Easy & Simple 26026 SMU Part VII Ranger Regimental Reconnaissance Company

Breakdown List

Real like Head Sculpt

ES-Buddy 2.0 Body

Multicam G3 Combat Jacket

Multicam Advanced Combat Pants


0612A Rigger’s Belt

Multicam LV MBAV Plate Carrier

Multicam LV MBAV Chest Rig

Multicam MBITR PRC 148/152 PouchAOR1

Multicam Triple Revista Molle Pouch

Multcam SFLCS Medic Quick Pull Pouch

Multicam SOF Hand Warmer Sleeve

Multicam SOFLCS Frag Grenade Pouch

Multicam SFLCS Ultility Pouch

Multicam Roll up Dump Pouch

MOLLE Weapon Catch

MK17 7.62mm Assault Rifle with 5.56mm Lower Receiver

Extended Rail System

553 Holographic Sight

G32 Magnifier

LA5-PEQ Indicator

Weapon Remote

WMX 200 Tactical Light

Tactical Foregrip

SCAR 5.56 mag

Miltcam 2500BZ AOR1 Tactical Sling

M3 MAAWS Carl Gustav Recoilless Rifle

Updated Rail Adaptor

DR Spectre 4x Optic Sight

LA5-PEQ Indicator

Anti-Structure Ammo

Heavy Padded Sling

Beavertail Modular Assault Pack with PRC Yote

G-17 Pistol

6354 DO ALS Holster

X300 Weapon Light

FAST Maritime Cut Helmet

NVG Shroud

L4G24NVG Mount

PVS-31 Night Vision Goggle

Remote Battery Pack

XA Pro 3D Boots

Ironsight Gloves

COMTAC3 Headset& PTT

Headset ARC Rail Adaptor

PRC-152 Radio

Foretrex 401 GPS

SS V-lite Manta Strobe

SI Frame Goggle

M-18 Smoke Grenade

M-67 Frag Grenade

IR Light Sticks

Safety Sling

Blast Gauge

TAC Tourniquet



Looks a bit better in that finish. I wonder if the 5.56 lower on this is the same sizing as the MK16 lower. Don’t have the previous Mk17 5.56 lower from the boxed rifle set to compare.

Unfortunately I only have a 7.62 lower from that set, but like we know them it’s most likely the same

It’s a 06007B/C combined with a 06007F I guess.


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I see a lot to like here, tho overall, I am not particularly enamored of the various SCAR-type weapons. James Badge Dale is getting quite a bit of coverage, of late, more fodder for ‘13 Hours’ movie bashing.

Yeah. It appears they reused the head from this previous limited quantity release. Perhaps that one didn’t sell out or they wanted to get a bit more mileage out of a sculpt already done.

Thank you. I couldn’t place the name on the face.

Overall not a bad figure. An interesting amount of gear. This may be my first E&S boxed pick up.

MSRP is $165. Not a bad value given you get a secondary weapon with the Gustav and a backpack as well.

Not interested in the hybrid SCAR, but I’m definitely down for a Carl Gustav.

Saw these before I went to bed last night. I think they’re quite nice. I like the camo version on this release better as well. E&S doesn’t seem to disappoint lately.

After taking another look at the camo SCAR, it appears to use the same camo wash and netting pattern as the HK417 from the French figure. I think I’ll pick up a camo EOTech 553 and magnifier, I’ve never been happy with the Schmidt and Bender PMII optic supplied with that HK417. E&S overuses that scope, and especially those ring mounts - they are more likely to be fitted to a bolt-action rifle with less rail space. E&S has done the PMII in a single-piece mount before, but is far more stingy about releasing it with stuff.

Certainly a must buy for me. Overall a great release from E&S.

Here we go. Pic of Rangers with two MAAWS with DR’s and PEQ-15’s.