Easy & Simple 26039 Private Military Contractor Urban Assaulter 3

Parts List:

Real like Head Sculpt
ES-Buddy 2.0 Body

Logo Cold Hat *New
Talos Combat Shirt *New
Compression Shirt *New
Custom Combat Jeans *New

Rigger’s Belt

Special Operation Tactical Respirator *New

Banshee Elite 2.0 Plate Carrier *New
Ballistic Groin Protecter
PRC-148/152 Radio Pouch
Double Pistol Mag Pouch
Single Grenade Pouch
Medical Pouch

Custom CQB Assault Rifle *New
Micro T1 Red Dot Sight
DBAL-2 Laser Indicator
X400 Tactical Light
XTM Foregrip
Ultimag 30rd Poly Mags *New

G-17 Pistol
Pistol Magazine
7TS ALS Holster
Holster Waist Platform

Moab Ventilator Boots
Original Gloves

Tactical Messenger Bag

6S Headset
PRC-148 Radio
Intercom PTT

Tactical Dagger with Handle

11Pro Cellphone with Protective Case *New
M-84 Stun Grenade
Incendiary Grenade
Russian Grenades
G Watch
Speed Jacket Glasses
Tactical S
Sports Camera


Huh. So I guess this is based on Alex from MW19? The cut-off UBACS shirt and Banshee seem to indicate that, but the weird Crye jeans are… confusing. I think there are some nice bits in this one but overall the colour combination and loadout is kind of off-putting, for me at least. I don’t understand the obsession with putting incendiary grenades everywhere on their PMC figures.

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E&S is really embracing the combination of a shorty rifle, some jeans with goofy patches, and a man bun these days. Kind of disappointing.

Adam, do you have a components list for the rifle? Looks like a shorty SAI GRY.

Spike’s Tactical lower?

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Spikes Tactical ST15 lower with an SAI upper. Not a combination that rings a bell for me.


If I don’t pick up the rifle, I’ll at least snag a few of these new magazines.

Patch, rifle and finally the respirator for the 26022!

@Col.Braddock How does the shortened version of the rifle compare to your mod?

I am pleased with the conversion but the E&S looks really great. Perfekt for me.

It is very hard to cut these rails and get a good result. The second photo shows the damage. I have sanded to much. It is OK if you use it for a right handed Figure :grin:.


Does the CQB-length upper for the GRY exist as a real option, or is it airsoft only?

A quick Googling leans toward the latter.

I would also say it is more Airsoft. I have seen a airsoft video with this handguard.

The best parts for me are the rifle, beanie and the mask. Should be good as addition to the GWG SAS Figure. I love the look of the rifle and the new magazines. Looks fantastic.
They have used existing parts and clothes, put it together and so you get a new Figure. This has surely nothing to do with an real PMC. If you go for “The Division”, Airsoft game or ZERT theme you will have a winner. For military use or if you more interested in real representation it will an easy pass.
I just see it as art concept and E&S will win a price for artistic freedom and the design. I like such creative implementation but i think this Figure will be more liked in Asian regions.

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PMC lines or even CIA SAD concept are a great avenue to flex creativity and introduce new weapons and gear that may or may not be used by real world operators. Very few reference pictures exist, so who is to say there isnt a paid merc running around in a strange homemade crye jeans, or a CIA SAD guy air dropping in a pair of skinny jeans. ( i hope my point comes across) Adhere too much to accuracy and you are very limited, sort of like Soldier Story which sticks fastidiously to real world references. I understand from some sources, this is one reason why it took so long for Soldier Story to release the SCAR EGLM combinations as there were no good references of real operators using them. Voodoo and the long teased soldier story exosuit are a significant and recent deviation to this.

The PMC concept will eventually be taken up by General’s Armoury as well.

As for this figure, great to see a shortened version of the GA1002 GRY come out with a unique lower receiver. Alot of new gear in this set, including the ops core respirator, rifle magazines, combat shirt, tactical vest, messenger bag and that unique CRYE jeans hybrid. I would echo sentiments that the color combination is a bit wild here.

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I really really hate to sound like I’m beating a dead horse here but at this point in the year it’s getting ridiculous, but why can’t anyone make an lvaw? E&S have the molds for the mcx already , I don’t understand making all these niche ar’s, the lvaw would even pair ok with their tactical hipsters

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I really dig the rifle but the rest of the figure is pretty “meh” to me.

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Is this a version of the plate carrier that came with the ZERT Sully Juggernaut figure?

All in all, this doesn’t really strike me. :frowning_face:
The respirator is cool, so are some other smaller parts, like the beanie and certainly the mags. The rifle is nice, bug I wouldn’t know on which figure to stick it. Certainly not on any modern SOF. CIA GRS or SAD?
The figure itself looks too thrown together for my taste.

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Have been looking at this figure over last 24hrs, still do not get it.

Its not the nicest “Gucci” PMC put together. 26016 Viking & 26013 urban grenadier better examples in my opinion, they actually got me back into 1/6 collecting.

I agree with the overall feedback on this figure. Many parts are interesting to buy - as a whole figure it just looks wrong. Probably do my usual body/boots/hands order plus gun & mobile phone

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I think it is all about the costs. Because they have to made a new Master for the handguard (i think it would be done with a 3D CAD software today) and also new molds for this part. This is the most expensive step. You have to invest money until you get an functional mold for Serial production. I would be very happy to get an SIG MCX LVAW but i think this will only happen if E&S or GA will make an updated CAG Figure.
The other way would be Delusional or Uramegak (LHS) at shapeways with a 3D printed handguard. Only this 3D printed handguard would certainly cost over 15$ i think. And you have not the quaranty that it would fit perfectly.

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That is my problem too. A good idea and some really cool new parts but too overdriven optic and mixmatch of colors and cloth material for my taste.

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Okay…thank you very much E&S for this release…it’s an easy pass and so a really money saver for me!