Easy & Simple 26027 MARSOC Raider Urban Warfare Operator

Breakdown List

Real like Head Sculpt
ES-Buddy 2.0 Body

G3 Combat Shirt Woodland
G3 Combat Pants Woodland

Inner Duty Belt
Padded Tactical Belt

Adaptive Vest System(AVS) MBAV Plate Pouch Set
Adaptive Vest System(AVS) Harness
Adaptive Vest System(AVS) Detachable Flap M4 Flat
Adaptive Vest System(AVS) MBITR Pouch
FSBE2 Flashbang Pouch
FSBE2 Frag Grenade Pouch
FSBE2 V70 Polymer Speed Flashlight Holder
Roll up Dump Rouch
Modular Antenna System Antenna Relocation Kit (M.A.S.T.)
774 AR-15 Mag Holster With Belt Adaptor

USMC M-38 Squad Designated Marksman Rifle
TS-30A2 Mark 4 MR/T 2.5-8x36mm
PEQ-16 Indicator
WMX 200 Tactical Light
QD Flash Hider
QD Suppressor
Steal Magazine
Pmag Magazine
60rd Magazine
Weapon Mounted Remote PTT
Tactical Sling

Glock19 9mm Pistol
7385 7TS ALS Tactical Holster

Exfil High Cut Ballistic Helmet
NVG Shroud
L4G24 NVG Mount
AN/PVS-31 Night Vision Goggle
NVG Remote Battery
TAC Charge Helmet Light

SpeedCross Boots
Original Gloves

PRC-152 Radio
Antenna Extension Cable
Folding Antenna
Comtac 4 Headset

Light Sticks
M-67 Frag Greande
MK13 FlashBang
Ball Pen
SI Frame Goggle
Sharpie Marker
P2X Flash light
GALAXY Note3 Juggernaut.Case
G Watch
SOF TAC Tourniquet



@Scrib Good one. Rifle is a must have.!

Ps most brands don’t even bother anymore to showcase their pistols!

Niiiiiice. Agreed, the rifle is a must-have. I was going to make my own M38 by using the M27 from DAM’s upcoming combat diver as a base, but this will be more accurate!

Definite buy for me. Another awesome release from E & S.

Put me down for one of these! :clap:

Also: props to E&S for creating an entirely new mold for the base rifle, and showcasing it. They could have revived the old mold, but it was dated, and they knew it.

I’m always pleased to see companies do this, even if it means increased costs. We can see where our money goes as opposed to an arbitrary price hike.

This is a very nice looking figure. I like the rifle, the head, and the fact that he comes with casual pants and the tac pants. That was a good call. May be another Marine added to the collection.

The one thing you can say about ES is they at least invest in new tooling quite frequently. As for the figure it isn’t completely accurate, but I would not be surprised if this was made in mind with future releases influenced by the Uber Squad images that did the rounds. Nice to see the Team Wendy Exfil in a more usable color/version available here as well. As @Undead_Soldier notes it’s nice to see they included two pairs of pants for a bit more versatility.


Awesome! I want the figure and a spare rifle.

Wait a minute… They didn’t include an elcan like in the ref shot. Dammit! :angry:

Yeah the whole rifle is different along with some other bits like helmet, coms, holster, etc replaced by other bits ES has already done, which is why it wouldn’t surprise me to see a follow up USMC figure which I suspect many would like to see.

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I just checked several shops and all the rifles are having this damage at the dust cover. It’s funny how some sellers tried to hide it by showing only left side pics or opened the flap!

My M38 from Adam is like this. I always display my rifles with the ejection port cover open, so if it’s gotta have damage on it somewhere, that’s one of the best places for it!

…but of course we wish the companies would strive for perfect QC.

Same on the one I have here. To me it looks like where thee mold injection point for that piece would be. On quite a few of their weapons you can see where they have cleaned up where what looks like the sprue and injection point meet.

I do not understand the manufactures. The price for 1/6 stuff increases but the quality suffers. Must be a mistake in the mold and the cost to make a new one are high. We can be glad that it is just such a small mistake and can be hide if you show the ejection port open. For Collectors it is a no go with such damage. This is a complete new designed weapon in 1/6 and E&S points out this factor. Shame on you.

The rifle and pistol with the extended mag are the only things that interest me in this set. Shame about the dust cover.