Easy & Simple 26033R Commandement des Opérations Spéciales The Breacher

Parts List:

Real like Head Sculpt
ES-Buddy 2.0 Body

Camouflage Europe Centre (CEC) Special Force Frog Combat Shirt
Camouflage Europe Centre (CEC) Special Force Combat Pants

0612A Rigger’s Belt

Jumpbale Plate Carrier
Double Flashbang Pouch
Lightweight Radio Pouch
Single Frag Grenade Pouch
Single 30RD 5.56 Mag Pouch with Shotgun Shell Carrier
Medical Pouch
Machinegun Ammo/Universal Pouch
12rd Shotgun Shell Carry Pouch
Roll up Dump Pouch
Nexus Gen3 Fast Mag Pistol
Nexus Gen3 Fast Mag Rifle

Heavy Duty Belt

14.5’’ 416 5.56mm Assault Rifle
553 Holographic Sight
3x Magnifier
DBAL Indicator
M600 Tactical Light
Backup Rear Sight
B&T Rotex Suppressor
30rd Steel Magazines
30rd P-Magazines
Folding Fore Sight
Tactical Sling

M4 Tactical Shotgun with Collapsible Stock
Shotgun Rail Forend
Micro T1 Reddot Sight
Shotgun Shell
Shotgun Sling

Glock17 9mm Pistol
CQC Holster
CQC Holster Wait Adaptor
Pistol Magazines

High Cut SF Helmet
Combat Helmet Accessory Rail System
L4G24 NVG Mount
AN/PVS-15 Night Vision Goggle
NVG Amber Filter
TAC Switch Helmet Light
Tactical Camera
Camera Helmet Mount

Forces XA Pro 3D Boots
Oroginal Gloves

Sordin Headset& X-50 PTT
PRC-152 Radio

SI Straight Sunglasses
Guardian IR Strobe
M-67 Frag Grenade
Medical Shears
Forearm Shotgun Shell Carrier
SOF TAC Tourniquet


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Gotta pick up one of these shorty Benellis.

Odd that they didn’t go with the HK416F or HK416A5. Would have been nice to have the latter with a 14.5" barrel, though I would prefer it without a camo wash.

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I like it. Definite buy for me.

Add me to the list of buyers on this & sniper, if prices right.

Love collecting French special forces, did some background reading on badges and french military structure, found it all very interesting. They have a wide spectrum of special units, not just the Foreign Legion which springs to mind first.

Good load out on this figure, cannot wait for its release

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Quite close to the 416N

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I’ve been a sucker for French figures, since before I encountered 1:6. If you got both this and the sniper, they both have the same sculpt - Vincent Cassell, I think. If you don’t use a balaclava or gaiter, a head swap would sub for “twins”. If it’s like the DiD/LFA French figures, the clebrity sculpts could be sold/swapped pretty easily.
All in all, new French camo unis x 2, is a good thing.

The camo job is nice. All you have to do is change the barrel with the one from the M27 or from set 06005C (Minotaurus). So you get the 14,5" barrel with the bayonet lug and the different gas block.

Some mistakes by E&S to correct to make a real “Commando Marine”.
But I can not sulk my pleasure, in front of the only manufacturer, who is interested in French FS.
But for me a good base of works to make 2 Kitbashes :

The helmet is more adapted for a “Commando de l’Air” CPA10.
Like the K9 one, who has been seen in Ouagadougou attack at the right of the pic.

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Or to make a CTLO breacher, from 1er RPIMA, like this : img_8105_67dd5509a34b8b121726ea2d0eecd191


It had been be a nice addition from E&S with these pouches for the shotgun ammo instead of several standard Molle shell Carry Pouches.

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Very nice, I want one. :smiley:

It is a nice! Love the shotgun shells! They decided to load him up on that! Got to love that!

I wonder if those are “deer slugs”, or a breaching round?

It seems, they are released in China.

That was fast. And no money at the moment either…

As a note. The rubber Magpuls provided and also the 26023R ones are leaving marks on the STANAGs and PMAGs after being attached for some time.

Somehow, the 417 (and L5 Lancer) mags from 26023S are not affected.

Now i know what you mean ;-). The Rubber Loops Magazine holder from Magpul.

Magpul Magazine Assist

Magpul PMAG 30G