Easy & Simple 26030B SMU PSD Surveillance Team Chief

Pars List:

Real like Head Sculpt
ES-Buddy 2.0 Body

Boss Rugby Shirt *New
LEAF Combat Pants *Modified
Head Scarf

0612F Rigger’s Belt

AOR1 Aero Assault Basic Armor Carrier *New

AOR1 MBITR PRC 148/152 Pouch
AOR1 2586 Admin Pouch *New
AOR1 Double Pistol Mag Pouch
AOR1 IFAK Pouch *New
AOR1 T.S.Q Tourniquet
AOR1 Titian Weapon Retention *New

DEVGRU Custome 5.56 RECCE Rifle
NF 2.5*10 Rifle Scope
Tactical Compact Foregrip
QD 5.56 Suppressor
LA5 Peq Indicator
30rd Steel Mag
30rd Pmag

417 7.62 Designated Marksman Rifle
Razor HD 2 1-6 Scope
Offset Mount
Mini Reddot Sight
LA5 Peq Indicator
FA-7.62SV Suppressor
AOR1 Suppressor Cover
Tactical Bipods
417 10rd Mag
417 20rd Mag

XM2010 .300 Sniper Rifle *New
NF 12-42x56 Rifle Scope
RAPTAR Multipurpose Tactical Module *New
Tactical Bipods
.300 Mag

G-19 9mm Pistol with Magwell
X300 Weapon Light
AOR1 6354DO ALS Pistol Holster
Pistol Mag

AOR1 2670B Slim Medical Backpack *New

AOR1 FAST Maritime Cut Helmet
L4G30 NVG Mount System
Remote Battery Pack
Tech Charge MLPS

Original Tactical Gloves
Speedcross 3 Boots

U94 Gen3 Dual Chanel PTT *New
Low Profile Headset
PRC-152 Radio
PRC-152 Extended Wire
Folding Antenna

Foretrex 601 GPS *New
640 Hellstar Strobe
Utility Knife
M-67 Frag Grenade
MK13MOD0 Flash Bang
IR Light Stick

IP 11 Tactical Personal Terminal With Protective Case *New
SI Shocktube Goggle *New
Wristband *New



Okey guys, THAT looks interesting! :star_struck:


Very nice new Rifles. E&S is going back to Seals. Hopefully some AOR 2 parts will be released this time or a revised JPC 2.0. I love the rifle on the far right in desert camo too.

That looks to be a Remington MSR sniper rifle on the left on the table, and an HK-417 with a nice new rail system next to it. Very nice.

AND…I think I spotted an Eagle AERO Body Armor Vest in the background!! :crazy_face:

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…sealish, coolish…this looks greeeeat!!!
and if this is an aero…this would be the right pc for my “texaner” i maybe had to change :upside_down_face:
fantastic teaser…

Well, if it’s a SEAL/DEVGRU, I do like it! And some AOR2 would be even greater. If they don’t do something very, very foolish to that figure, I’m afraid I’ll have to buy it. Good that I will save money on their horrible SAD figures :wink::sunglasses::+1:

Geissele SMR rail on that one.

Looks like a Mk12 Mod1 or RECCE Rilfe to me! A lot of new new weapons for only one figure.

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26030C Casual Shorts Version incoming for the m2010?

I think there will be three Figures. Their “Sniper” Figures came in the past sometimes with two weapons if one is a pure Sniper Rifle. Like the Chris Kyle, 26002 (Langley Operator) and the 26036 (Seal) Figure. So there could be again a second Figure only with HK417 and a third one with the MK12. Or they do 4 Figures which would be very cool.


Nice Photos Adam. The Inspiration for E&S i think ;-). Are the Figures comming with Jack Daniels or just the limited Edition ones? :wink:

If we want truly authentic figures, the JD must be made into 1/6! :laughing:

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That would be a very short pleasure and a very rare filling :smile:. Also tiny barrels.

These are top secret high-tech camo pants for DEVGRU use only :smile:. Fast drying, best fabric for hot weather regions and they are looking cool :sunglasses:.
Those shorts were avaiable from Damtoys with one of their SUD Figures in tan color. These were great done. I would like Figures with that look at the photo. Not military standard but something different.

Those appear to just be cut offs of Crye pants, you could home make a pair if you’re willing to sacrifice a pair of pants


Here we go. JD bottle in 1/6 scale :smile:.


So the figure has been revealed…THREE PRIMARY WEAPONS!

I may give the Recce rifle and HK417 a pass, but the XM2010 is looking good.

Would someone more well-versed than I am care to explain the piecemeal approach to camo applications? Why are only the scope and (seemingly) the barrel of the XM2010 given a camo wash? Is the chassis made from a material that resists paint applications? Do operators pull scopes from other weapons platforms (that may have full camo washes) as needs dictate? I have noticed on other E&S weapons that receivers and stocks may have a camo wash, but aftermarket foreends like the Geissele rarely if ever do.

Also, is there any real-world photographic evidence of operators mounting a PEQ/laser unit on a 12 o’clock rail fitted to an optic? I’ve noticed that here and on the recent E&S Overwatch Sharpshooter figure (rifle platform is a Mk.13 MOD 5 w/ Nightforce scope there).

On the XM2010, there’s a Wilcox raptor rangefinder. That’s the only thing that I’ve every seen go on top of an optic. Perhaps with the NSW sharpshooter, they were going for a similar effect with the PEQ. But while we’re on on the topic of optics, What nightforce scope is on the 5.56 recce rifle? Is it an ATACR?