Easy & Simple 26040S SMU Part XI Quick Response Force

Parts List:

Real like Head Sculpt
ES-Buddy 2.0 Body

Boss Rugby Shirt *New Color
G3 Combat Shirt
G3 Combat Pants

0612A Rigger’s Belt
Molle Heavy Duty Cobra Belt

Jumpable Plate Carrier 2.0 *New Material

Triple 2-Stacked Rifle Mag Pouch
Groin Protector
152/Bottle Pouch
Triple Flashbang Pouch *New Material
M4 Single Mag Pouch
Triger Grenade Pouch
Medical Pouch
9022B Blow-out Kit

14” Barrel 5.56mm 416 Assault Rifle with SMR Rail System *New Color
Razor HD Rifle Scope
Gunfighter Fore Grip
5.56 SOCOM Suppressor
NGAL Indicator
M600 Weapon Light
Weapon Light Remote
Wide (Padded) Sling
Folding Iron Sights
CQD Sling Ring
30rd Pmag

5.56mm Low-Visibility Assault Weapon(LVAW) *New Color
Flip Mount and Riser System *New Color
EXPS3 Holo Sight *New Color
G32 Magnifier *New Color
QD Sling Ring *New Color
NGAL Indicator
40rd Pmag with Mag Extension

G-19 9mm Pistol with Magwell
6354DO ALS Pistol Holster
QUBL QLS Universal Belt Loop
Model 6004-19 Quick Locking System
Pistol Mag

Zip-on Pouch Panel 2.0 Backpack

FAST High Cut Helmet
Camo Helmet Cover
Dual Power AVS NVG Mount System
Remote Battery Pack
Tech Charge MLPS

XA Pro 3D Boots
SI Assault Gloves

Headset ARC Helmet Adaptor Configuration
PRC-148 Radio

Foretrex 601 GPS
640 Hellstar Strobe
Combat Axe with Sheath
M-67 Frag Grenade
MK13MOD0 Flash Bang
IR Light Stick
T2X Tourniquet
IP 11 Tactical Personal Terminal With Protective Case
Juliet Glass
Tactical Compass
Tactical Shear
Face Mask



The LVAW looks great! But how many times are they going to squeeze money out of this??? Are we going to see release 10? 15? :joy:

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My thoughts exactly, so bored with E&S US SF, stopped buying them at present. Thumbs up to them understand why they are doing this in these hard times. US themed figures clearly sell well, big market you will want to look after. Think same goes for Chinese & Russian figures - big markets that need looking after. Just re-use parts as much as possible & throw in some new stuff, which then gets added to parts bins & re-used.

I just wish they would be a bit more imaginative business wise. If worried about a figure bombing look to Kickstarter or crowd fund campaigns. I think these are great - if idea popular you get funded, if it tanks no harm walk away (or re-work idea & return)

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US SOF seems to be Easy & Simple’s bag, so I guess they keep doing what they love. I’m surprised they haven’t done another Brit figure given they have almost all of the parts already, but they’re all pretty similar nowadays anyway.

I’m very tempted by this one, but I really dislike the headsculpt.

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Well, I guess @Warden is right, US SOF are E&S’s primary field and apparently, they have fared well with their portfolio, so far.
As have DAM with their emphasis on Russians.
Might be boring, but this matter has been discussed to death, more or less.

It would be nice if someone stepped in with a more “exotic” offering of non-US/Russian/Chinese figures - the wish list by collectors is nearly endless, by now: Canadians, Europeans, Aussies/Kiwis, probably the whole world of modern military. Maybe crowd-funding might be a way to go if some company brings up the courage.

Otherwise, I like this one and will do my best to lay my hands on it. So many people have been whining for an LVAW and tanodized HKs, so it’s kind of unfair to scold E&S for finally churning them out IMO.

