Easy&Simple 26040 Covid 19 Face mask

Hello to all,

i have read a lot about ripped masks if you try to put it on the face. I can say now it is possible.

My solution was to make the mask dripping wet with water. The material is more flexible then. I had no problems with it. I have used a Facepool head without beard. Is much easier and you don’t see the beard anymore under the mask.
This mask is from the 26040A


To show you that this little trick works fine i have removed the mask (make it wet before) and i used a Soldier Story head from SS100 for example. Same mask without any problem and in seconds you can put on the mask. It is really important to make every movement with mask only if this is wet. The material of the mask drys fast and i would not touch the mask anymore after that. At the back of the head you can barely seen the shiny wet strap at the right ear.


LOL! This is great! LOL!