Easy & Simple 06032 USMC M16A4 Assault Rifle Set 2 in 1


For >$100 this is a tough sell IMO. It’d be better to break this into two releases and cut out the hydropack and helmet.

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If they don’t release those parts it gets much harder to bash a Marine :sweat_smile:

Very strange release though, no idea why two rifles. A sniper rifle or a shotgun might have made a better companion.

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This is kind of a weird release for them. They tend to focus on spec ops, the occasional PMC, and…Doom’s Day. High-speed stuff. These are standard-issue grunt weapons. They typically only do those if they’re manufacturing a product for one of their partner companies.

Still, it fills a niche. There has been a severe drought of M16A4s, so it’s good to see someone step up. I have several of the SS A4s but might pick this set up if the price is right. They look good, and have the rollmarks on the lower. SS ones do not, and are quite fragile to boot.

It is odd that they packed them together. You’d think the grenadier model would be less in demand, and they could have done four different sets as is their custom - three standard with different configurations, one grenadier.

Generals Amory is making that marine figure so I’d assume that’s the reason behind this

True, but this release isn’t co-branded. In any case, I’m glad they’re doing this, weird double-pack aside.

Nice set of rifles but, other than bashing a Marine, I don’t see the use of these. However, I’m not into Marines, but for someone who does bash Marines, I guess it could hit the spot. Now, if this one came with the uniform, that’s a different approach. Either Desert or regular camo.

Very nice to get some M16A4. These are very rare from Soldier Story these days. You pay insane money for them if you are lucky to find some.

Two sets would be better for each M16A4 but so E&S will sell for sure.

Last time I saw a Soldier Story M16A4 it was listed for well over hundred, the M203 variant was about eighty. Both sold within hours. So, this is a welcome addition for those wishing to bash up 2004 to 2019ish Marines. I got a feeling these will probably go fast since the market is quite dry on these. If I can afford to swing a set, I will just to have on hand for future purposes. But, for those looking to bash up a Marine, without a supply of the old school IBAs (OTVs as they’re commonly known nowadays) or the newer MTVs well, going to be still a challenge to bash up a 2004 onward OIF/OEF Marine.


I dig it. I’m in for one.


And if you look at it from the standpoint that we usually pay $45-50 per loose rifle anyway this isn’t a bad price point. And as thegreatshaggy said, the SS M16’s are very expensive.


Soon in delivery



I have to admit, I have never been tempted by an E&S rifle set before this one, which is odd since I do not have a lot of US Marines and one of the few I do have is SS-048 which came with one of these.

It is a really nice looking set, I just have to figure out what to do with it if I pick it up. :smile:

Very fast release. These are great done and for sure an update to the very rare Soldier Story ones. Now i can change my damaged M16A4 from SS. MK18/M203 would be cool too.

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Whoa that has to be a record from announcement to release in awhile. Okay getting a set noe just to have.