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This looks nice… I’m just beginning to struggle to tell them all apart. Surely there are enough modern CAG figures now…

Also, I can’t be the only one who hates the colour/texture of the Multicam strapping ES uses for MOLLE and the skeletal cummerbund on the JPC. That, as well as the weirdly-coloured shock cord, really stick out like a sore thumb for me.

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Well, they have moved from CAG to Army SFG and USMC. But they’ll stick to US figures as their main, I’m afraid.

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If I didn’t already have the 3 previous versions of this figure and 2 of the Lvaw rifles, I’d be all over this release. It’s a great all in one package for those that missed out.

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I will most likely pick up this figure as I like the overall look. Swap out patches for French SF or maybe Australian or New Zealand. Think seen some Australasia SF patches around. Would make my own but printer is playing up.

I wonder what’s in a name? Well documented that today’s SF utilise same or similar equipment. How about E&S produce a SF figure with no name or link to any group or country - a “blank”. Same time produce a range of global SF patches.

I remember DiD few years ago, made the Guards figures & 5 accessory packs to change figure into Scotch Guards - Irish Guards etc. Still think this is a nice idea - not solution for everything - but for that type of figure a very nice way to offer more choice, without having to invest in 5 separate figures. Must have saved loads on box art/production alone.

Obviously still produce specific figures (bread n butter sales). But every once in a while slip in a “blank” figure, load out with most popular parts or even new parts. Would reduce moaning? prefer customer feedback - about certain countries getting to much love. I love beans on toast, but do not want to eat it every day, especially as I know other stuff in cupboard.

Would also be nice to get well made patches, from reliable source.


Yeah that would be great to get well made patches that represents different country’s s.f. from a reliable source. Being a Aussie myself I recently posted a bash of a Aussie s.a.s were I used patch that came from the e.s commonwealth figure, witch was my first some years ago .

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In Easy and Simple’s defense, this is another variant of the 26040 QRF series, so of course there will be similarities with the previous releases. That being said, this is the first one to really catch my eye so I’m going to shop around and see if I can find one at a decent price!

I’m just displeased that they didn’t make the G19 have a red dot, this figure would have been a golden opportunity to do so. A light-bearing version of their new 6354 holsters would have been greatly appreciated too, but oh well.

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If you want a CAG glock done properly everything would be new tooling at this point: frame, slide, sights, optic, magwell, comp, etc. That is a lot more attention and investment than pistols usually get. We are still stuck in the 1:6 weapon stone ages gluing or sticking optics onto slides.

We can only hope, I suppose. DAM’s modern NSWDG offerings from last year were definitely a step in the right direction, lacking only magwells which can either be harvested from those made by E&S, or else 3D-printed. I hope to look into the latter option due to the cost and difficulty associated with the former.

I personally don’t see the hate, this is only the second ever offering of the lvaw, only the second 416d tannodized (I will admit I would have rather gotten the teased noveske rifle instead) only e&s’s second time offering a full set of crye multicam G3 uniform variant and a multicam rugby shirt, plus another new version of the jpc 2.0. This is another great offering from a kit bash pov and I’d much rather see four cag operators than some of their eclectic pmc or zert figures. Besides, as has been pointed out, the majority of this figures parts can be used to bash any current western sof unit, all you have to do is order different patches and switch out weapons


I think that it will be a great idea to look for a crowd funded figure, or specific theme, to give a fresh new start to the hobby, and not only focus on US SF. I’ve hardly seen military guys from Latinamerican countries like Guatemala (Kaibiles are BAMF guys) as well as Mexico GAFE or Mexican Navy SF, Brazil GOPE or something like that.

Just thoughts…

Personally I’d love to see a Colombian SOF figure, given that I hail from that country.

I’m hoping we’ll see that Noveske soon too, it’s had me all hot and bothered for a couple of months :laughing:

Yeah I’m feeling the exact same way dude. Bring on the novseske please

I was pumped when I see this but after knowing that it’s a limited version I’ll just let it pass.

They need to fix the headset, they can’t cover the ears properly, maybe if you’re using smaller heads.