Easy & Simple 06033 Special Forces Weapon Set D


Hmm since we have the moulds coming back out…


Are these the 1.0 or 2.0 JPCs? I suppose that question is kind of moot, given that I’ve decided to go with the JPC 2.0s from the upcoming DAM MEU figures, plus a few AVS’s for their front and back panels. Though if I can, I’ll get the flat color radio pouches loose. I have a bunch of multicam 550D pouches for mounting extra mags on the cumberbunds and flat front panels (in lieu of proper AVS style front panels). However if I could source a few of the grey AVSs from the E&S skipper figure, it’d be much easier to source or wait for solid color versions of those pouches. Though if E&S were to come out with some mag pouches in Multicam black (if not entire PCs), then I’d use those. Would probably look better than having it all be in MCB.

Man, these are perfect for me. Block II M4’s are my favorite rifle, and since selling my Damtoys Marsoc I don’t have a good one.

I’ll get a couple of sets for sure.

Also, flooding the loose market with rifle parts and JPCs is a good thing for everybody in my book :+1:


I want more multicam black releases, but ES have a really poor pattern for it. The olive green is almost invisible.

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So much dead stock left in E&S factories? I might like the rail covers only.

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Okay…I only see old moulds…but you can never have enough M4/Mk18. :yum: On the other there are some strange color variants in my opinion.
But we finally get some JPC radio pouhes in coyote!

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I also reckon this guy will be a near future release :joy:

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I was hoping for a noveske set release but some of these look good, think I’m going to get a 10.3 inch and 14 inch, looking for the newer plate frame now from the sad figure, I have multicam plate bags that I think should work with it


Any idea what the green JPC could be used for? I’ve got law enforcement and PMC right now, but anything else?


I wish they would include a sling and pistol holster. I look online at all the parts people and I swear you guys get in before me and snag the best stuff.

Other than that I like these sets I would like 1 of each - all depends on what disposable ££££ I have


I like the kind of bluish hue it has, though I would concede that DAM’s version is more balanced in terms of color. I’m likely going to use several versions of MCB, like from Very Cool, Minitimes, and SS. I’ve even gone so far recently as to contact E&S directly about purchasing some of their MCB fabric for making my own helmet covers. Though now that Very Cools is coming out with those, Maybe I should ask the same to DAM so I can use their MCB fabric to replace the multicam covering on their Safariland 6354DO holsters.


Just set C and D for me, maybe E; this is a bit underwhelming.

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While these do look nice, it is all a bit underwhelming. There are already plenty of Block 2 M4s on the market. It would have been nice to see E&S tackle another weapon system altogether rather than flogging this dead horse any further.


I’m feeling those black sets. This style never gets old for me.

The tan furniture doesn’t blow my hair back much though, except for the E set.

@Woody true. A set of the Noveske rifles in black would be nice. All in good time. E&S will want to milk some more funds out of that mould as well.

No holsters, and no RDS for the pistols? No pistol mag holders? What’s that all about E&S? Just supposed to stuff it into the radio pouches? If we’re going to get more bland Glocks, at least throw in some of the Crye Gunclips, or something.

I’ll need some more of those Spectres loose.

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I hope that for their next line of weapon sets, they do some pistol/holster sets. We’ve seen a lot of cool rifles from them, but so many of their recent releases have bog standard Glock 17s and 19s. Glocks would be a decent choice, so long as they’re fully tricked out; RDSs (ideally mounted directly into cut out slides instead of with adapters) flared magwells, threaded barrels, suppressors and/or compensators, and of course lights. Other types of pistols would be good too, like 9mm 2011s, P320 variants, or (my ideal choice), FNX 45 Tacticals/HK45s. We already have seen more than enough SERPA holsters, so it’d be nice to get either Safarilands 6354 in varying colors (preferably MCB), or kydex holsters.

Though if recent sets are an indication, then these hypothetical pistol sets would also have to come with some other accessory in order to be economically viable. And what could be more appropriate than battle belts to put them on?


Not sure if should I get one of the rifles from this set as I’ve bought an E&S SR16 sometime ago to finish my project

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