Easy & Simple 26044B The Evacuation Team


Wait…what is this? :worried: Tiger Stripe chest rig, “custom” plate carrier…is that supposed to be a modern low profile cag? :confused:


The rifle seems to be a KAC SR-15 upper fitted to the generic AR-15 lower with bowed trigger guard that E&S has used with various other releases like the LVOA and 06016 rifle sets.

I think it is trying to evoke the KAC SR-16 CQB, but that would require E&S to tool up a new lower as that rifle has ambidextrous controls like the bolt release.

…well, this version is more my style…a lot of parts i want to have.
especially tiger rig is welcomed…but the stripes for me are a littlebit to whiteish!
so far, nice concept!


On the one hand, the Tiger pattern, chest rig and OTBs lead me to believe this is supposed to be NSWDG. But the plate carrier says CAG, as I think that’s one they trialled. I’m just confused, it doesn’t look like anything real to me.


…and not just the pc says cag…helmet w/gpnvg and glock, too…
but i was thinking the same: a hybrid of dg/cag.
so, if we say “a” is sas/sbs and “b” is cag…i think “c” must be nsw/nswdg;-)


I don’t think they are shooting for real, honestly. This looks more like one of their PMC releases.

In some of the Syria recce pics that came out a few years ago, one of the guys there was rocking some tiger stripe gear, so I’d assume this is a nod to that.

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Still getting this because the weapons and parts are going to be ridiculous on the 2nd hand market. Not a fan personally of the tiger stripe… if ES was to do tiger stripe id want them to do this SF one


And so far, no pic of the new boddy. I’m starting to think they’re copying Soldier Story body.

Some really good new parts like Glock holster, boots and the weapons are great too. The base cap is a nice addition. I really do not understand the adding of tiger stripe material for this Figure.
It was great with Damtoys NSWDG and Syrien PMC Figure but do not fit for this. It is screaming shoot me. Otherwise the civilian clothes are nice.
Parts buy for most people i think.


Second that, @Col.Braddock - nice weapons, great pistol holster, cool civilian clothes, but the Tiger Stripe just looks off, here.
As has been pointed out, it will probably be cheaper to buy the boxed set and do away with parts you don’t like than trying to get the guns and holster loose at a predictably ridiculous price.
So,I guess I’ll go for it and hope for an even more appealing “C” version of an up to date DEVGRU operator!
EDIT: Keep looking at this one and begin to like it more and more, except for the Tiger Stripe kit, which I will just dump or stick on some crazy PMC.
By the way, I thought chest rigs were going out of style with the Tier One guys, anyway?! Maybe just stick some MC pouches on the PC and be done with it…


What plate carrier is that?

The patch set from this was taken from what the CAG guys were wearing during that Maternity attack as well… but I know Devgru was mixed in there

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Agree with above comments, great figure for parts. Thermal grenades mmmhh. Must admit 1st impressions thought figure was a PMC - if not under title of evacuation team would not have said CAG or any Gov SF.

Very interested in getting hands on this new body, cross fingers all recent negative feedback has been taken onboard.

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Took another look at the rifle and accessories and they really look great! So does the Glock.
Is that Eric Bana?! If so, it’s cool. Might come in handy for a “Lone Survivor” bash - if someone will make some 1/6 Birkenstocks, that is… :wink:

This release is more of a speculative one, based on this photo. Speculation was the two on the right were CAG and the rifle the SR16 CQB. There is some debate as to whether they are Navy and those are a Noveske variant. Secret Service also uses the SR16, although the issued ones seem to be black. Augee Kim of TNVC has been building a SR15 with a CAG-like layout, fueling more speculation.

For me it´s just the Head, rifle, maybe pants and coat, but that’s it. And only because I want to set up Lt. Cdr. Kristensen, since I already have all the stuff I need for him… everything else is an easy pass for me.

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Interesting. Not what I was thinking it would be, but very usable. I’ll probably still have to pick one up.

The Tiger Stripe bits are distracting. Like an afterthought. I would have been satisfied with all black stuff in place of it. And I am a Tiger Stripe junkie. Just seems out of place here. And that nice light tan ball cap. I wonder if there is a next version, we’ll see more of a tan/desert oriented figure, and then we can mix and match to get the colours more uniform on the outfits. Wouldn’t be the first time that has happened, just to sell more figures and parts. And that chest rig looks really bulky to me.

Loving the Jurassic Park t-shirt. Going to need a loose one of those. Is that green jacket the same as the black/dark grey one from the SAD Covert ops dude from a couple figures back?

Getting a slight Eric Bana vibe from the head. But just enough to not look like him too. Decent looking head.

Interesting holster/holder dealy. I wish the Glock was a darker FDE colour, but I like the tan and red dot combo. Laser/light is nifty too.

That Tiger Stripe is a very bold pattern. Just like the SAD version. It’s very bright. Needs some weathering and wear to tone it down.


Yeah well I into it , so far I like both the new figures and I will probably like the next one to .So iam all in . Rock on! I :heavy_check_mark::+1::metal:

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