Easy & Simple 26011 Army SFG Veteran Dragoon

Breakdown List
Real like Head Sculpt
ES-Buddy 1.0 Body with Prosthetic limb

A9 Combat Shirt
A9 Combat Pants

LEAF H-150 Rigger’s Belt

Ragnar Body Armor
Hybrid Chest Rig QD

Mini Modular Admin Pouch
PRC-152 Radio Pouch
Double Pistol Mag Pouch
Single Frag Grenade Pouch
Triple 40mm Grenade Pouch

SCAR-25 Assault Rifle with CASV Modular Hand guard
Improved Extendable Stock
DR Spectre 6x Optic Sight
Folding Rear Sights
M3X Tactical Weapon Light
Dual Remote
EPC 7.62 Suppressor
SR-25 20rd Mags
Pmag 20rd Mags
Tactical Sling

HK69 40mm Grenade Launcher
40mm Grenade
Sling Point Tactical Sling

G-19 Pistol
Pistol Magazine
X300 Tactical Light
Model 6004 Tactical Holster (Left Handed)

MICH2000 Ballistic Helmet
L3 G10 NVG Mount System
NVG Amber Filter
NVG Compass

MS2000 Strobe

TAC Charge MPLS Light

Roll up Dump Pouch

Moab Ventilator Mid Hiking Boots
M-pact Gloves

Comtac3 Headset & PTT
PRC-152 Radio

Foretrex 401 GPS
SI Shoot Glasses


Are all of the scopes from this figure broken? Got replacement but it has the same strange notch.

Nope, didn’t see that on any of the ones I had or the two color variations of the scope from this mold that I have mounted on rifles here. There is a mold line there where it looks like the runner for the injection point would be, probably broke off when they were separating the piece from the runner. Only consistent issue with their scopes is any “tube” style scopes that use scope rings as those are somewhat consistently being assembled incorrectly with scope tubes rotated off center.

Thanks for clarifying, but that is a bit annoying. Now I need to look for a third one. Would you probably have any?

No spare ones unfortunately, just ones for personal rifles. If I recall correct I think DID may have made one in the same color.

The MA1002, I think.

Look at this seller. He’s selling a pack of two, both “broken” at the same place. You are lucky then having intact ones.

I have this scope too. Mine has the same damage :slightly_frowning_face:. I have four of this scopes from DiD and these are fine.

Top DiD, below E&S