Easy & Simple 26024 Specialist Firearms Command SCO19 Sniper

Sniper Version

Breakdown List
Real like Head Sculpt
ES-Buddy 2.0 Body

LEAF Assault Shirt AR
LEAF Drac Combat Pants

LEAF Assault Balaclava

0612A Rigger’s Belt
Heavy Duty Belt

C2Rmor Plate Carrier
C2Rmor Groin Protector
Double Pistol Mag Pouch
Medical Pouch
Utility Pouch

AW 7.62 Sniper Rifle
3-20x50 PM II Scope
Tactical Bipods
Sniper Rifle Magazines
Rifle Sling

G-17 Pistol
Pistol Magazine
CQC Tactical Holster
Holster Molle Platform

Universal Carrier
Drop Leg Triple FlashBang Pouch

Tetra Terminal SRH3900 Radio

FAST Ballistic Helmet
Tactikka Plus Torch Head Light
Head Light Helmet Mount

XA Pro 3D Boots
M-Original Gloves

Laser Range Finder
LEAF Kneepad
MK13 Flash Grenade
Light Sticks
6P Mobile Phone
Influx Goggles
Plastic Handcuff
Quick Handcuff
Quick Handcuff Carrier


No one will be surprised to learn that I’m gonna want the rifle.

Yeah, I’ll second that one.

This is very little effort. Almost the same as the first one. Only a different rifle and holster.

I’m wondering if they are just reusing all the leftover parts from the first one that didn’t sell. In some of the photos here the uniform looks really baggy at the arms and if you look at the back of the pants they have them strapped as tight as can be. Might just be the photos but they don’t look tailored for the slimmer body. The main thing for this figure is the rifle and plate carrier.

Think so too. Holster is also a good piece. I might buy this, if I really feel the need.

Updated with the full parts list. China MSRP = $155

Gotta recover the cost to tool the rifle molds somehow!

As this is a foreign police force figure, am I correct in assuming you won’t be stocking it, Adam?

I’ll have to take a bit more of a dive into the parts list to look at it. The subject matter isn’t really the concern, I’m not even sure this can realistically be parted out for even just the MSRP. With certain figures it comes down if there is enough demand for the rest of the parts once you subtract the obvious things like a primary weapon which is usually what most people will want. That has to be balanced against charging a reasonable and realistic price for the rest of the items where they will still sell over a somewhat reasonable period and at price points that aren’t out of line with similar items. If you compare this with the Soldier Story MOH figure that was announced they carry the same MSRP. The new style of photos ES are using really don’t help things as the fully assembled “summary photo” obscures what the figure actually comes with but that is somewhat easier to see now that there is a part list at least.

With a figure priced like this the question becomes what price are people willing to pay for the rifle, which is why we are seeing sellers trying to get $50-60 for a single weapon, which is far too much.

Is the partlist complete? In the pics he has 3 flashbangs in the triple pouch, but it’s nowhere mentioned Mk13 x3.

No idea. They don’t seem to indicate quantities. :thinking:

Thanks for the insight, Adam. Everything you said makes sense. It is a shame they’re charging so much for a rather sparsely-equipped figure.

In their case they are really having to account for a higher logistics cost based on how they ship as well as some of the consequences of rapid product development and niche subjects so I can see how they arrive where they do. It may just be the photos, but it seems like their part counts are decreasing which coincides with frequently reusing items. When you add variants into the mix it gets a bit trickier as well.

This one has finished production and I should see some stock either end of next week or early the following.

One rifle set for me, please!

I guess I’ll take one rifle as well Adam.

Has this one been sneakily released, like the shield man? I saw it available at some shops, but no real official notice given.

It is available now. I should have mine tomorrow.

As guessed uniforms are the same cut as the older ones, but with some slight differences with the dead bird logo now added and a change to the nylon webbing on the leg tightening straps.

I did some checking, because the rifle’s barrel looks fairly short. According to IMFDB, this looks like it may be the AWP - Arctic Warfare Police model.

“The AWP rifle has a stiffer and shorter 610mm (24”) barrel to maximise precision. Usual calibres are .243 Win (1 in 10 twist) and .308 Win (1 in 12 twist). The rifle is designed to perform best with match-grade ammunition. Butt length can be adjusted to suit the firer by using spacers. The AWP differs to other models, in that it’s the only AW weapon system to have a black finish."

I’m not sure what relation this may be to the similar AT (Accuracy Tactical) version.