Easy & Simple 06031D Doom's Day Kit V




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I will sum up these sets in one word:


Y’all have a great day now!

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I kinda dig that green-on-black “Voidbringer??” One.

Love the respirators!

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The G34 from the vilehand set is tempting, might get a couple of those and paint the barrel black or replace it. I do wish that they would move away from the tired old SERPA and move to a nicer kydex holster, and I don’t know why they would bother including pistol lights if the holsters can’t even fit with them on. The rifle itself doesn’t look half bad, though if I got it, I’d change out the barrel and lower for black ones.

Well, those are awesome for me. 3 must haves.

And the rest for spares and mix and match.

A number of pistol lights are fairly quick-detachable, not that this would solve all issues. On the other side of the holster spectrum from the minimalist frame recently shown carried as well as on the E&S pistol, there’s the Blackhawk Omnivore. It’s usable with various pistols and lights, tho it is fairly large. It was recommended to me by a friend who has encountered them being worn in some classes. I’ve yet to run mine, but its fit and hold are pretty good.

These color combos, cell phones and watches strike me as excessive flash. For the “shooter on the go”?

E&S have made a minimalist Kydex holster before with the cancelled Black Powder Red Earth figure, but that design never went anywhere. I recently tried looking into making my own holsters with real kydex and everything, but finding everything in the proper sizes has been the biggest hurdle. Even if I could though, while a 1/1 pistol should be able to handle the process of heating the kydex sheets so that they fit it exactly, I’m not so sure if 1/6 pistols could. Maybe I should look into thermoplastics instead?

I’m actually more excited that we’re getting new iphones (13?) and apple watches, colorful tactical respirators, glock gun and colorful crow bars. The rifles themselves are pretty meh.


Weird sets, some nice pieces but as a whole… not getting it.

The respirator could have been the Ops Core SOTR that they released with their last PMC figure, and I would have been more interested.

No plate carrier or helmet, no rifle sling? They could include some of their harder to find gear in these sets, as it is I don’t see much value.

Given CAG is all the rage at the moment that would have been a fitting ( :drum:) choice for a holster. The look of the holster probably would fit the tacticool meets mall ninja configs here and lends itself to dubious two tone colorways.

They are from the first CBI set I think.

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We have new muzzles and a crowbar now.

I was going to adhere to that old maxim, “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all,” but…eh.

These sets feel incredibly uninspired, and come across as E&S trying to recoup mold costs for their Spike’s Tactical and skeletonized AR-15 lowers. The only truly new molds I see here are the pistol suppressors and the muzzle devices on the non-Battlemaid rifles (Adam reminded me that we saw the crowbar a long time ago with the 18001 Zeke set - that said, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn the suppressor is an older mold dug out of storage). We saw the muzzle device on the Battlemaid rifle on the Doom’s Day 06019A Hellspawn rifle.

There is zero diversity between accessories on these rifles. Battlemaid aside, you get a choice of two different configurations (lowers, forearms, stocks, suppressors, etc.), but literally nothing is different between the two configurations other than the colors/finishes. We have a glut of the MRO and SRS optics by this point, not to mention the Magpul UBR and BCM Minimalist and Mod 0 stocks. In a way, it’s somewhat consumer friendly as you can pick your favorite color and not have to worry about missing out on accessories from other sets. What we lose out on are part-outs. These sets could be an excellent opportunity to reissue a wider range of optics, stocks, and grips. This opportunity was squandered.

The anodization E&S feel they have to apply to the barrels and muzzle devices in this set gets old. I would have grudgingly shelled out for the green Voidfinger set had they not anodized the rifle and pistol barrels. I was initially glad to see the return of the Magpul D60 drum mag, but it appears they have anodized the lever on that gold. In fact, I don’t think we have ever gotten an all-black D60 from them. Levers on previous ones have had red or silver anodized levers. It’s disappointing.

Perceived value for money…so if you consider the rifle and pistol worth $45, E&S threw in the crowbar, phone, watch, glasses, and respirator to “sweeten the deal.” You decide whether these items are worth $20 to you.

So a bit of trivia here…these sets are named after unique monsters from Diablo II. I took pictures of my old strategy guide:

Looks like E&S accidentally doubled up on “Voidfinger.” I have to wonder if one will be renamed “Dragonhand.”

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I’m trying to save money, why E&S why? why?

Not exactly mad for every gun or even gun colour combo on display, but when I see that final picture with all the rifles, I just think get the set or most of them (maybe cut Battlemaid & Flamefinger as always personal choice). Seriously considering moving into collecting weapons, tbh think I already have most buys seem to be from the bitz’s segment.

Liking the accessories with rifles as well - good release. I will have to continue to sell of my 1/12 & 1/18 collection…please keep cheers down :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Wow, that’s an awesome piece of trivia. I dig it.

Really not a fan of this release, e&s has done so many great things this that this just feels like a big lazy disappointment, what they should have done instead was make weapon sets with the new noveske and knights armament rifle, instead we get a set like this, I’d be in no rush to aquire these, these are the sets you’ll be able to get 5 years from now still new in the box

These look like the kind guns you’d see in a shitty SyFy channel movie lmao.

I just want some more MK.18s :frowning:

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Thanks I got the white one as a full figure but couldn’t get a black one loose without paying crazy amounts. So I’m stoked to get this one.

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I’ve been collecting DAM and Soldier Story for several years, but in the last 2, streamlined to DAM only due to SS’ finicky plastic for its weapons.
Looking at E&S, can anyone compare quality wise how its weapons hold up against DAM?
how about full figures? I love how E&S seem to release some figures based on photos of real operators lately, but uncertain about their quality and base fig bodies.