Easy & Simple 26043A 31st MEU MRF VBSS

Parts List:

Real like Head Sculpt
ES-Buddy 2.0 Body

FR Printed Shirt *New
MARPAT Woodland FROG Combat Shirt *New
MARPAT Woodland FROG Combat Pants *New

Inner Duty Belt
Padded Heavy Duty War Belt

Custom Okinawa Plate Carrier *New
MBITR Radio Pouch *New
FSBE2 Dump Pouch
FSBE2 Medic Pouch
FSBE2 Pistol Mag Pouch
FSBE2 FlashBang Pouch

MARPAT Woodland YOTE Assault Pack *New

M4A1 Assault Rifle with Extended Rail System *New
EXPS3 Holographic Sight
G33 Magnifier
Tactical Weapon Mounted Light(WML) *New
Angled Fore Grip
PEQ-16 Indicator
5.56 Suppressor
Tactical Sling
CQD Sling Ring
30rd Mag

M-45 CQBP .45 Pistol
X300 Weapon Light
6004 Hiolster
Pistol Mag

Enhanced Combat Helmet *New Color
L4G24 NVG Mount
Remote Battery Pack
MK3 Gen1 Counterweight *New
MPLS Light

M-Pact 4.0 Gloves *New
R.A.T Boots *New

COMTAC3 Headset
Peltor PTT
PRC-148 Radio
Antenna Extension Cable

Foretrex 401 GPS
HellStar 640 Strobe
MK13 Flashbang
C.A.T Tourniquet
Metal Insignia *New
FSBE2 Speed Flashlight Holster
HABD with Pouch
Tactical Floatation System
Gascan Sunglass
Light Stick
Protective Mask



Love it! I guess the B version will be in desert MARPAT.


Not too bad and everyone missed out on the M45 pistol can get it now!


Great Figure and new parts! Also the boots are not plastic this time. They looks really good. Next step in evolution from E&S?

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Probably you are right, just remembered the Germans that specifically use G36K or C to have a more compact barrel on a ship.

Note that the M4 in the first pic they released is different: no silencer, different optic, different grip, and the code on the image is 26034, the new images of the Marine are 26034A, so I think we can expect another Marine very very soon (probably with that desert camo (marpat?) in the second image)

Great figure, altogether! The fabric boots are a step in the right direction, as well.
It’s not SOF, so it’s not my primary interest, but if my budget allows, I might get it, or the Desert Marpat version. And maybe skip the SFG sniper, instead…

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Great looking figure. Love the M45, definitely count me in on this one.


I should also say that this reminds me a lot of the old Toy Soldier Jeff Gregorec figure, which is one of my all time fav’s by that company.


not really my theme…but an overall well done fig. and def. a buying-option!
and as markus wrote…“b” must be in desert marpat;-)

Finally, an EXPS3 that I might have the chance to get a few of loose instead of having to buy whole rifle sets which come with those. And if I choose to get three sights plus a few new magnifiers, that means that all of the optics for the guns on my figures will be from E&S, assuming I can also get a couple of their black elcans. The new TNVC mohawk counterweight is also nice, especially if I choose to replace the battery packs of all my GPNVG-18s with those from PVS-31s. I’d probably have to disconnect the battery cables from the former eventually in order to fit them through the retention loops on whichever helmet covers I seek to use. Maybe on my CAG ones. Are they even known to use Mohawks like that?

Odd that they didn’t include a body and head with all the other stuff the figure comes with.

Okay, thanks for the clarification. Anyway, it’s a cool figure, and it keeps getting cooler the longer I look at it, so I guess I gotta buy it. :laughing:

Just saw the “Dent” name tab - nice touch! :+1:

Very nice, hopefully, those boots don’t jump the price too much. I’d like to see E&S do a newer MARSOC release.
Posing by E&S looks a lot more natural than they usually are I hope they are going to be using the double jointed arm body from the last CAG figure they made.
EDIT Didn’t mean to set as reply my bad.

Plate Carrier Cobra Type 1

Is this an airsoft brand?

Seems like Marines stationed in Okinawa have had a few custom items done by them. Related.


Thank you for the informations, Adam!

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I’m a bit of a ho when it comes to USMC specops figures, likely will get one of these (whimsies of suppliers notwithstanding).
Concerning the duality (multiplicity?) of dealing with celebrity headsculpts, I like the actor Aaron Eckhart. He has a sort of everyman mug, too. Of late, his likeness seems to be gaining on various other oft-repeated releases.
Still, heads are swapable, and the helmet/mask covers it, too.
Seems like a lot to like here.

I thought he was supposed to be John Cena (du-du-du-duuu). Guess my joke was for nothing.

Yeah, good to see the M45A1 return. I passed on it last time and they got snapped up quickly. Won’t make that mistake again.

I think the went with Eckert because he played a Marine in battlefield los angeles