Easy & Simple 26042R Army Special Forces Sniper

Parts List:

Real like Head Sculpt
ES-Buddy 2.0 Body

GB Printed Shirt *New
Tactical Baseball Cap in Multicam Tropic *New
G3 Crye Combat Shirt in Multicam Tropic *New
G3 Crye Combat Pants in Multicam Tropic *New

Inner Duty Belt
Padded Heavy Duty Cobra Belt LS *New

Deceptor Plate Carrier *New
SCAR-H 7.62 Chest Rig *New

SOF Medic Pouch *New
MBITR Radio Pouch
7.62 Hardshell Mag Pouch with Belt Adaptor
Medium Ammo Mag Pouch
Pistol Double Mag Carrier
Smoke Grenade Pouch

Overload Backpack *New

MK17 SCAR-H 7.62 Assault Rifle with Extended Rail System
5-20x50 PM II Ultra Short Rifle Scope
Rear Iron Sight
7.62 SOCOM Suppressor
LA5 Peq Indicator
M3 Weapon
Weapon Light Remote
Tactical Sling
CQD Sling Ring
20rd Mag

XM2010 .338 Sniper Rifle *New
5-20x50 PM II Ultra Short Rifle Scope
Tactical Bipods
LA5 Peq Indicator

G-17 9mm Pistol
CQC Holster
Pistol Mag

FAST Maritime Cut Helmet *New Color
L4G24 NVG Mount
Remote Battery Pack
NVG Lens Cover *New
Advanced Helmet Velcro Kit *New

Pilot SI Touch Gloves
Kailash GTX Boots

COMTAC1 Headset with Neck Band *New
Peltor PTT
PRC-152 Radio

Foretrex 401 GPS
V-Lite Manta Strobe
M-67 Frag Grenade
M-18 Smoke Grenade
Blast Gauge
SOF TAC Tourniquet



I personally think the head sculpt looks a little like John Krasinski from A Quiet Place.

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Looks kinda cool. James Badge Dale with a beard?!


personally, this figure is a must-have, this is the first figure I ever preordered on day one.

here we go… :sunglasses:


Yeah, E&S seem to hit my taste, again and again. Whenever I think that I can take it easy and save money, they come around with another cool figure. And Special Forces is a nice subject, after all the DEVGRU, the 3 new CAGs and their Rangers.

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Heeeey, this guy look interesting!

Yup! 13 Hours! Need that head, at least!

damn, are you sure it’s not John Krasinski, the ears match more. He has cauliflower ears.

wait, maybe I am wrong? Its hard to tell

Interesting Figure but i do not know if i like it. The Tropical multicam is a nice feature from E&S. A plate carrier in the same camo would be much better. The camo color looks a little bit strange. The headset looks cool too.
I have the tropical multicam Version from Flagset and their Uniform and equipment was very nice. I had prefer something like this:

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I agree about the camo, I will switch it to a Multicam uniform. Maybe with the one from the Special Mission Unit Tier-1 Operator Part XI Quick Response Force (Ver. B) 1/6 Scale Figure

I love the fact that we finally got a new baseball cap!

Also there are 7,62mm ammo pouches for MK17 magazines like the ones from the Mark Forrester Figure. Very nice too!

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26042R - is that “R” a hint that there’ll be a “special” version? Whatever that may be.
Might try to get the MC Tropical PC from Flagset, after all…

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There will be S as well.

Only thing for me is the scope and waiting for the S version to come with different gear.

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screw it, I’m getting both, I am in love with the look of this figure for some odd reason.

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I’m seeing several nice items; the camo uni, a baseball cap (yay!), the Mystery Ranch back pack, the ComTac solution with the stretchy band around the neck and the battle belt is really nice.

Question though; the thing on the SCAR-H’s butt stock; is that a add-on of some sorts?:thinking:
The butt stock looks kinda…beefy.
Not at all a dealbreaker. Just curious.

The XM2010 I don’t know a lot about but it looks cool.

Another Glock though. Man, I wish E&S could bring something new to the table with their side arms. A tricked out FN Five-Seven would be nice, just saying.

This is a must buy!

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I agree, all these Glocks are boring.

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That’s the spirit, brother!

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