Easy & Simple 26041S S.A.D Special Operation Group Field Raid Version

Parts List:

Real like Head Sculpt
ES-Buddy 2.0 Body

Afghanistan Pakol Hat *New
Custom Combat Shirt *New
Custom Woodland Tiger Stripe G3 Combat Shirt *Exclusive
Custom Desert Tiger Stripe G3 Combat Pants *Exclusive

Afghanistan Wool Patu Shawl *New

0612A Rigger’s Belt

Naval Jumpable Plate Carrier
Hard Shell 5.56 Mag Pouch
Hard Shell Double Pistol Mag Pouch
6119A 50oz Hydration Pouch
9022B Blowout Kit
Single Grenade Pouch
Shotgun Shell Pouch
Commanders Arm Board

Custom AK74 7.54x39 Assault Rifle *Exclusive
ACOG TA32 Rifle Scope
MIAD Pistol Grip
SOCOM 556 Suppressor
DBAL A2 Indicator
M.I.A.D Foregrip
AK Mags

M-4 Tactical Shotgun *Exclusive
551 Holo Sight
Elastic Sling
Shotgun Shell

G-34 9mm Pistol
Micro T1 Red Dot Sight
9mm Pistol Suppressor
Pistol Mags
CQC Pistol Holster

Multicam M-5 Assault Pack *Exclusive

AOR1 FAST Ballistic Helmet
NVG Shroud
NVG Mount
Remote Battery Pack

Si Factory Tactical Gloves
Zephyr TF Boots

Comtac 4 Headset with C4OPS PTT
PRC-152 Radio

Satellite Phone
Foretrex 401 GPS
M-67 Frag Grenade
MK13 Stun Grenade
V-lite Manta Strobe
V-lite Strobe
E-Lite Head Light
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Now that’s a better color for the Gen 4 G34 and suppressor.

This version is much more tempting than the other one I might get the NJPC and paint it black in order to replace the version made by Very Hot Toys that I currently have on one of my Devgru bashes. The G34 is a bit more appealing, but it might be harder to fit it into a shoulder holster and to store the suppressor.

Agreed, it looks pretty good (although I’m obsessed with Desert Tigers). My thoughts -

  • The tiger 'flage looks like one of those Thai patterns, can anyone confirm the exact type? I’ve never seen a pic of CIA or US forces using that, although it may work for NAVSOG in Marawi
  • Love that AK-74 (101? Idk). I think the pattern is pretty cool and the overall setup is good
  • Glock = nice
  • Shotgun = nice but the golden bolt limits its use a bit, IMO
  • JPC looks MUCH better than older ES variants. The colours look good, finally.
  • Pack looks cool
  • I think they adjusted the colour on the helmet’s chin strap, can anyone confirm? I’ve always hated ES’s helmets because of the ridiculous white strapping

Damn, like this version as well. Lots of nice pieces.

Looks good, though as a whole, I personally prefer ghd Desert Tiger version. I will certainly try to get the uniform, JPC and Glock plus the AK, which is really cool in the camo! Maybe I’ll just swap over that stuff on the other version. On the other hand, the two versions have too much in common for me to buy both.

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Definitely excited about the mc njpc, will definitely have to pick a few up, does anyone know if this an exclusive only figure?

The “S” versions of any of their figures are technically limited quantity rather than exclusive to one region. There are 300 being made for this particular one. Their recommended MSRP is the same as the regular version.

Ok thanks, I’m glad it’s not regional

how do they usually distribute the S versions? I don’t see this in my local supplier order page.

So far, I have managed to order 2 of the NJPCs from the DAM 78065 figure. I plan to get at least 4 out of a total six DEVGRU bashes that I plan to build NJPCs, with the tech specialist getting an s&s plate frame, and I don’t know what do do for the machine gunner yet (suggestions are welcome). I intended to get two of the multicam NJPCs from this raid figure and dye them to resemble multicam black, but the AOR1 DAM version that I managed to source from Adam C’s store (thank you btw!) came with a lot of pouches that were just too enticing to pass up. No matter though, I can just dye the PCs, pouches in solid black instead.

Alternatively, if E&S releases a multicam Crye SPC, I can give them to two of my CAG bashes, which would normally be equipped with JPC 2.0s like all of my CAG bashes. I could take the spare JPCs and install certain mag pouches so that they resemble NJPCs. This I think would be the most efficient option.

I wonder when this is going too finally release, it was announced around the same time as the other version

Cool camo, would do very well on a Filipino bash. Both of these figures are a real improvement over past CIA figures, I really like the trend. the one gripe I have is that the standard 5.45mm ak-74 rifle would be very hard to find ammo for in Afghanistan, and so this figure would be better off equipped with a modified AKM or AK-103.

Sorry I missed this earlier. They are available from ES on a first come first serve preorder basis for sellers. With the smaller quantities they are sometimes only available for a day or two for sellers to preorder. The best approach would be to contact your local seller as soon as you see an ES announcement or preview for a “S” figure rather than waiting for them to list it.

OK thanks Adam. I actually prefer the S version what with the shotgun and green tiger stripe camo. Guess it’s out of my budget limit now.

This is going to be a good one.

I may even need some spares from this.

After some consideration, I think I’ll try for the “S” version, as well, mainly because of the AK and shotgun. I have already procured the regular Desert Tiger uniform loose and will definitely change the uniforms because I do like the desert version much better. This one’s uni will probably go to some PMC type figure.

I have tried to dye the two of the NJPCs and their accessories from the DAM 78065 figure solid black earlier this month, but the results were middling at best. At the very least though, it serves as a proof of concept that dying multicam clothing in order to make multicam black is viable. Which is important since that is how I plan to color the accessories from the upcoming E&S 26040 figures, like the Gryphon jacket, the WT jacket, and the JPC 2.0s. If I can I’ll try to get two of the multicam NJPCs from this figure, and maybe a couple multicam plateframes from the mini times Six figures for my DEVGRU bashes. And if some Crye SPCs get released, I can give a couple 2.0s AVS pouches to make them resemble NJPCs then use those as well.

If you want them black i would try to use an airbrush and spray them Black. With the Airbrush you can control the color application and density of the color. Just as idea.

I don’t think using an airbrush would be too practical as I would need the fabric parts to still remain flexible. It could work for painting other things like weapons or attachments though. For fabric parts with plastic components like pouches or helmets, I could use acrylic paint mixed with a fabric medium and thinner.