Easy & Simple 06034 Private Military Contractor Weapon Set C SA 58 7.62 Rifle

NIce stuff coming, but they didn’t utilize their previewed foldable original stock yet.

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Yeah, these are pretty good. I’ll echo @chpo and say it is disappointing we didn’t get the folding Para stock. Also yet to be released is the short non-railed forearm. I would have preferred the 26047 flash hider on the E and F 21" rifles. DSA does offer an AR-15-style birdcage flash hider for their SA58 series, but it is longer than said 5.56mm AR-15 birdcage. ES reused their existing 5.56mm AR-15 birdcage flash hider, but I guess it’s an acceptable compromise. At least there are no AAC, Surefure, or FN flash hiders in sight, ES has a weird fondness for making their rifles suppressor-capable, even if the real-life weapon is incompatible with the flash hider or muzzle device ES has stuck on their 1:6 interpretation. These all have identical flash hiders and thus feel a little same-y. However, DSA provides a very thorough parts breakdown of all of their rifles on their site, and I’m inclined to say that a wide variety of muzzle devices should be compatible with the 5/8x24 muzzle threading they offer on several of their barrels, including birdcages.

The optic rail accessory for the 1911s is pretty cool as well. Should be compatible with other railed handguns. They were THIS CLOSE to doing a traditional weapon set, but they had to throw a helmet in there too for “”“value.”"" I’ll probably pick up A, C, and a couple of Fs. It’s interesting that A is the only rifle with an 11" barrel. B, C, and D have the 13" and E and F have the 21".

I’ll be interested to see how modular these are and how easily they can be disassembled. I could see myself sourcing more loose rifles as opposed to complete boxed weapon sets to do some component swapping.

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Folding para stock and 30rnd mag and you have a winner. Now we have 4x the ugliest shoulder stocks you could take. Otherwise it is a good release and something different .


At least they use AR-15 stock adapters. You can replace these Troy and VLTOR stocks with ones you like more. I like the Troy stock on the A version, but the C VLTOR is probably getting replaced.

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I like this release for the mag pouches, and black and tan colored ops core helmets,which are kinda hard to find recently. No idea what I would do with a FAL, but I’m tempted.

Same problem with the GA0006 HK433 muzzle. There is always sth out of line with ES for people who prefer realism/real-life-reference over this unfortunately.
Maybe we can swap parts soon with more FALs to come.

Wow, some very nice weapons in this release.

While overall I am a fan of this release and will no doubt pick up a couple of these loose, I too find this set somewhat disappointing. Where is the SA-58 OSW with the folding stock? Where is the 30 round mag? Given that there are 6 different versions in this set, it would have been nice to see a little more variation in the stocks and handguards - especially considering that they already have the moulds for them. I would sooner see greater variation than what we have: essentially 2 different versions of each barrel length with different coloured furniture with and without the grenade launcher. In addition to the modernised tacticool stuff, I would also advocate for an old school version with a classic fixed stock and handguard.

Those rail-mounted M203s are pretty sweet though.

I expect that E&S will release another SA58 / FAL set in the future which will feature some of those other parts that they have already teased - the same as they have done with other weapons platforms. It looks like we are going to have to wait a while longer to get our grubby little hands on the weapons we really want.

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Called that one. 6 different ones with bits to mix and match.

I may just have to pick up the black versions. Nice mix of bits. Maybe rob some of the accessories from the tan ones.

The versions with the tan bits would probably look better with full desert paint jobs.

M203, but no grenades… but we get a helmet… weird. I can think of some other rifles that may work good with that railed M203.
Is the compact 1911 a new design? I don’t recall having seen that before. Maybe it isn’t a compact model could be my eyes playing tricks on me.

I can see why we didn’t get all the accessories shown. In 6 months, E&S will want to release another batch of different versions.

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Sourcing a holster for the pistols will definitely be difficult, but it’s nice to have some new black versions of the WMX2000 lights.

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Did ES make a mistake here or is A the only rifle with a really short barrel (muzzle visible only)? B C D a few inches longer and E F long.

I figure it might be best to pick up all rifles loose only cause of the different paint jobs (black/silver) and wait to pair them with future releases. As I know ES you can always swap uppers and stocks, when removing pins.
Somehow, most of the attachments don’t fit a rifle like that with their modern appearances in my opinion. Will source sth more dated or leave them plain.

Like mentioned, black WMX and GLs are nice and the pistol rail too. Looking forward to more releases while my drawer space for rifles is waning.

That had been a great release as set. Different stocks, different magazines and different handguards and barrels. Also with with foldable stocks. This set would be a big seller i think.


Thanks for sharing this chart. These look to be older versions of the SA58, which do have a shorter birdcage flash hider fitted. I was looking at DSA’s current offerings on their site when doing my research.

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