Easy & Simple 26025 PMC Urban Sniper


Real like Head Sculpt
ES-Buddy 2.0 Body

Beanie Watch Cap
Huntsman Henley Shirt
Waterproof Urban Jacket
Combat Pants

Inner Duty Belt

ECLiPSE Foldable Chest Rig
QR Mag Holder/Belt Adaptor
Belt Molle Adaptor

M-14 7.62x39 Assault Rifle
Enhanced M-14 Stock
Enhanced Rail System
Razor HD2 1-6 Scope
Tactical Bipods
DBAL-2 Laser Indicator
XTM Tactical Foregrip
M3 Tactical Light
M-14 Mags

Custom 5.56mm SCAR Assault Rilfe
M-68 Red Dot Sight
Backup Folding Sight
WMX200 Tactical Light
Folding Vertical Grip
QD Suppressor
SCAR 5.56mm Mag
60rd Enhanced Mag
Tactical One Point Sling

G-19 Pistol
Pistol Magazine
CQC Holster
Holster MOLLE Adaptor

Exfil Helmet
War Bungees
Sports Camera
Sports Camera Mount

SI-6 Combat Boots
Factory Pilot Gloves

SI Icon 2.0 Backpack

Comtac 4Headset
PRC-148 Radio

M-84 Stun Grenade
Incendiary Grenade
G Watch
VIP Strobe
Legging Gaiters



Oh man…there’s a lot to like about this guy’s loadout.

Never thought I’d see a JAE-100 G3 stock in 1:6. The M14/SOCOM-16 is a must buy.

The Mk.16 with sliding stock ain’t bad either!

Pretty much what I thought. I was struggling with myself if to buy an E&S M14 as a boxed rifle so far, but wasn’t sure. This version will be it.

Dang, if only the head sculpt wasn’t bald.

I’ve got their “M39 EMR” (it’s actually an M14 EBR-RI due to the optic rail configuration) and Mk.14 Mod 1. Both are nice pieces.

I’ve never tried swapping barrels on E&S M14s. I’d like to get two of these and ideally swap in a longer barrel if possible.

I hope they’re interchangeable like Soldier Story rifles. E&S should have that quality actually!
And the G3 stock is just awesome.

On the other hand I wondered when they gonna use the SCAR PDW again. At least they reused the stock here. Need to switch the scope and foregrip for sth else I guess. This way it looks too much of a bad bash. Should have a sight for close range considering it’s with a collapsible stock and pretty much a compact version of the Mk16.

Looking for another kitbash? I bet you have plenty of heads at home to choose from :smiley:

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It does have a close-range sight; that’s an Aimpoint COMP M2/M68 red dot on a riser mount.

Though I intend to swap the optic on mine as well.

Didn’t know that. Thought it’s kind of mid-range.

I’d consider mid-range optics to be those with a low degree of magnification such as an ACOG.

I really don’t get the whole go pro thing. The helmet itself is nice to see, we’ve only previously had the non-ballistic Team Wendy Exfil helmet. M14 is nice but for the SCAR PDW it would have been nice to have the FDE lower rather than black. This seems more like a ZERT release.

These releases seem to fulfill some vision, while offering a “parts mule” approach. One could come up with a number of scenarios, as is, or pare the figure down to something different. Obviously, this guy is well-funded, or a die-hard gear “hoor”, or both. Given what we see coming out of conflict areas, and the sometimes precarious balance of private military occupations, the GoPro might serve as a “journal”, or a possible resource for the operator, or his employer(s).
Certainly, E&S is keeping things lively.

Oooooh, I so want that M14 and MK16 PDW. Pencil me down for those for sure.

Cool figure indeed. How realistic the gear would be in the real world of PMC’s/PSC’s? I’d be guessing. The only part I don’t like is the “chest rig” - looks like a bib to me. I’d be swapping that piece for something else right away. But still a definite buy for me.

These subjects come off more as personal likes of various pieces versus anything accurate from a given reference, but I think that is fine as you need a label on something like PMC to be able to have a bit more freedom to cover things you might not otherwise see. They’ve spawned some interesting bits across these sort of releases in the last few years. The tactical baby bib is a bit odd, even if there is a 1:1.

Now the inspiration makes more sense.

Ah. Yup, that’s it for sure.

I’m not a fan of the XTM handstop E&S has provided, so I won’t be attaching those to my rifles.

Is that from The Division or one of the other Tom Clancey games?

The Division. Some of the earlier ES/MSE figures drew inspiration from the game as well.

Ahh ok, that’s what I thought. Still a hot lookin rifle.