Easy & Simple 26040C SMU Part XI Quick Response Force

Parts List:

Real like Head Sculpt
ES-Buddy 2.0 Body

WT Tactical Low Loft Jacket 1.0 * New
Gen2 AC Combat Pants *New Cut

0612A Rigger’s Belt
Molle Heavy Duty Cobra Belt

Adaptable Vest System Plate Carrier Configuration *Modified
AVS 2-Band Skeletal Cummerbund
AVS Triple Mag Mag Pouch Maritime * New
MBITR Radio Pouch
152/Bottle Pouch *New
M4 Single Mag Pouch
Triger Grenade Pouch *New
9022B Blow-out Kit
Singe Flashband Pouch
Side-pull Mag Pouch * New
Admin Pouch
Medical Pouch-Small
C4 Pouch

Tan Anodized 10” Barrel 5.56mm 416 Assault Rifle *New Color
Flip Mounts and Riser Systems *New
EXPS3 Holo Sight
G33 Magnifier
Gunfighter Fore Grip
5.56 SOCOM Suppressor
LA5 Peq Indicator
Folding Iron Sights
M600 Weapon Light with Offset Mount
Weapon Light Remote
Wide (Padded) Sling
CQD Sling Ring
30rd Steel Mag

G-19 9mm Pistol with Magwell
6354DO ALS Pistol Holster
QUBL QLS Universal Belt Loop
Model 6004-19 Quick Locking System
Pistol Mag

FAST High Cut Helmet
Camo Helmet Cover
Dual Power AVS NVG Mount System
Remote Battery Pack
M300 Weapon Light with Helmet Mount

XA Pro 3D Boots
Original Gloves

U94 Gen3 PTT
COMTAC4 Headset
PRC-148 Radio
Folding Antenna

Foretrex 601 GPS
640 Hellstar Strobe
M-67 Frag Grenade
MK13MOD0 Flash Bang
IR Light Stick
T2X Tourniquet
Blast Gauge
Safety Sling
M112 C4 Charges
MK54 Mod2 Dual Shock Tube Initiator
Tactical Compass
SI Straight Glasses
Face Mask *Special Item


3 new cag! E&S is on a roll!

Disappointed to see no LVAW. Maybe they’re not ready yet. I do like this version more than the B one. I’ll definitely be getting one.

I would kill to see a LVAW with a built in suppressor! Maybe one day.

I’m not even disappointed about the lvaw, we finally have a tan anodized 416!!!


Wow! Now, they’re really rolling! And all you guys finally get your tanodized HK! Kind of a belated X-Mas present from E&S, huh?!
I’m in a fix about which version(s) to buy, now. Certainly A and this one. There’ll probably be a run for this one’s rifle as a loose part, because everyone will want to get the upper for modding other rifles, I guess. I will do the same, if I can get my hands on some.

What the hell! Three at one time?!?! My wallet cries foul.

I do like this one as well though. All three are killer imho.

Yet another awesome release by E&S. Between the three 26040 releases and the new DAM Russian I’ll be broke for the latter half of 2021…

E&S is out here trying to get all of us American consumers stimulus package with these 3 cag releases :joy:


I’m just happy to have a more current and hopefully easier to find multicam jacket. I was going to use the multicam arc’teryx LEAF jackets from the SS PJ figure for 3 of my tier 1 bashes, along with the DAM 78065 version of the jacket as well since I am only able to source 2 of the SS jackets. I would first need to know if DEVGRU uses them, but if so I would be able to use this new Wild Things jacket to fill in that last spot, or even get three of them as my jackets instead.

Very nice Figure. Some really cool parts and a 416 in RAL colors with suitable attachments. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:.

The AVS and Wilcox riser make this a must buy for me, but has anybody else noticed the PTT has Ztac branding on it? Not a big deal or anything, I just find it strange they would use an airsoft brand instead of the proper TEA one. Maybe just a placeholder for copyright/legal reasons?

More of an issue of accessibility. ITAR means you get companies sometimes relying on airsoft examples of gear to build their 3d model. One would hope things like that would get corrected in final tooling but it doesn’t always happen.

Nice to finally have the tanodized CAG-spec 416, should make a lot of people happy while they wait for the LVAW or KAC rifles.


I understand the actual item being needed to model it in 1/6, but couldn’t they just look at pics of the real one and use that as an example for branding marks? Unless there’s some technical reason I’m unaware of, I don’t see it being that hard to just google pics and use those as reference for markings. It doesn’t bother me much, just a nit pick is all.

There is no technical reason you can’t modify till your heart’s content once you have your 3D model in whatever CAD software being used. It’s just a question of time and attention to detail. It’s easy to do a 3D scan of the item then downscale rather than build a model from scratch but depending on the reference sample you end up with inaccuracies like molded airsoft trades or size issues as some airsoft examples are not to 1:1 scale.

Preorder photos sometimes use prototypes that get changed later, DAM for example used Tokyo Marui models for their early glock tooling and the prototypes used in their preorder photos for that particular figure still bore the Tokyo Marui trademarks before being corrected in the final product.

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I’m certain now that E&S has been visiting this site, given the rifle and its accessories.The riser is certainly enticing, although I would have to repaint it.

SEAL Team as well based on the choice of jacket. Perfect for a Jason Hayes bash.

Is the magnifier fixed to the raiser?

Looks like they have replicated it per the original where the flip to side base is not part of the riser and can be repositioned to preference.

Here you go. Courtesy of jademanutd

26040S. Hopefully coming soon.