Easy & Simple 26034 Private Military Contractor The Escort

Parts List:

Real like Head Sculpt
ES-Buddy 2.0 Body

Breton Stripe Telnyashka
Anorak No. 8 - Pullover jacket
PRO Stricker HT Combat Pants

Inner Duty Belt

M92 AK SBR Chest Rig
QR Mag Holder/Belt Adaptor
Softshell Pistol Mag Pouch

Custom AK74 7.54x39 Assault Rifle
AK to M4 Folding Stock Adaptor
CTR Stock with Cheekpad
Enhanced Rail System
MOE-K2 AK Grip
DBAL-2 Laser Indicator
M3 Tactical Light
Dual Remote
Gunfight Foregrip
AK74 7.54x39 Mags
AK74 7.54x39 Pmags
Mag Coupler

G-34 Pistol
Pistol Magazine
XST RTI Holster
Holster Belt Adaptor

Exfil Carbon Helmet
War Bungees

Mountain Light Boots
M-Pact Gloves

Sports Camera
Sports Camera Chest Mount

6S Headset
TETRA terminal SRH3900 Raido
Tactical Throat Mic

Tactical Tomhawk with Sheath
Kizlyar Knife

M-84 Stun Grenade
Incendiary Grenade
Russian Grenades
G Watch
640 Strobe



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Very nice to see ES’s entrance into the Russian figure scene. Love the rig, HS, pants, knife and grenades, and other accoutrements, but the rifle seems troublesome. Cool to see 5.45x39 magpul magazines, as I believe we’ve previously only seen their 7.62 variant produced by Dam and the ES “Urban Viking” figure, but the scale seems a bit small for the rifle, almost bearing a resemblance to 5.56 AK-101 mags. additionally, the stock adaptor appears to swivel in the opposite direction from most reference shots I’ve seen on heavily westernized/modified ‘74’s. Overall very cool, though.

Wow, this one looks pretty impressive to me. The uni, AK, chest rig, all nice pieces.

Nice to see E&S branching out. That said, I don’t think I see anything here that DAM hasn’t done better. The 5.45 PMAGs are interesting, I wonder if they’re compatible with DAM AKs.

This is really a nice PMC Figure and not that freaky Viking or other PMC Urban … Figures. This is the first more realistic one. A basecap would be a nice addition too.
The AK is very cool with that movable stock adapter. Also the clothes are something new and very cool. Could it be that we see the first non molded plastic boots from E&S :sunglasses::+1: . Only the color of the bootlaces and their thickness looks a bit strange.
The head is awsome and we get new hands with cut off finger tipps and a “save” index finger. Really nice.

Sorry guys but i am confused. The parts list show 7.54x39 Mags. Also the rifle is listed as AK74 7.54x39 Assault Rifle. Where do you see 5.45x39 magazines? They look smaller on the photos but there is no indication for me that this are 5.45x39 mags.

I think it’s confusion on the part of the manufacturer. This is probably an AK-74N model, based on the optics attachment rail and a western right-side folding aftermarket stock, replacing the original fixed stock. All folding stock variants of the AK-74, as well as the AK-74M rifle, have a left-side folding stock. Because of this, it is also unlikely to be a 7.62x39 AK-103, as this rifle shares the same basic stock architecture as the AK-74M. although incorrectly labeled by ES, this is most likely a really modified 5.45x39 AK-74 or AK-74N, or possibly a Bulgarian Arsenal Rifle, all of which would be likelier to be found in the hands of a western bloc PMC than a newer genuine Izhmash AK-74M. Here is a comparison of Magpul’s 5.45 and 7.62 AK mags:

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THX a lot for that info. Very interesting and that would definitely a welcommend rifle from E&S in that caliber.

Glad to see ES move closer towards the Eastern front and try their hand at something new. With the B30/31 and B33 Zenitco pieces tackled it will be interesting to see how DAM responds. Now that we have some competition in this area we might see some of the newer Zenitco stocks tackled and hopefully a PKM/PKP. A curious mix of US, European, and Russian gear with this one.

Agreed, it’s cool to see more Eastern stuff. IMHO:

  • Too many Glocks. It’s time for ES to make a new pistol (Walther, SIG, etc)
  • Loadout isn’t very “Eastern” beyond the rig and AK. From my experience with reference materials, highspeed types in the West look very stripped-down and high speed (like this) whereas Eastern SOF/PMCs focus more on armour and firepower over mobility.
  • Despite the possible problems with the AK I like the scale of it compared to DAM’s. Looks smaller to me.
  • Glad that those combat pants are finally showing up more in 1/6th
  • Overall it feels just like an “ES Urban PMC” with a slightly Eastern flavour - it’s got the chest rig, GoPro, Bump helmet, 2x incendiary grenades, glock, sunglasses, etc. And considering he has no armour and not even a slung pack, it seems kind of light on kit.
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No let up in interesting figures, particularly from E&S. I suppose this guy could be from a number of Russian or Eastern European outfits, he’s tricked out in some fairly pricey stuff. As observed, he doesn’t look loaded up for heavy combat, as much a for perhaps, BG/CPD duty - or maybe training local forces.

I posted a query on E&S’ thread, about the hand grenades which look like RGD-5s. The hole/indent in the base of the grenade body seems to be indicative of a URG-N training version. No reply on that.

While there’s a number of Russian pistols available, they also manufacture Glocks there, and training/competition imagery features quite a few Glocks being run by operators. For reliability, and familiarity, it seems reasonable contractors might pick them - Walthers, SIGs, and the like, being private purchases often motivated by “…how much is my ass worth to me?” considerations. A friend, who has some experience with specops and weapons, has some appreciation of Glocks, saying they are like the Armalite-15 of handguns. These days, operators carry G19s, and the like, for concealed and ED carry, over the current issue pistols.
This guy can be a number of things, and I agree that seeing E&S step into the arena, has me smiling.
It would be nice to hear their take, and what people and instances motivated this figure.


Parts list gives some hints. The misidentification of the US Palm chest rig as M92 AK SBR Chest Rig leads you to here. From past releases of the US content (PMC/non-military in particular) seems similarly influenced by commercial stuff from the US firearms publications. This one is a bit of an odd mix of gear that you wouldn’t typically see together. The Fjallraven gear is something that became topical in light of the SAS public outings in the UK. if I had to hazard a guess this was there way of tip toeing into the Eastern side with a less risky free form project. I don’t mind this approach as you get some pretty neat gear you might not otherwise see and allows for some creativity rather than the rigid reference photo approach.

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I compared the ES and DAM RGD-5 grenades and DAM definitely put more effort by having no hole on the bottom and sculpting the small lip on top. About the painting, shape (ES might be too bulgy) and wording I can barely say anything as there seem to exist a lot of different versions of grenades irl:


Good to know

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I received both AK versions and am not too impressed. Muzzles are glued to the barrel, cheek piece is glued to the stock (known ES flaw), mag holder clip is too loose and mundane attachments are provided.
Some shared problems (DAM and ES) are loose mags and folding stocks.
Considering the aspects under which I collect, they are no match for DAM atm. They either improve or stick to AR-15 systems /SCARs.