Easy & Simple 26020R SMU Part V CAG Assault Team Breacher

Parts List:

Real like Head Sculpt
ES-Buddy 2.0 Body

Army Cut Gen2 Combat Shirt
Army Cut Gen2 Combat Pants

0612A Rigger’s Belt

CAGE Plate Carrier
M4 Single Mag Pouch
Kangaroo Pouch
PRC-148 Pouch -
Large Flashbang Pouch
Flashbang Pouch
Groin Armor
Frag Grenade Pouch
Medium Medic Pouch
Medium Utility Pouch
General Purpose Pouch

14’’ 416 5.56mm SMR Assault Rifle
Dr Spectre Scope
LA5-PEQ Indicator
M300 Tactical Light
Tactical Remote
Backup Folding Sights
SF 5.56 Suppressor
Tactical Foregrip
30rd Steel Magazines
2500BZ Tactical Sling

G19 9mm Pistol
6354Do ALS Holster
Pistol Magazines

Maritime Cut Helmet
Dual Power Aviation Mount
GPNVG-18 Night Vision Goggle (AVS Version)
Remote Battery Pack
M300 Tactical Light

XA Pro 3D Boots
Pilot SI Gloves

RAC Headset&X50 PTT
PRC-148 Radio

MK54 MOD2 Dual Shock Tube Initiator System
M112 C4 Charge

Foretrex 401 GPS
SS V-lite Manta Strobe
MK13mod0 Flash Bang
M-67 Frag Grenade
IR Light Sticks
Safety Sling
Permanent Marker
Ball Pens
Map Arm Band
Combat Application Tourniquet
Gascan SI Glasses
Tactical Compass


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Mmmmh. Some nice parts like the new headset, the helmet, glasses, vest and magazine pouches. I do not like the weapon choice and half done paintjob. I had prefer a SEAL with AOR2 camo or a European Special Forces Figure like GROM. Loose parts buy fore sure and i think we have seen enough Tier 1 Figures from E&S.

Not really that up-to-date, and frankly kind of confused looking.

The ELCAN is kind of a weird choice of optic, not sure how frequently used that one is. The rifle itself isn’t 100% up to date either, as the unit seems to have transitioned to tan/gold factory finish blasters.

The CAGE armour seems nice and is no doubt better than Flagset’s offering (although probably not on par with DAM’s), but dates this one to the early 2010s. The LAP panel is nice though. However the overall loadout reminds me, weirdly enough, of the one below, seen on an SF CRF guy (and a JPC no less). Note the det cord, frontal pouches, large SF-like flag patch and high-sitting mags (although not 40 rounders in this case).

34%20PM 43%20PM

The Ranger Green RLCS/Paraclete pouches also date this one to the early 2010s. The older-gen CRYE uniform isn’t really seen that much either. As for the super high-speed looking ear-pro/comms set-up, never seen that one in CAG reference materials (yet).

I kinda like this one, but there’s not much new going on here… and it’s also sort of a mix-up of eras. The Geissele-railed HK416 isn’t 100% up to date but it’s not early 2010s either, whereas the CAGe and CRYEs very much are. The helmet setup is weird too. And the CRF-inspired vest setup is kinda weird, to me at least. Maybe I’m nit-picking but this seems rushed and under-researched. And I agree with Col.Braddock - it’s time for some new subject matter. This guy could’ve been 95% bashed from existing parts, most of them already done by ES.


Not too bad a release. Defintely not an up to date CAG operator but, like I said, it’s a pretty nice offering and the price is as same as the two SEALs coming out which is also a big plus.

I ask the specialists that you are … what is he wearing in the bottom of the pants, left leg?

That’s the M112 C4 explosive charge.

By the way, I don’t like the figure. Nothing much new for my liking. Maybe the rifle.

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two big cigars with a bombshell if you light them :smile:.
Like Chpo said i would also think this are the exlposives.

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Thank you guys … I did not know that some stocked them here :wink:

That’s a shame. They could have used the opportunity to make a leg bag, like the one made by LBT (at least that’s the one we’re issued). Pants leg pocket seems lazy to me, but I’m no Cool Army Guy.

That is my problem with E&S. Good ideas but something is always missing, slimmed or false to make it a great Figure.

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I’m the same as you all. Underwhelmed buy this offering from E&S. Maybe pick up some parts.

So tired of special mission tier stuff…getting like Dragon in the old days issuing another German figure LOL

I would love to see figures than are not US or china. Maybe eastern Europe, does not have to be Russian, plenty of other countries.

We have the west…how about a Nordic special forces, full on winter load out. That would be very nice…and different.

Or a Canadian grunt…

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Agreed. The tanodized 416’s with the wilcox riser/Eotech combo or the Vortex would have made much more sense. It also misses out on the ALG tricked out Glocks. This release is more of a remix of various ES parts released over the last year or so of ES figures. For a modern CAG it misses the mark for what those interested in a CAG figure would be looking for.

That would have been the item of the year, I guess.

YES, that would be really cool too. Norwegian Special Forces ( Forsvarets Spesialkommando) for example.

Maybe for a “S” version.

This is a good breakdown from CAG enthusiast Tan_Rifle that covers the configurations seen in various CAG reference photos of late.

Stock: LMT SOPMOD (tan), MagPul CTR (FDE), or MagPul STR (FDE).
Buffer Group: HK mil-spec receiver extension (tan anodized) with HK416 buffer and spring.
Lower Receiver: Factory HK416D lower receiver (tan anodized) with standard lower parts.
Grip: HK v4 (RAL8000), Hogue, Ergo, Sierra Precision, MagPul (various).
FCG: Geissele HK416 SF or non released Geissele HK416 SF.
Upper Receiver: Factory HK416D OTB upper receiver (tan anodized) with 416 BCG and polymer ejection port cover (RAL8000).
Charging Handle: HK charging handle (tan anodized) and Geissele Airborne CH (DDC).
Barrel: Factory HK416 10.4″ lightweight profile barrel with 10″ gas block and piston assembly.
Rail: Geissele HK 10″ SMR rev. A (sand) and Geissele HK 10″ SMR rev. B (DDC).
Muzzle Device: SureFire FH556-212A and SureFire SFCT FH556.
Suppressor: SureFire FA212 (FDE) or SureFire SOCOM 556RC (FDE).
Optics: EOTech XPS3-0 (FDE), EOTech G33 (tan anodized/FDE), Aimpoint T1/2, Vortex Razor HD II 1-6x24mm.
Risers: Wilcox .410″ set screw riser (FDE) and LaRue LT101.
Mounts: Wilcox EOTech FTS (FDE), Daniel Defense, LaRue (various), Geissele SOPMOD Razor HD II (DDC/black), Badger Recon Mount.
Lights: SureFire M600C (tan), SureFire M600U (tan), SureFire M600V (tan).
Laser: L3/Insight LA5 (tan).
BUIS: KAC 600m rear/standard front, KAC 600m micro rear/micro front.

HK416N :+1:

There might be as they waited for the 26020 quite some time and labled it R. The S version with your rifle and this ALG Glock would be ES figure of the year then

This guy right here. The G22 with the RTF slide and Surefire’s Ryder.

Speaking of Norway, we could highlight the excellent C8, since their SF units prefer it over the 416. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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