Easy & Simple 26042S Army Special Forces Sniper Arid Version

Parts List:

Real like Head Sculpt
ES-Buddy 2.0 Body

GB Printed Shirt *New
Tactical Baseball Cap in Multicam Arid *New
G3 Crye Field Shirt in Multicam Arid *New
G3 Crye Field Pants in Multicam Arid *New
PCU L5 Jacket in Multicam *Exclusive Item

Inner Duty Belt
Padded Heavy Duty Cobra Belt LS *New

Deceptor Plate Carrier *New
SCAR-H 7.62 Chest Rig *New

SOF Medic Pouch *New
MBITR Radio Pouch
7.62 Hardshell Mag Pouch with Belt Adaptor
Medium Ammo Mag Pouch
Pistol Double Mag Carrier
Smoke Grenade Pouch

Overload Backpack *New

MK17 SCAR-H 7.62 Assault Rifle with Extended Rail System
5-20x50 PM II Ultra Short Rifle Scope
Rear Iron Sight
7.62 SOCOM Suppressor
LA5 Peq Indicator
M3 Weapon
Weapon Light Remote
Tactical Sling
CQD Sling Ring
20rd Mag

XM2010 .338 Sniper Rifle *New
5-20x50 PM II Ultra Short Rifle Scope
Tactical Bipods
LA5 Peq Indicator

G-17 9mm Pistol
CQC Holster
Pistol Mag

FAST Maritime Cut Helmet *New Color
L4G24 NVG Mount
Remote Battery Pack
NVG Lens Cover *New
Advanced Helmet Velcro Kit *New

Pilot SI Touch Gloves
Kailash GTX Boots

COMTAC1 Headset with Neck Band *New
Peltor PTT
PRC-152 Radio

Foretrex 401 GPS
V-Lite Manta Strobe
M-67 Frag Grenade
M-18 Smoke Grenade
Blast Gauge
SOF TAC Tourniquet


Wait…what? Another uniform plus a jacket…that’s it? Very, very disappointing!


Yeah kinda a letdown, I wish we would have at least gotten some different weapons. I am still gonna get both but, man they should have done MC black camo


In terms of kitbashing, this a good release, but in terms of a whole figure, this is a disappointment. :neutral_face: This seems to be an ongoing trend for some E&S releases. I wish they would have gone the extra mile for making some differences between this and the Arid Version.

All though I was hoping for MB camo this camo combo is kinda cool. How ever I’m a bunch of disappointed and this version will not be a buy for me. I’ll stick to the ”R”-version though.
And yeah; the gray ruck still feels outta place.

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Why? That’s DAM style. Through in a different part and let’s go special edition :laughing:


I’m liking this version more than the Tropic one.

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Me too PitViper. Not sure if I like it enough to buy it but it is better imo.

Like quite a few of you, I think this is kind of weak. Different uniform, extra jacket, that’s it… With 26031, the “R” and “S” versions were two totally different figures, with 26041, they supplied at least some different weapons, PC plus a different uniform. Now, the two are more or less identical. I personally prefer MC Tropical, so I’ll probably stick to the regular version and I will certainly not spend money for both. Price will probably be the same for both, at least, that was the case with past “limited” figures from E&S.

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Yea it’s a bit disappointing. The R figure was so cool I was pumped to see what S looked like. But bright side - R is still cool!

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…well, as said a “s” version with some minimum of changes…to lame.
but if i go for a buy…
i think i will take the “s” version because i liiike mc arid and crye field-bdu are always welcome!

I think they’ve gone with “same guy different deployment”. The repeated headsculpt and weapons sure make it appear that way. E&S did something similar with the SAS CRW figures.

The “S” versions are small production runs (only a couple of hundred units) than the regular figures, so any changes are more likely to be cosmetic changes like a different color or camo that reuses existing sewing patterns or tooling.

I like the mixed camo and the ability to set the figure up without knee pads this version offers. I bought both of the tigerstripe SAD figures but might just get this version of this one.

Not feeling this version.

If I get the other one, I’ll get the uniform bits from this one, the tan Glock, and the different colour plate carrier.

Would the XM2010 show any real external differences from the SMU PSD Chief figure in .300 Win Mag? Just the detail in the rounds in the magazines again? I do like this version in black. But that anodised version would look just as good on this figure as well.


Same with me, I prefer the regular version, but the color of this one’s PC is better, and the tan Glock is cool, so if I can get my hands on those pieces, I will switch them out. Are there any other viable alternatives for a slick PC in use with Special Forces?


Remington markings were added.

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Some close-ups of the weapons.

The XM2010 is nice. The accessories, not so much. Again, some nice moldings and printings on the parts. The S&B optic fits really nicely. As does the bipod on the rail piece. The little rail sections are really tight to press into the handguard, and it feels like you’re about to crush it just getting them in flat. and we have more rail bits than accessories to put on the rifle. But it’s a snipe rifle, so those really aren’t that big of a deal either.

Here’s where it goes off the rails… pun intended. The silencer is so loose it falls off. In the first pic you can see it just flopped over. The bolt is quite loose too. The silencer is pretty much unusable unless I can sleeve it to get it to fit.

The PVS-27 Scope is nice. But the groove for the rail section is so tight, I nearly broke the top rail right off the rifle. That’s going to have to be filed out to get it on the rifle at all. Bummer. That’s annoying.

Interesting feature. I thought the cartridge in the magazine looked quite shiny. A slight wedge and pop (it’s superglued in), and out comes a nice brass machined cartridge. I wasn’t expecting that. And it’s all three magazines. Too bad the mags aren’t full of them :wink: . Almost makes up for the parts that don’t fit.

Glock from the set. Very nice piece. Nice to see a nice desert dirt colour with anodized slide. It fits nice and snugly in the holster, unlike the URG-1 Glock and holster set up.


Can anyone share this XM2010 issue? Muzzle/barrel not inserted in the correct angle and the muzzle openings are not exactly sideways but more of a 135 and 45 degree angles respectively.

If everyone is experiencing this, makes no sense to get replacement.

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Yes, I have this issue on my XM2010. As you said, it seems the entire barrel has been rotated slightly off-center before being glued in place. The suppressor hides the misaligned muzzle brake somewhat.