Easy & Simple 26040A SMU Part XI Quick Response Force

Parts List:

Real like Head Sculpt
ES-Buddy 2.0 Body

Boss Rugby Shirt *New Color
G4 Crye Combat Shirt * New
G4 Crye Combat Pants *New

0612A Rigger’s Belt
Molle Heavy Duty Cobra Belt

Jumpable Plate Carrier 2.0 *Modified
Triple 2-Stacked Rifle Mag Pouch *New
MBITR Radio Pouch
Vertical Abdomen Panel *New
152/Bottle Pouch *New
TACO 5.56 Pouch *Modified
M4 Single Mag Pouch
Triger Grenade Pouch *New
6x6x3 GP Pouch
Singe Flashband Pouch

14” Barrel 5.56mm 416 Assault Rifle with SMR Rail System *New Color
Razor HD Rifle Scope
Angled Fore Grip
5.56 SOCOM Suppressor
LA5 Peq Indicator
M600 Weapon Light with Offset Mount
Weapon Light Remote
Wide (Padded) Sling
CQD Sling Ring
30rd Steel Mag
30rd Pmag
40rd Pmag with Mag Extension *New

G-19 9mm Pistol with Magwell
AOR1 6354DO ALS Pistol Holster
QUBL QLS Universal Belt Loop
Model 6004-19 Quick Locking System
Pistol Mag

Zip-on Panel 2.0 Backpack *New

FAST High Cut Helmet
Camo Helmet Cover
Dual Power AVS NVG Mount System
Remote Battery Pack
Tech Charge MLPS

Pilot SI Factory Gloves
XA Pro 3D Boots

E Switch PTT
COMTAC3 Headset
Headset Rail Adaptor
PRC-148 Radio
UHF400-470 Mhz Antenna

Foretrex 601 GPS
640 Hellstar Strobe
Combat Axe with Sheath
M-67 Frag Grenade
MK13MOD0 Flash Bang
IR Light Stick
IP 11 Tactical Personal Terminal With Protective Case
SI Frame Goggle
Tactical Compass
Ball Pen
Sharpie Marker
Tactical Shear
Face Mask *Special Item


Very nice Figure wirh some New parts. JPC 2.0 but hopefully NOT just reused from 26007A. The new Grenade holder is very cool. Great done E&S.

Finally! Figure looks great, with some great new parts, the 416 paint job is the only thing holding this one back from being perfect but thats my only gripe and a small one at that, might swith the rifle out to the noveske at from the psd chief since that’s what I believe this figure was based on

I like the 40rd mag, otherwise a money saver

Completely agree.

Only one 40-rounder? E&S knows we want stuff like this, so they’ll drip-feed them out as an incentive to buy the figure or the rifle set, depending on how the seller breaks it down. Kinda frustrating.

I’m sure the 40-rounder will eventually be included with a rifle set or boxed weapon set that I’ll be more interested in :man_shrugging:

Agreed with all, looks pretty good.

  • Battle belt looks new and pretty cool
  • 40-rounder is good, but agreed that there should be more
  • Crye Zip-On Back Panel looks great, even has the 2x side mag pouches
  • GEN 4 fatigues, BOSS Rugby shirt and face mask are perfect
  • Dangler at front of JPC looks nice

I think my only real complaint is the usual one - the mix of different types of fabrics, and of different-looking Multicam colours/patterns, looks horrible. This problem is showcased front and centre on the double-stack mag pouch set at the front of the JPC

A bit sad to see that there’s only one integrated radio pouch instead of two. I wanted to be able to let my leader bash have a dual radio setup, and be able to mount accessories directly over those pouches. I guess that I’ll have to get those from elsewhere. Besides that, the rest of the figure does not not disappoint at all. Presuming that the molle on the belt does indeed work, then that would be a major game changer for my bashes, as those would likely be much easier to get than the ones from the DAM GIGN figures. I already have four of the molle belts from those figures, so I don’t think that I’ll just automatically transfer all of their respective setups to the new ones. Maybe just the delta figures at least, so that I can save the heavier ones for future DEVGRU bashes. The molle threads on these new ones will have to be painted black, but that shouldn’t be an issue. Besides that I plan to get several of the helmets, the JPCs, NVGs, and the holster.

A must buy for me.
A long time I haven’t be exited by a complet mint in box from E&S.
Only one regret about the rifle, not with 10" handguard.
That’s all.
Congrats E&S.

You know how it works, unfortunately. Still hunting this 26038S laser, but will most likely come one day.

Man, this one rocks! I like it unconditionally, at last an up-to-date CAG figure. Certain buy for me!

Nicely done E&S. I for one can’t wait to see their 26040S version. Something tells me we’ll finally get that LVAW. :wink:

Swap the base pad and you would have something seen often with the CAG guys.

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Very cool figure overall. Forgive my ignorance of the subject, but what specific SF unit does this figure most likely belong to, Delta?

Yes. The figure is based off of photos of JSOC operators taken during an attack on a maternity ward in Kabul last may, I believe.

Mix and match of various bits of gear seen in various recent reference photos of Delta/CAG.

I opted not to look for those as the light module is geared for a more CQB setup. I did manage to grab a couple more standard Raptars from 26030B, so both of my XM2010s and my Mk.13 Mod 5 have them fitted to their scopes’ rails.

I’m really liking this figure. Definite buy for me.

I tried getting one of those for my custom MRAD project, but they’re so hard to get these days. I know that if I got a loose version, I’d mask off the parts with writing and spray paint the rest of it in black. But until then, I guess a PEQ 15 will have to suffice until then.


Definitely buying this figure now and mixing it with the handguard from the other figure as I aquired a rare tannodized receiver today! I’ve been trying to track one of these down for awhile, I’ve also got a gold buffer tube from the french a5 to swap onto the back of this

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Please share the results when you’re done! That’s a great idea