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Only if some **** People buy this stuff for this price. Nobody is forced to do this :wink:. He could also demand twice as much but i do not think someone will give him so much money for this. I do not understand this sellers motivations to sell stuff for such
insane prices. Maybe he’s hoping for an very special people without a clue…


It’s an issue I’ve brought up over the last year because I knew this is where you would get dealers going. There are two problems here. Some dealers (primarily in China) have gotten greedy over the last year especially. When they see one other dealer raise a price or a brand raise a price they turn around take it up to another level, then they all copy each other. The market there operates in a very price fixed manner so this is even more evident. Dealers in China really have little excuse for this as they have the lowest cost on figures and not by a small amount. It is not an isolated thing either as I recognize the dealers doing this.

The other factor is we have seen a slow down in boxed figure sales as prices have crept up which has lead to brands (this is not specific to any one brand) doing more recycling of parts, cutting back on parts lists for given projects, or raising prices yet more. When this happens it gets difficult for dealers to sell the product profitably, especially for those serving the customizer/kitbash market. The net result is this leaves the high in demand items like weapons having to make up much of the cost difference. This is not a sustainable position, as frankly speaking the quality control and value of the product can’t justify such high price points. When you start charging over $50 for a rifle, customers don’t want to put up with the usual problems in this hobby, namely badly fitting parts, crooked stocks and barrels, physical imperfections, etc. The things we are willing to put up with in the hobby have a finite limit as costs scale.

As for dealers trying to sell at grossly inflated prices like this particular example, it is a negative thing for the hobby. For every one customer that might take up the offer, another 10-20 get annoyed which does effects enthusiasm for the hobby and ultimately leads to less sales for everyone. Even if a reasonable percentage of people buy at those prices it sucks a lot of revenue out of the hobby as people don’t have unlimited discretionary money to spend. Sure that person buys a rifle, but then they aren’t buying any of the rest of the items. All the dealer is doing at this point is just fueling the problem that lead to them selling the rifle at that price to begin with.

The actions of dealers like this reflect badly on all dealers. Brands see their dealers trying to sell a rifle for a price higher than what they sold the figure to the dealer and they justifiably think why aren’t they charging more or squeezing out more profit from a project, especially given the financial risk of launching a new product. You can see why prices go up or the bang for the buck decreases. It’s actually insulting to the brand at this point.

Pricing loose parts, especially when viewed in terms of sustaining a business, is a complex thing, but dealers need to stop treating every run of the mill, regular release like it is some rare expo exclusive item. It hasn’t been an easy last few years for everyone with costs everywhere going up but not everything is rare, not everything justifies a high price tag. Just because some item sold for a high price from an expo figure 3 years ago doesn’t mean customers should (or will) have to pay the same price on a regular release. The balance has shifted way out of alignment and some corners of the hobby are just taking customers for granted by creating a false impression that everything is some rare unicorn product. It isn’t.


Wow holy sheet. I too have noticed this. Its a group of sellers/seller who has approached the dealers in the Chinese market and asked for their permission to sell their items on eBay and even reuse the product images.

This group of sellers do this not only for 1/6 items but all items they think can move fast and earn them a profit. If you look at their eBay accounts, they have tens of thousands of feedback relating to non 1/6 items as well.


Do I understand correctly? 1/6 used to sell to a wider range of collectors some time ago. Then they realized that they want to save money by recycling more parts and raising the MSRP, which resulted in a decline of customers. So now their revenues are about the same as before since the customer base declined whereas prices started going through the roof. In the end it’s harder to sell the product now as less people are interested/can afford it and the product itself became less appealing through countless recycled parts?!
If that’s so, they shot themselves in the foot here. Lose-lose-situation.


That’s quite interesting. I only noticed ones they are using the same images as certain Chinese sellers on their respective Chinese market places so I assumed it’s the same seller, first of all.
So if they are selling other items as well they are not really into the hobby and pricing, but at least they seem to have a certain knowledge of what to charge for a rifle and to get away with it. I guess there are still certain customers that are ready to through that amount of money at them.


Its not the same sellers. The chinese sellers are clueless/find it troublesome to ship international. They might have certain chinese seller’s permission to use their images and sell the items on ebay.

If you were to buy the item on ebay, the ebay seller will just go to the chinese site, buy it and ship it to you. I did a test, i found an item that was in stock on ebay, found the exact same item using the same exact picture being sold by a chinese seller. I bought all the stocks from the chinese seller and then went to buy it on ebay. At that point in time, it was still in stock on ebay, sent the ebay seller a question about the item and he then told me it was out of stock.


Thanks for sharing this. Good to know how things work, especially when these ebay sellers are getting a 200% margin.