Easy & Simple 26035S British Specialist Firearms Command SCO19 Urban Tactical

Parts List

Limited Edition 200 Pieces

Real like Head Sculpt
ES-Buddy 2.0 Body

G3 Custom Combat Shirt
G3 Custom Combat Pants

LEAF Assault Balaclava

0612A Rigger’s Belt
Heavy Duty Belt

TacTec Plate Carrier
Nexus Gen 3 Fast Mag Holster AR-15
Double Pistol Mag Pouch
Double Flash Bang Pouch
Medic Small Pouch
Universal Carrier

HK415A5 5.56 Assault Rifle
Micro T1 Red Dot Sight with Protective Cover
Red Dot Sight Magnifier
X400 Weapon Light/Laser
Folding Iron Sights
Gunfighter Foregrip
L5 30rd Mags
Tactical Sling

G-17 Pistol
X300 Tactical Light
Pistol Magazine
6354DOS Tactical Holster

Drop Leg Twin Mag Pouch

Taser X26P with Extra Cartridge
Taser X26/P Belt Holster

Tetra Terminal SRH3900 Radio

FAST Ballistic Helmet
Tactikka Plus Torch Head Light
Head Light Helmet Mount

Protective Mesh Mask

Mountain Light Boots
M-Original Gloves

MK13 Flash Grenade
Light Sticks
Light Sticker Hilder
Hellstar Strobe
Influx Goggles
Plastic Handcuff
Handcuffs Carrier


Urban Tactical Version

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Which version do you prefer?

  • Street
  • Urban Tactical

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The S Version has the same Weapon?! Really E&S. They had just done the Urban Tactical Version. Much better than the Street Version. The street Version could be better if they had done their Job right.
WRONG Vote from me Adam. I want vote for the Urban street Version. Damed Touch screen.

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I had a chat with Putin and we “fixed” the poll :laughing:. Give it a try again and see if it works for you.


Bit underwhelming. I might prefer the plain cloth version, but the S one looks better next to the 26017 and 26024, so I can’t really vote for any as I had to pick both.

I voted for the Urban Tactical because while similar to previous releases, it works better as a complete package.

That, and I prefer the Urban Tactical version’s tac light to the plainclothes version’s. The only piece I want from these releases is a couple of the rifles, so…

Thank you Adam. Now I am relieved :wink:. Hopefully i will not get post from Putin for the favor :smile:. I am on his list now…:smile:

Might get the plate carrier from this one for my CAG sniper bash, since it’s in black. out of curiosity, how prevalent is 5.11 equipment amongst the unit nowadays?

I love their gear, tailoring and weapons casts. Anyone hating on their bodies and head sculpts?

The newer second generation bodies are a big improvement over their first generation bodies but could use a bit more refinement to get on par with DAM or Soldier Story. They are much more consistent with the joints but ocasionally the screws need to be tightened out of the box and that needs to be done carefully to avoid stripping the screws in the softer plastic material. The version of the second generation body that supports the neckless heads is the better of the two versions as their head sculpts with elongated necks look a bit on the long side at times. That is the style that most people prefer these days as it avoids the giraffe look.

For head sculpts the celebrity thing has really dived in popularity in recent years as so many of the celebrities have been done multiple times so it is tough to appeal to the customer base unless it is an inspired choice that hasn’t been done, ie DAM’s recent Fedor head sculpt. There aren’t many in the military space that are crying out for another Hugh Jackman head sculpt for example. I believe they would benefit from focusing on original head sculpts. There are enough reference pictures out there that you can find a likeness that would suit the subject better. Either that or just get rid of the bodies and the heads to cut down on shipping costs and deliver products at an even more competitive price. DAM and Soldier Story keep trying to nudge their prices ever higher so they could carve out a real niche for themselves by exploiting that cost difference.

That cost savings could also be put to use to create better gloved hands and slip over feet style boots that don’t use foot pegs. Those last two things are requests that the customer base continually keeps on making. Their newer hybrid boots that use cloth or pleather are a step in the right direction but people don’t want to be using foot pegs and want the flexibility to swap out bodies.

With all that said they have come quite some ways from their first figures and the tailoring and camo patterns are much improved. If they tweak and improve some of the other items as often as they do so for their weapons I think they’ll find a growing customer base.

Of all the photos I’ve seen of CTSFO’s I’ve never seen these pants. The color of the plate carrier should match their uniform, although there are some photos of them wearing black. They also use Sig Sauer rifles, not those included here. Very odd.

I had been wondering about the rifle. Any evidence of CTSFO using the HK416, especially A5? Nice rifle, but maybe inaccurate…

The face mask is getting popular with E&S’s British figures. Is it used that much in real life?

416s are in use by a number of the regional CTUs. The figure likely drew inspiration from some of the reference photos of the Greater Manchester Police units. Across the various regional units there has been a fair bit of variance in gear, including the plate carriers and uniforms.


Often seen with various CT/SF units when they are out in public and care about PERSEC. I believe the SAS kicked off the trend which naturally means everyone else wants one.

Great info. Every photo I’ve seen to date has shown the LEAF Drac Combat Pants. Thanks!!!

Unfortunately 5.11 is regarded as somewhat recond-rate kit by most SOF units (in the West mainly). Units in Eastern Europe and Asia seems to love it though. If you’re doing a modern CAG figure I’d say the only vest options are AVS, JPC or BFG Plateminus - all in Multicam. Black kit seems to have gone the way of the MP5.

Got it, thanks! Right now, my bash has a black veryhot jpc with a verycool chest rig over it. It and my other bashes have their uniforms in either black multi cam and/or solid black, with solid black pcs. It’s just that I want to try finding an even more minimalist carrier, preferably one with laser cut molle. I feel it goes really well with the rig.

Gotcha! That sounds pretty sweet. The E&S LAPD SWAT figure has a similar offering (by First Spear), as well as the VTS “Renegade” Division figure if you’re looking for black LCS rigs.

On a similar note, what’s the consensus on firstspear gear among western SOF units?