Easy & Simple 26030A SMU Recce Element Sniper


“Northern American exclusive.” As someone in the southern half of the US, I feel discriminated against. Guess you can’t ship this one to me Adam :joy:

So…it comes with the Recce rifle and the XM2010? What’s with the camo Mk.12 SPR that randomly showed up in one of the pics?

Will want this long-barreled XM2010 and the shortbarreled suppressed one from 26030B. Shame about the camo barrels and optics, but eh.

I could wait until they release a version without the camo but…FOMO.

I’ll have to call Nunavut as they hold the north. :smile:

They are just highlighting the differences with the new variant.

Looks like they were inspired by this reference:

I’ve run sorta neutral on “exclusives”, thru the years, but having been on both sides of those, they can certainly rub the wrong way. “Excludings” may fit better, esp. as it isn’t like the whole world is waiting for these.

“Butter side up”: I like the “old guy” sculpt.

Haha, I was kidding. Poking fun at their word choice of “Northern American” more accurately. Certainly isn’t true for all manufacturers, but E&S “Asia exclusives” have always found their way into the hands of North American sellers and customers, to the point I flat-out ignore when E&S products are marked as such.

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I figured it was a serious jest, which I enjoy, especially at the expense of unique terms.

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Oh man, this is starting to kill me… They’re all putting out SEALs/DEVGRU and I have a very serious habit towards those that I just can’t shake. So, I’ll have to sell a kidney to buy all of them… :sob:

Very nice Figure. The weapons are sweet. “North American Exclusiv”… .they will never leave the USA :weary:. So here in Europe i will only see the pictures of it :smile:.

I respect 1:1 accuracy and reference images, but will always prefer weapons with the factory finish. To me, reference images are more useful for weapon accessory configuration!

And there is the Mk12 Recce rifle which was also teased recently. It is a shame that this set will not include that SPR - they did a great job on the camo. It is one of the best renditions of Kryptek I have seen. My guess is that this is also a teaser and that this rifle will make an appearance in yet another future release.

I was confused by the pics with the MK11 Mod1, thought this was coming with both. Oh well. I like this release a lot. E & S is on a roll. Lot’s of good stuff coming in the months ahead.

Source ginger_geeks_collection Instagram…
Beautiful photo, figure in hand…

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Very nice figure, indeed. A definite buy for me!

My figure just arrived today. Haven’t had time to actually unbox it, but at first glance it’s really nice, especially the rifles look great! Glad I bought it. More maybe later…