Easy & Simple 26038S SAD Special Operation Group HALO Infiltration

Parts List:

Real like Head Sculpt
ES-Buddy 2.0 Body

Eiger Jacket
Combat Jeans
Printed Skull Shirt

0612A Rigger’s Belt

Plate Flame Modular Vest
Bagged Plates

Laser Cut Light Weight Triple M4 Magazine Pouch
Hard Shell Pistol Mag Pouch
Hard Shell 5.56 Mag Pouch
Backup Ironsights
Mag Pouch Adapter
MBITR PRC 148/152 Pouch
Laser Cut Light Weight Utility Pouch

5.56 Suppressed 416A5 Sharpshooter Rifle
Razor Rifle Scope
Offset Mounted T1 Scope
MIAD Pistol Grip
RAPTAR Tactical Module with Tactical Light
Fore Grip
30 rd L5 Mag
60 rd Drum

G-17 9mm Pistol
Pistol Holster
Pistol Magazines

Khard 30 Assault Pack

FAST Jumpable Helmet
NVG Shroud
L4G24 NVG Mount
Remote Battery Pack

Si Touch Tactical Gloves
Mountain Light II Boots

Quiet Pro Headset & PTT
PRC-152 Radio


Special Operation Vector 3 Tandem Parachute
Halo Altimeter
Tandem Navigation Broads
Pheatom O2 Mask
Halo O2 Tank

V-lite Manta Strobe
V-lite Strobe
A- Watch with Protective Case


I love the rifle other than that this is an extremely lazy release on e&s’s part, they just died the plate frame a different color and slapped some halo gear on it, will definitely be buying a few rifles though

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Okay…what should I say? :thinking: I think nothing! :disappointed:

I’ve always been hoping for black GPNVGs to be released. that the GSGMNVG Mount is also black is even better. I’ll get a couple for my CAG bashes, which are using tan NVGs that I’ve painted black.

Read the headline thought great…then zoomed into pictures, visible/large stitching as seen on cheaper brands, what?

I agree with above this is a very lazy release. May get patches - always come in useful. You may as well get a Very Hot or Mini Times Halo figure/parts. Nice of E&S to save me some cash - No buy.

HALO jumping in jeans? This will be the first E&S figure I pass on in a long while…


At least it has the Magpul D60 drum magazine. Those always disappear extremely quickly.

Enough with the man buns. I despise man buns. I would rather the figure have “long hair” If he is going to jump in jeans he should not sport a man bun. Other than that its a rifle buy for me. Same kit different base. I’m sure some SEAL will have this kit on a tandem set soon enough.

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They’ve really been making the most out of those Glock molds as of late, especially the G17. Although it wouldn’t be as tiring if they put some accessories on them, like red dots, flared magwells or even thread barrels along with suppressors. They’ve done it before with the ZERT Deathridge and Tier 1 SMU Bragg figures, among others. Now those pistols looked great. But no, we get the same old plain G17. Some of the gear is pretty nice, especially the NVGs. I enjoy E&S’s SAD figures, like the DA mission, because they often have all-black/ Multicam black variants of gear that usually comes in regular multicam and other common colors.

I’d enjoy more headsculpts with long hair. I’ve already rooted long hair and beards on two of my bashes, and they came out better than if they were sculpted on, like on this figure. I’m curious, which style would work better with an ops-core helmet?

I really like the rifle as well. Other than that it’s an ok release.

…määääh, lame release for me…
it is like rest cooking…put everything in one pot with something new and hope u get a delicious meal.
but sometimes it is just… :roll_eyes:
but the backpack is fine!

Dumb question, (also repeat question from another thread on a different figure) how current is this load out, such as plate carrier, weapons, and such?

Quite current, I’m sure. The real question is if it’s used by any US SOF units, although it’s unlikely that any operator would have a load out exactly like this.With the SAD, we obviously have no reference photos, nor former members who’d be willing to offer their insights. Add that with the amount of freedom that operators have with their gear, and we have idea. As for CAG, we have no reference photos of them using Plateframe carriers, nor laser cut molle pouches. I have heard rumors that some DEVGRU operators have been testing those carriers, though only the original ones without the molle.

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Man, that was very insightful. Thanks.

In short: gear is 2019-2020 current, however the load out may not be accurate because SAD activities not documented (as they should be).

Well, they aren’t called “black ops” because of their taste in coffee.

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I get the impression this guy HALOs or HAHOs into an Eastern European, FSR/FWP country, kitted out for clubbing. Needs some sort of very cool cell phone, some Ketamine, credit card(s)…and where’s the knife? (Things can get stabby)

I thought this exact same thing! I just can’t envision a CIA SAD element doing a HALO insert in blue jeans. This is almost Flagset lazy.