Green band.

Laser Unit (I’m Sure I can figure out which one it is given a bit of time, but it’s Friday, and I’m drawing a blank). Nice detailed paints and printing, and primarily in Flat Dark Earth (FDE) colour.

Forward Grip, looks to be the Magpul RVG.


Next we get the Glock 34 with a cut away slide and red dot optic up top, frame in OD Green and silencer. The green and gold is a nice look, but if it doesn’t blow your hair back, you can swap with a colour from on of the other E&S figures with Glock magazines. Again, you get some nicely detailed modings, and texturing on the grips.

The red dot optic is not really glued on well on the pistol, and is canted off to one side a bit. When I was moving the slide it just popped off to reveal there are no alignment pins or grooves. So it will just get glued back on. Small blessings. Now where is that super glue at?

Aimpoint Trijicon SRS. Nicely detailed. The only part that was a bit loose on the rifle. Loose on the handguard, but snug on the top receiver.

Respirator. I don’t know the model of this one. At first I was thinking it would be the same as the one released with the 26039 PMC Assaulter, but it is a different model.

Holster. Careful with those small pegs. They look super easy to break off.

I Phone with green case.

Surefire X400 Tactical light.

Sunglasses. Keeping up with the gold theme on the bits.

Magpul back up sights, front and rear. Flip up style

Black prybar.

Moving selector switch.

Some missed details. More fine molding details.

I dropped this magazine when I was fitting the drum mag in the rifle, and the rounds fell out. Neat feature. Not necessarily useful, but interesting to see.

Rifle all built up.

Oddly, but a nice surprise, most of the accessories fit snugly on the rifle, with just the SRS optic being a bit loose. Everything stayed where it should for a change without a need for glue or tricks to hold bits on. To say I was surprised is a bit of an understatement.

I was quite impressed by this set. Not only did it check off some boxes for a custom figure on the go, I think it looks pretty good for the most part, and fairly accurate as far as the accessories go.


The red Battlemaid G version. Different from all the rest. Same packaging but some different accessories.

This one gets a red painted pry bar. The rest are black going by the promo pics.

We get an MLok style rail sections on this rifle, similar to the A,B, and C sets. They just press in, and actually stay in. Nice surprise, because the side ones on other versions usually fall out.

On this rifle we get a black X400 tac light. The other sets all get the FDE version.

Lancer Systems AWM Magazines x3 quantity with red base plates.

Red I Watch.

I Phone with black case.

Glock 34 with red dot optic. Black frame and gold slide.

Trijicon SRS, but this one gets some red highlights on the screws and caps.

On to the rifle. As addressed before it’s an APS airsoft rifle. Not much use for a PMC except at fun time. So we can scavenge all the black accessories for the other guns, and hang this one on the gun wall.

It has a nice stock that we’ve seen on a few past E&S Rifles. A Noveske flash hider. Skeletonized lower and upper receiver. Looks cool, but not sure how realistic it is. Seems like a good way to shed weight, but also let a lot of unnecessary dirt and grit into it.

Noveske Flash Hider.

Magpul Pmag drum magazine.

If you do grab this one, be careful of the details. The red finish on the rifle is painted on, and dragging the accessories on and off will wear out the paint job. After putting on the optic and laser, the paint was already scuffing off in the middle and sides of the top rail.

The accessories fit pretty snugly again, but this time I think it’s the paint treatment that makes it a bit more snug on this version.

Stock butt details.

Respirator strap clip.

Sunglasses. This time we get a red lens version that is very opaque. Interesting feature, but I think an attempt at a mirrored finish in red would have been better. Still a nice option though.

The bottom grip, and the black X400 tac light accessories are really loose on this rifle. Similar to previous versions of E&S rifles using the same bits.

Although the black X400 did fit better on the green rifle rail sections. Still a bit loose but a more snug fit.

And a final side by side view of both rifles, all geared up.

I don’t expect I’ll be using the Battlemaid rifle version on much. Probably just set decoration on the gun wall. But the black and red specific accessories were the draw on this one, and those can be used to mix and match on other rifles as all the other versions have mostly brown or coloured accessories. The pistol is also kind of nice on this one, and is available in one of the B and E versions as well.

Fit wise, just the lower hand grip and the X400 light are loose on this set. Typical E&S. But that’s pretty good considering more of the bits are usually loose.


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