Easy & Simple 26032 SMU Tier 1 PART VIII Lone Rescuer

Parts List:

Real like Head Sculpt
ES-Buddy 2.0 Body
Greenland Shirt
Assault Balaclava FR
0612A Rigger’s Belt
Cobra Rigger’s Belt
AVS Front Plate Pouch
AVS 2-Band Skeletal Cummerbunds
AVS Detachable Flap 5.56
Shoulder Covers
LAP Panel/Groin Protector
Admin Pouch
Roll up Dump Pouch
Ammo/Dump Pouch
Frag Grenade Pouch
5.56 1 1 KYWI Mag Pouch
Double Flash Bang Pouch
War Belt Suspender
L119A2 IUR Assault Rifle
CTR Stock with Cheekpad
Micro T2 Red-dot Sight
LA-5 PEQ Indicator
M-600 Tactical Light
Tactical Light Remote
SF 556 SOCOM Suppressor
Angled Fore Grip 2
30rd Pmag Magazine
30rd Standard Magazine
Tactical Sling
Glock 17 Pistol
6354 Tactical Holster
X300 Weapon Light
FAST Ballistic Helmet
NVG Shroud
L4G24 NVG Mount
NVG Amber Filter
NVG Compass
XA Pro 3D Boots
Bushcraft Knife
PRC-152 Radio
QuietPro PTT& Head Set
M-109 Frag Greande
MK13 FlashBang
SOF TAC Tourniquet
Iphone with Protective Case



Cool that they release him, the SAS Hero.

Looks like companies gonna do the obvious now, no surprises any more. And a clementine for scale :rofl:

Will purchase patch and maybe rifle. Otherwise looks quite good to me. Optional helmet provided. Also maybe the best Levi’s up do date in this hobby.

Just disappointed by the sight choice. Supposed to be a SIG Romeo 4T Red Dot. They also didn’t replicate the small bungee cord the real person connectd his rifle to.
Will ES ever change to cloth boots?

Also a negative. If you wanna replicate sth do it properly and go all the way. Don’t take these shortcuts like with the 26022R (Holster, Mask etc.)

Some of the kitbashers were faster and had given E&S an example of a cool Figure :smile:. Some very nice parts. They have not done the cheek raiser on the stock new. Just the old one with some camo. The vest setup is very nice also the backpack. Il ike the head too. Surely a Figure you can buy complete.
Is the fruit includet? :smile:

This is sooo cool! Definite buy for me!

Yep, it’s exactly what I was waiting for. E&S shoots and they score! :clap:

His anonymity is his security, and this sculpt is likely celebrity or acquaintance-inspired. Still, the small details seen in his eyes beneath the balaclava, and his presence there as a trainer/advisor, would make me look for an older face.

Like the looks of this release a lot. Now I don’t feel the need to kitbash it like Axirun and some of the BBICN fellows have done, I can just get this.


Video of the incident.

I need a bunch of the right hand. I like the proper finger off the trigger look. I also see that “Thor” needs to stay buff or it looks off. Overall a good looking figure.

You could buy some ACE hands from their Vietnam Figures. They are very good for holding a weapon and the “trigger” finger is good too.

That is very true. The newer figures do have the better skin tone. I need to see how they scale and if the fingers can be separated for cloth gloves. I need to pop my boxed ones open real quick.

The set is already being parted out on eBay. Should be arriving in the US soon.:crossed_fingers:

Damn, E&S is on a release scale rush. Good to know though. Thanks.

Looks like this guy is finally shipping in the states.

@Elvis2500 Looks like you are the 100th user then. Nice to see this community growing!

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Figure has hit UK. Really happy with it. Love the headsculpt. MTP camo looking sweet.
Hands are made of really nice hard rubber. The skin tone is good on the pale side - but he is a brit, we do not get the sun often lol. Oh helmet does not fit as I would like, slightly too high on head, due to hair sculpt (front quiff), and this is without attaching foam pads to inside of helmet.

Undead_Soldier: just had a play with fingers. You cannot bend them into different positions There is some flex (allowing you to grip weapons) but all fingers revert back to positions seen in photos. Scale matches well with all my other figures on shelf, mix of E&S and Damtoys.

Overall its a very nice figure as a whole piece or as parts.

Is that MTP camo or multicam?:thinking:

Think it’s MultiCam. If I remember correctly, the original was MTP, so E&S cheaped out of this one.