Easy & Simple 26043SD Marine Expeditionary Unit MRF MFF Insertion

Parts List:

Real like Head Sculpt
ES-Buddy 2.0 Body

FR Printed Shirt *New
MARPAT Desert G3 Combat Shirt *New
MARPAT Desert G3 Combat Pants *New

Cobra Rigger’s Belt

FSBE2 RRV Chest Rig *New
FSBE2 MBITR Radio Pouch *New
TACO 7.62 Pouch
FSBE2 Pistol Mag Pouch

M110K 7.62mm Marksman Rifle with PRS Stock *New
1-8x24 PM II Rifle Scope
URX Handgrip
Tactical Bipods
Tactical Fore Grip
PEQ-16 Indicator
CQD 7.62mm Suppressor
Tactical Sling
CQD Sling Ring
20rd Mag

M-45 CQBP .45 Pistol
X300 Weapon Light
6004 Hiolster
Pistol Mag

FAST Jump Helmet *New Color
L4G24 NVG Mount
Remote Battery Pack
Go Pro with Helmet Mount

M-Pact 4.0 Gloves *New
R.A.T Boots *New

COMTAC3 Headset
Peltor PTT
PRC-148 Radio
Antenna Extension Cable

Foretrex 401 GPS
HellStar 640 Strobe
C.A.T Tourniquet
Metal Insignia New
FSBE2 Speed Flashlight Holster
Light Stick
Exoshield Goggle
Tactical Mobile Phone with Juggernaut Case

MultiMission Parachute System
Parachutist Drop Bag
O2 Mask and Bottle
HALO Altimeter