Easy&Simple 26031 first impressions loose parts


Here are some photos of the parts from the Sniper and Spotter. I have used a Soldier Story body and a DamToys Head. The cap fits a Dam Head very good. Also some shots of the plate carriers.


THX for your feedback Col.Braddock.

Interested by some looseparts in this set, as ghillie suit, cap and perhaps plate carrier too.

That’s all for me.


Here are some photos from BBICN from the Sniper Version.
ES26027 Sniper Assembly Share

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The highlights for me are the Patagonia uniform and spotter scope from the Spotter and the jacket and NJPC from the Shooter figure. Not commonly available or novel new additions. TAC50’s needed better QC.


That is unfortunately a problem with all manufactures. I do not like the Sniper Figure with the multicam and AOR1 combination. Also the boonie looks not so good like the cap from the spotter. I will use my loose parts for the Sniper. As main weapon i will buy the Easy & Simple NSW Sniper Rifle MOD0 MK15 rifle.