Easy & Simple 26040A SMU Quick Response Force - Preview

From their facebook page. New figure from Easy & Simple coming soon.


Might be the first boxed figure I’ve bought in awhile, they revised at least the shoulder pads on the jpc2.0 and the whole figure looks great, I can’t wait to see more about this one

About time they make a figure based off of the kabul incident. It actually doesn’t look to dissimilar to my own CAG kitbashes. I was planning on getting two of the JPCs from the E&S Marsoc Machine Gunner later this year so that I could paint them black, as those have integrated radio pouches. But not only does the JPC on this figure feature those pouches, but it is also the 2.0 model, which is more accurate. It’s not the first 2.0 that E&S made, but those did not have those pouches.

I think that the headsculpt is of Keanu Reeves, based on the facial structure and beard. As for the helmet cover, I’m curious if it can be removed, and how they managed to fit the NVG cable through the loops on the side. Because from the E&S NVGs that I’ve used, the cable can’t be detached without damaging it.

Hopefully there is an LVAW hiding under those shirts.

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Now that would be the cherry on top! But even just from this image alone, there’s more than enough enticing items. But I think that they would only include things that could be seen within the reference photos for the sake of accuracy. If they were to release an LVAW, it would most likely be with a figure based on one of the many operators that are a part of the PSD for people such as Miller. Although since the guy that has been spotted carrying the LVAW might not have enough gear to make a worthwhile figure. So maybe they might include it in another figure from the same incident.

Looks pretty good from the one pic. Can’t wait to see more.

Mabye they’ll make an S version of this figure with one , they do have a the two shirts at the bottom in different colors :crossed_fingers:

Curious to see more…
Business to follow…

…well, there it is: a modern cag…as everybody wanted;-)
looks good so far…but i still don´t like e&s-multicam:-/
a lot of great parts (crye g4 bdu, shirts, jpc,…).

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Wow, looks cool, finally an up to date CAG figure! I was just thinking about buying the last in stock 26019C SMU Woodland Operator. Now, I won’t and wait for this one instead! I have been thinking that E&S hasn’t previewed anything for a while - at least at their usual high pace. Now, here it is… I really like their SMU line!

I agree, something seems off with it. I think it’s the material that they’re using.

The only unfortunate thing about this is they did the 416 like a repaint instead of the factory tannodized finish, I really don’t understand why e&s won’t do that

It’s so hard to track down loose parts from that figure. I managed to get the head, body, hands, and shoes from that figure, but I couldn’t get that 416 with the RAHG handguard that I wanted.

OK, give the old guy a break, just what is a LWAW?

SIG’s variant of the MCX in 300blk with their suppressor. The short barrel length makes it quite popular in PSD roles so we have seen this popping up quite a bit in reference photos like those of General Miller and team.

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I’ll give you some context. So from the 80’s up until the mid-2000’s or so, Jsoc units have been using compact, and suppressed pistol-caliber smgs for cqb situations, such as the MP5 among several others. While these have served admirably well in that role, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan would reveal their limitations in those environments. While they were quite quiet when suppressed, their stopping power left much to be desired against the insurgents and Jihadists, whose use of body armor that could withstand several rounds of such rounds would continue to become more widespread as time passed. While those rounds where fine in close quarters, their ranges were rather anemic for the environments in which they were deployed.

Dissatisfied, JSOC turned to a more recent class of weapons known as PDWs, the foremost of which fired new rounds that were initially designed to penetrate the body armor of Soviet troops. Specifically the Heckler & Koch MP7, which was no bigger or heavier than most SMGs or even pistols that were in use at the time, but could still punch through body armor with its 4.6 x 30mm cartridge. Due to light weight of those cartridges, more ammo could be carried and the gun could be much flatter shooting as a result. It was also very quiet when suppressed, with one anecdote from a DEVGRU operator claiming that while during a previous mission he was able to use able to use a suppressed MP7 to kill all of the enemy fighters in a room without waking up any of the others that were sleeping in the adjacent rooms. That being said, the gun was be without issues. Namely its poor terminal ballistics, which meant that multiple rounds aimed at center mass may be needed to kill a target. But by the the mid-to-late 2010’s, suppressed 5.56 SBRs had become much more viable for use in cqb, and have largely rendered the MP7 obsolete.

However the niche of a quiet and compact gun that the MP7 and MP5 filled was still considered necessary, as the 5.56 rifles proved to be problematic when forced into that role. Thus JSOC began looking for a cartridge that could combine or even surpass both the suppressive capabilities of the former, and the penetrative and ballistic capabilities of the latter, with the answer being the .300 Blackout. With this in mind, they began fielding tests for guns chambered in their desired caliber that could fit their needs and expectations. Thus entered Sig-Sauer, who made offers to both SOCOM and JSOC, who where both in the market for such weapons.

To the former, they offered both a .300 compact version of their MCX rifle called the Rattler, and a suppressed upper receiver that could fit onto existing M4/AR15 lower receivers and convert them to .300 as well. JSOC was a bit more complicated, as DEVGRU was testing the Q Honey Badger. So SS instead offered Delta Force the LVAW (Low Visibility Assault Weapon), which was otherwise known as the “Black Mamba” as the weapon was made in part as a response to the Q Honey Badger. In nature, Black Mambas are one of the few animals that are able to reliably kill the infamously resilient Honey Badgers.

Given the nature of the LVAW and those who wield them, not much is known of them. What is known is that it’s integrally suppressed, with at least some of the versions presented in available reference photos featuring a 6.75 inch barrel. As for sound suppression, the gun is purportedly quieter than the the Honey Badger by about 10 decibel levels, putting it in line with or even above (or below?) pistol caliber and PDW rounds in that regard.


So, you are suggestion that I should try to get my hands on that figure, either way?!

I was answering Murakami’s question about what the LVAW is. As for the figure, I’d say go for it once we get more pictures of it and preorders start opening up. It certainly offers a lot of gear for its relatively modest price. I usually prefer to kitbash figures instead of buying completed ones, but I think that if I didn’t already have a CAG bash that already heavily resembles this one but in black then I definitely would gotten this one. It has basically everything that I could want from a Modern CAG figure. That said I might grab two of the helmet loose in order to transfer their tyr covers into the helmets of my own CAG bashes, if they can be removed. If not then I can just use the helmet covers from some of the DAM Red Sea figures and dye those black. The same goes for the Glock and its flared magwell, assuming that I don’t already get an existing version of it before then. I already discussed the PC in an earlier comment, so that’s all I have mention with what I can tell from this Preview image.

In simpler terms: HK416 = high speed, but not high speed enough any more. Need higher speed AR. LVAW look cool, is high speed and quiet too. Bonus high speed points for being small.

It’s been seen (or at least variants of it) in use by French, Ukrainian, British, etc as well.

Brilliant post! Learnt a lot.