Easy & Simple 26041R S.A.D Special Operation Group Field Raid Version

Parts List:

Real like Head Sculpt
ES-Buddy 2.0 Body

Afghanistan Pakol Hat *New
Custom Combat Shirt *New
Custom Desert Tiger Stripe G3 Combat Shirt *New
Custom Desert Tiger Stripe G3 Combat Pants *New
Afghanistan Wool Patu Shawl *New
0612A Rigger’s Belt

6094M Plate Carrier
Triple Kangroo Mag Pouch *New
Hard Shell 5.56 Mag Pouch
Hard Shell Double Pistol Mag Pouch
6119A 50oz Hydration Pouch
9022B Blowout Kit
Single Grenade Pouch
Triple 40mm Grenade Pouch
Commanders Arm Board

416 16” Barrel Assault Rifle *New
1-8x24 PM II Rifle Scope
Folding Iron Sights
MIAD Pistol Grip
SOCOM 556 Suppressor
DBAL A2 Indicator
M600 Weapon Light with Low Profile Mount
M320 Grenade Launcher
Ready Mag
30rd Emag
30rd Steel Mag

G-34 9mm Pistol
Micro T1 Red Dot Sight
9mm Pistol Suppressor
Pistol Mags
CQC Pistol Holster

M-5 Assault Pack

AOR1 FAST Balistic Helmet
NVG Shroud
NVG Mount
Remote Battery Pack

Si Factory Tactical Gloves
Zephyr TF Boots

Comtac 4 Headset with C4OPS PTT
PRC-152 Radio

Satellite Phone
Foretrex 401 GPS
M-67 Frag Grenade
MK13 Stun Grenade
V-lite Manta Strobe
V-lite Strobe
E-Lite Head Light
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Well I googled “sad special operation group field raid team”, glad I did, very interesting reading. Must admit a very low knowledge of all these SF groups.

As for the figure - something new, something old, something borrowed springs to mind :grin: :wink:.
Gen3 Camo uniform looks good, although very bright/new, maybe weather it a little.

Is the bergen new? Looks good - defo buying for kitbash projects.


Okay not bad, but not great either! Only a loose parts buy for me.
Nice idea to make a Crye uniform in desert tiger, but I don’t like the bright colors.

No.26041! What’s with 26040? And that R for Field Raid Version means that we can expect another version?

Yeah, prepare for 26041H - “hipster” version :joy: With man bun, multi-pattern jeans, and airsoft gear!

That’s a nice-looking Gen 4 Glock 34. Not a fan of the Osprey suppressor’s color scheme; maybe one of the DAM ones will be compatible?

Looks like a Raven Balor optic mount.

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I don’t know much about SAD but this one is spot on for a CIA GRS figure.

  • Desert Tigers in Crye Gen 3 cut
  • LBT 6094 (?)
  • 416 + 40mm
  • AOR1 bucket

I’m actually pretty happy to see this one.

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A solid realease. Some very nice parts. The Uniform is good but also to bright colors for me. I like the backpack in that color. The HK416 looks more like an M27 or better M38 with that scope. Looks nice but i almost never saw photos with longer handguard and 16" barrel and the use of a M320.
I think this release will be usefull for many people. Also as loose parts buy.

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They always leave out the decadic numbers like 26030 and 26020 to save it for a so called “special edition”.
R seems to be the standard version, which will usually be accompanied by an S version.

The wallet has definitely been spared this year, while this is definitely better than the recent sad figures nothing really of interest here for my collection, the least they could do is make the 416 in ral 8000 instead of just constantly pumping out generic black ones

The A5 with a standard-length barrel in RAL8000 would be appreciated. So far it’s only been done in RAL8000 in the carbine configuration with one figure.

I was hoping for the 416d in that color, the a5 was done again for one of the sad figures with a 16inch barrel

This is an excellent figure and a definite buy for me. Compare this to DAM’s most recent announcement (that “samurai” nonsense) and there is just no contest, E&S wins hands down. Looking forward to getting this one.

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Sure enough, the 26038S 416 is an A5. It was hard to identify with the aftermarket pistol grip, stock, and forearm.

It’s a little too tacticool (read: airsofty/instagrammy/no SF groups use that configuration) for me, I’d rather get an A5 closer to the factory configuration.

You can pretty easy, e&s uses week glue so just replace the buffer tube and stock, grip and you can even pretty easily remove the barrel and shroud to replace, the 416 from the cag breacher set has a 16 inch barrel and shroud

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26020R? That one’s camoed up unfortunately, is a 416D, and has the aftermarket Geissele forearm. I’d like to get one of these, I don’t believe a mold exists for this 14.5” A5 barrel yet.

I know that one is camoed, I was saying you could take the shroud and barrel and put it on the a5

To make it an a5 barrel you could simply glue a little rod onto the end of the gas block, I have the French figure a5 and the gas adjustment knob would be very easy to replicate, just cut a simple plastic rod and glue it to the gas block just above the barrel

Not much of interest. The stock on the 416A5 is at least somewhat interesting, but my figures already have 416s with stocks that I like. The S&B 1-8 scope might be worth buying, since I have that same scope on my 1/6 scale m110 recce. Of course, If a 1/6 version of the Vortex 1-10x24 came out in black, I would get two of those instead of the S&B. As for the glock, I’ll stick with DAM’s versions.

…as markus says…not bad but not great.
a loose parts buy for me, too.

Oh well, I like it, plain and simple. To me, it is much more appealing than their last two CIA SAD figures, their PMC or DAM’s strange cyber samurai. At least, it looks like modern military, not some sci fi, postapocalyptic zombie-eradication whatever… The uni is too bright, hopefully, the production version will be a bit duller, otherwise, it’ll take some weathering.
Since I am not really a weapons nerd, I can live with whatever 416 they deliver, although I agree that the RAL version would be cooler.

Will the 416 come with an extra riser rail to accommodate the M320? Need a couple of these loose to fit other GLs on my rifles.