Easy & Simple 26030C SMU Frozen Night Assault

Parts List:

Real like Head Sculpt
ES-Buddy 2.0 Body

Cold Hat
Frog Logo Printed Shirt *New
LEAF Minotaur Half Zip Jacket *New
Custom L7 Monster Over Coat *New
AOR1 Custom Navy Cut Combat Pants *New

0612A Rigger’s Belt

AOR1 Plate Carrier(Early version) *New

AOR1 MLCS MBITR PRC 148 Pouch *New
AOR1 MLCS Admin Pouch *New
AOR1 MLCS Single Pistol Mag Pouch
AOR1 MLCS Double M4 Mag Pouch *New
AOR1 MLCS Single M4 Mag Pouch *New
AOR1 MLCS Double MP7 Mag Pouch *New
AOR1 Hydration Pouch *New
AOR1 6074A Modular Battery/NVG Pouch
AOR1 Hand Warmer *New

416 5.56mm Assault Rifle with DEVGRU DD Handguard New
NF 2.5
10 Rifle Scope
5.56 Blackout Suppressor
M600 Weapon Light with Offset Mount
LA5 Peq Indicator
Folding Ironsight
30rd Steel Mag
30rd Emag
Assault Weapon Sling

MP7 4.6mm Sub-machinegun
Enhance Rail System
551 Holo Sight
Compact Tactical Foregrip
M300 Tactical Light with Offset
LA5-PEQ Indicator
MP7 Suppressor
40rd Magazines
Tactical Elastic Sling

P-226 9mm Pistol
Pistol Suppressor
AOR1 0372P Pistol Holster (Left Hand Version) *New
Extended Pistol Mag
Pistol Mag

AOR1 FAST High Cut Helmet
L4G32 NVG Mount System
Remote Battery Pack

Original Tactical Gloves (Left Hand Version) *New
Quest 4D Hiking Boots

AOR1 Waterproof Gaiters *New

Dominator Headset
PRC-148 Radio

Foretrex 401 GPS
V-lite Manta Strobe
Utility Knife
M-67 Frag Grenade
MK13MOD0 Flash Bang
Anti-Structure Hand Grenade *New
IR Light Stick
SF Personal Safety Sling
LEAF Kneecap



Hell YES. Fantastic Figure and a HK416 with DD handguard. Woohoo. :+1: :crazy_face:.

Like the rifle. shirt taken from MCToys-004?

Nifty rifle. MP7 doesn’t do anything different enough compared to the upcoming GWG sets, so I’ll pass on it.

…coool or better say frozty :grin:
a hit out of the shadow…THIS hits me more than the “b” version.
and a lot of new/again available parts…
damn i need cash for all these figures$$$

:smile: :+1: me too. The Damtoys Seal in AOR2 and now this.

Here it is…the long missed HK416 with DD Rail! :crazy_face: I love it! :star_struck:

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Finally! An original take on a pretty tired concept, and lots of new kit (the Minotaur, DD 416 and coat are great as well as the AA headsculpt and PC).

Does anyone know, is that the same plate carrier that came with one of the older DAM Geronimo (MP7) figure and the TCT EBR MK14 Marksman figures? It looks familiar…

Gotta buy this - I agree with other saying this is a welcome twist to what was becoming a tired series. Cold weather variant most welcome. Other reasons to buy;

Arsène Wenger (football manager) long style trench coat (hope the zip works better for me than it did for Arsene :grin: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Craig Davis (Bo selecta)/ Mr T head sculpt

chpo - yes its the McToys shirt. Very well made

I am not sure but it looks not like Damtoys Version. Damtoys used an plate carrier and an chestrig for MP7 magazines. Soldier Story had the Plate carrier with integrated MP7 magazine pouches at the front panel. Also E&S does this Version. I am pretty sure Oso2013 knows much better than me what kind of Carrier this is with the new Figure.


Soldier Story

I like this a lot! Definite buy for me. HS could be “Ray Perry” from CBS’ SEAL Team:

…it is a protech pc with aor1 webbing (1st gen. have had tan webbing)…like the version from dam.
with eagle industries mp7-double mag pouch with tan webbing (1st gen.)…
newer versions have aor1 webbing.

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You were faster than me! :wink:

Gotcha, thanks guys. It’s definitely a bigger, boxier PC than we’re used to seeing on Tier 1 types. Definitely cool though.

Personally, I think I’ll stick to the 3-gun-version, but this one has some greag parts I will try to get loose: some PCs for older “ZDT” DEVGRU figures, jacket, gaiters, rifle plus a number of the anti structure grenades. Don’t know about the sculpt - there should be more AA figures, anyway, but that Mr. T. style isn’t my cup oc tea.

I like it - mesg ends…

Reference photos of the fashionable attire from a BBICN poster:


Light weight, but effective winter gear being what it is, this seems pretty effective. Maintaining body temp, and light enough to be shed quickly, if needed.

My devgru bash already has an HK416 with an smr handguard. I’m not sure that it would be worth spending $30-$50 for this new rifle, when the SMR is already kosher for that unit.

What years does this equipment correspond to approximately? More 2010 or 2020?