Easy & Simple 26020S Tier 1 SMU Part V Combat Applications Group Assault Team Sharpshooter

Parts List

Real like Head Sculpt
ES-Buddy 2.0 Body

Army Cut Gen2 Combat Shirt
Army Cut Gen2 Combat Pants

0612A Rigger’s Belt

CAGE Plate Carrier
M4 Single Mag Pouch
Multi-Purpose Pouch
PRC-148 Pouch
Medic Pouch
Flashbang Pouch
Groin Armor
Frag Grenade Pouch
.50 cal Ammo Pouch
Utility Pouch

Custom MK11 Sharpshooter Rifle
1-8x24 PM II Scope
LA5-PEQ Indicator
M300 Tactical Light
Stock Pods
Tactical Remote
Backup Folding Sights
Tactical Bipods
Tactical Gripods
20rd Steel Magazines

G17 9mm Pistol
6354Do ALS Holster
Holster Molle Adaptor
X300 Tactical Light
Pistol Magazines

MICH2002 High Cut Helmet
Dual Power Aviation Mount
AN/PVS-10 Night Vision Goggle
Remote Battery Pack
M300 Tactical Light

A Frame SI Assault Goggle

HAWG 3.0 Backpack

Kailash GTX Boots
4.0 Heavy Duty Gloves

COMTAC1 Headset
E-Switch PTT
Headset Adaptor
PRC-148 Radio

101 Foretex GPS
SFOD Leg Drop Pouch
VIP Strobe
MK13mod0 Flash Bang
M-67 Frag Grenade
IR Light Sticks
Safety Sling
Permanent Marker
Ball Pens
G Watch
Combat Application Tourniquet
SI Glasses
Tactical Compass



Loose rifle for me, “wrong” pistol choice. Can’t offer any construtive input to this thread though.

Not too bad though a fully up-to-date CAG operator would be much more appreciated. Personally I like it but I’m sure most everyone else here will be non-plussed.

I’ve been getting various accounts of some top tier personnel still carrying Glocks, rather than the new SIG Army pistols. Seems to be personal preference, both 17s, 19s, and hybrids. Perks of the job, I guess.

Is it MARPAT or AOR2 as camo ? I was thinking that AOR2 was for SEALS only.

It’s AOR-2. Delta operators have in the past or still use AOR-1 so it’s not too much of a leap for those individuals to be using AOR-2 as well.

There’s this image for instance.

Unsure whether the operator on the left is a SEAL or not but the gentleman on the left is reportedly Delta.

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Also the guy on the right is a Delta from what i have read. He is wearing AOR2 to blend in with the kurdish soldiers which wearing MARPAT. These two Delta guys are reported to being Advisor to the kurdish Army. Also you can identify them as Delta if you look at their rifles. Both have HK416 with Geiselle M-Lok Handguard. Seals or better DEVGRU uses a different handguard on their rifles. Standard Uniform from Delta is Multicam. So you see this at the gentlemen at the left.

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The Figure is nice but also not accurate and a mixmatch of gear from different time period. Like the first Delta they have done. Surely the new one is better.
There are so many photos avaiable of real Delta operator but E&S is mixing there own one. Also why a head without beard? Some parts buy but not the “must” have effectt for me.

Is this the “Mark Strong” clone that they used on their CTSFO sniper? Getting their money’s worth, maybe.

They re-purposed the head from the previous CAG Breacher, which I believe is William Fichtner sans hair.

As mentioned by others CAG guys have been with AOR2 with the YPG, as well as Marpat tops/AOR2 pants. As @Col.Braddock notes this is an odd mix of gear from different generations, perhaps hinting at more of a kitbash inspired release reusing existing molds and sewing patterns to perhaps use up some of the leftover parts from the CAG Breacher and earlier figures. This one is limited to 250 pieces, so not a wide release.

No. I think it is William Fichtner. But it is the same Head from the Figure 26020R. So they save money for sure ;-).

Just a note on the camo usage, unless ES is really mixed up, that’s not supposed to be AOR2 or MARPAT but a form of experimental pixelated camo referred to as DIG2/Zulu pattern (and many other names) the Unit used in the early 2010s. Visually similar to the above-mentioned patterns, but perhaps more similar to CADPAT. There’s generally more brown and the green maybe a little more “lime”. Note that whereas AOR2 GEN2s have a greenish breathable fabric on shirt and knee areas the experimental pattern has brown (although ES went for white, weirdly):


I think the concept is nice but in practice the camo looks a little too close to AOR2 and doesn’t have the same browns as the experimental pattern. Obviously AOR2 is a great choice for a “modern” Unit guy, but they’re actually going after some pretty obscure subject matter here which I commend them for. The older-gen uniform, boots, CAGE PC, OD/RG Green Paraclete pouches and 2002 Mich are pretty much spot-on, and the rifle is perfect for the above Tom Spooner pic. I like what they’re going for with this and the previous “older gen” figure, but something just feels off to me in the execution (whereas DAM hit it out of the park with their AOR2 Delta figure from the same era).


Having come across one of Kingship’s (he collaborated previously with ES on their Spectral figure) posts from a few years back, I think that is what they were aiming for. Here is his custom uniform he did some years ago.

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Hey guys!
I bought the PC and pouches loose. The quality of the pouches is terrible, much worse, than anything I have ever seen from E&S. The sewing is a mess on literally every one of them. Either the MOLLE straps or the loops tear out when trying to thread them through the loops on the CPC.
I have done quite some sewing, but when I fix one side, the other side tears.
Has anyone of you experienced likewise?
I’d like to hear if it’s just a QC issue on my pouches, or a general problem, before I buy replacements.
Thanks for input!

That’s unfortunate - I’ve generally had a good experience w/ ES pouches, although the colouring is often horrible and the MOLLE straps are too thick.

How is the CPC itself? I got one for myself and found the construction (and sizing!) quite good

Mine was fine. I had no issues with the MOLLE. Now that could mean mine was the odd set-out.

The PC itself is excellent! I have never had that problem with pouches from E&S. So I’ll buy spares, I guess, and hope they will be better…

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It’s too bad, too - those green Paraclete pouches are great, and so rare in 1/6th. I have some DAM pouches from that line coming to me, and I’m hoping they function better than the ES ones you’ve got

Yes, they’re great. I will get replacements and let you know, if they are of better quality.