Easy & Simple 26029 Private Military Contractor Personal Security Detail

Breakdown List

Real like Head Sculpt
ES-Buddy 2.0 Body

Beanie Watch Cap
Printed Shirt
Rogue RS Jacket
Force 10 RS Cargo Pants

Light Weight 2side Bandolier
5,56 Hardshell Mag Pouch
9 Hardshell Pistol Mag Pouch

Custom 5.56x45 Assault Rifle
CASV Modular Hand guard
Adjustble Stock Adaptor
Navigation Stock
EXPS3 Holograpihic Sight
G33 Magnifier
Backup Iron Sight
60 RD 556/223 Ammo Drum
MOE Pistol Grip
DBAL-2 Laser Indicator
BPR2 Mock Suppressor
X400 Tactical Light
Gen-2 Vertical Gripod
L5 30rd Mags

SCAR 5.56mm Mag
60rd Enhanced Mag
Tactical One Point Sling

G-17 Pistol
Pistol Magazine
CQC Holster
Holster Belt Adaptor

1957 Holster Model 6661

Airframe Helmet
Night Vision Shroud
Night Vision Mount

Mountain Light II Boots
Original Gloves

Custom UCR Slingpack
UCR Thigh Rig Drop Leg

Tactical Cobra Shooter Belt

Sordin Headset
PRC-148 Radio

One-Handed Viking Battle Axe
M-84 Stun Grenade
Incendiary Grenade
G Watch
Fortex 401
W.Knives II Tactical Dagger
Neck Knife


The rifle is interesting, otherwise the usual random PMC-bash figure.

Rifle looks like a clone from these former rifles:

Yeah it’s the previous molds of the VLTOR m4 stock adapter and CASV rail. When I saw the title I thought it might be a DEVGRU Red Team on a VIP assignment but it turns out it’s just Wolverine popping up again. I thought we killed him off in the last movie?

I stopped watching after X-Men 2 some years ago. Didn’t know someone finally managed to kill him :smile:

By the way, last pic has no light box feature?

Very nice Figure with some new parts. Together with the other PMC Figure with M-14 they got me. I love the round magazine in combination with that MK16.

The mentioned Weapons are all 7.62mm Weapons :wink::yum:. The one with that new PMC Figure is an MK16 wit 5.56mm. That allone is pretty cool. It looks like the one from the new Ranger Figure with some otther parts.

Very cool looking prototype. Sounds like a definite buy for me.

Cool fig but the stitch color on the pants is horrendous.

OK, I Googled that, and it is apparently an airsoft component.
Anyone know why a real gunfighter would have that? Is this “inspired” by an airsofter, rather than a possibly real operator?

I like a lot of what Brian and E&S have done, as far as unique components, but the axe-swinging, “John Woo”-style two-gun posing, seems cinematic.

Agreed and not really accurate, at least based on the current TAD colors.

Not sure why they listed it it like that on the parts list as it is an actual suppressor that exists. The OSS suppressors were popular some years back for those wanting to do a semi-recessed/integrated look with aftermarket AR rails.

The PMC series have been an interesting mix of ideas, more creative license than anything approaching accuracy but it has potential. One of the previous figures with a .22 caliber primary being an example of some of the strange choices. With this one they have at least gotten away from the fashion disaster clothing with strange printed artwork and gone with a recognizable brand in TAD that has some appeal to gear people. There are some good elements that haven’t quite gelled yet in this series, they feel like someone opened Recoil magazine and randomly selected bits to put together.

The series would be a good chance to focus on releasing some weapons that are not as military reference photo (or variant of) focused along with focusing on popular civilian/LEO marketed gear that doesn’t pop up in reference photos as much, ie brands that the SF guys use as personal purchase or collaborate with on small runs. There is a gap in the 1/6 market in getting that stuff out there. ES has done a good job covering the Arc’teryx gear and it would to see them focus on some more of the other more gucci aftermarket brands (ie not 5.11).

He lives on in the 5+ head sculpts a year released with his likeness. I would like to see more original head sculpts from ES rather than celebrity ones, or at least celebrities that haven’t been done over and over. James Badge Dale and Max Martini are good choices in that respect versus Hugh Jackman and Brad Pitt.

Light box should work on that picture now, probably some bugs still to iron out from latest changes to the image side. There are some photos that won’t light box, namely ones where the original photo resolution is no larger than the default from the downsized versions that are used in the topic threads. This one just didn’t process or failed processing on the first run.

If you like Jackman’s Wolverine, you should see ‘LOGAN’. A harsh, but fine send-off for the tired old fighter. It’s my favorite of all of his roles.

Not a bad looking figure. The head is close to Jackman without the helmet but with it all on, it “covers” the looks just enough that it could be anyone. My only gripe is the second pistol placement. That chest holster looks like it is in the worst possible place. May be cool for all those Instagram war-fighters, but I think that would get caught on EVERYTHING.

It is a pitty they use those colors for the stitches. With dark ones it would look much better. It looks more like a jeans with that material. Perhaps they wanted to show more details with that color. It is a little piece of art in this scale with all those tiny stitches but does not look like the original. Very difficult to copy those materials i think.

I’m diggin it. It would make a decent partner for the first PMC Assaulter.

Even with the gear innaccuracies, I am still liking the overall look, and would fine tune the look. Maybe swap out the FDE parts for some more grey or black ones. Never been a fan of the two pistol thing. I would love to see more mags instead. I guess we’ll see how it comes out in a retail cost before I jump right in.

Is this E&S’s first Airframe helmet?

It’s the first in that camo finish but they’ve used an Airframe 4-5 times on previous figures.

This is destroying our hobby! I paid USD 115 for the full 78053 Snow Leopard figure, this one down here is a regular release loose weapon.

This is crazy and i can only hope nobody will buy this. I can understand that a dealer will make some profit but this is outrageous. I think the complete Figure will cost about 160-180€. So it make no sence to me to buy just the weapon for this price. I think about 35€ would be ok. That costs a complete weapon set with pistol and weapon rack from E&S.