Easy & Simple 26044B Tier 1 Operator Part XII The Evacutation Team Review; The CAG?

So here we go, another one hot off the presses. The Easy & Simple 26044B Tier 1 Operator The Evacuation Team. This was sourced from our host and quartermaster AdamC, as was the A version, and most likely the C version as well.

There was some chat about whether or not the B version is supposed to be representative of a current low profile Combat Application Group (CAG) operator, but nothing has really surfaced to confirm that’s what E&S was aiming for with this release. It seems to be that’s what E&S was aiming for. I think it was a chance to jump onto a subject of the evacuation of Afghanistan, back in August/September 2021, and put a bunch of neat new gear onto a figure that kind of looks up to date with what could be an actual operator. Like the 26044A figure it appears to be a fictional thing, but at least looks the part.

I’ve broken this review up a bit differently than other ones. I’ll be doing the body review a bit differently at the end, and comparing it to the E&S Mk2 bodies. I’ll add that as a second post, and ad-on to the figure review.

The original promo pics can be seen here.

So lets do this.

Same type and colour packaging as the 26044A version. Similar t the old style, with a slightly new look, blah, blah, moving on.

Moving on to the outfit. The new Crye Precision G4 Hot Weather Field Pants, and printed T-shirt with a neat Jurassic Park logo. As usual, they are well sewn and look great. All the pockets on the pants work and could be stuffed with accessories if you want to do that.

I noticed just like the Fjallraven pants, these are a bit big in the waist. At first I thought it was a difference between the Mk2 body and the Mk3 body. But they’re just cut a bit big in the waist, and have longer legs as well. I’ll cover some of the fit details with the body comparison later on.

Black Riggers belt. I tried the holster on at this time as well. If you want to fit it to this belt you can, but the holster sits a bit higher on this belt, and would be covered by the jacket, or push the hem of the jacket higher up.

Triple Aught Design Rogue RS Jacket. Nice new jacket. Lightweight windbreaker style jacket. Zipper works, but no working pockets. Nice cut and sewing, and looks really good.

Bottom of the jacket, and Paraclete Special Operations Hard Plate Carrier (SOHPC). I didn’t get any really detailed pictures of the plate carrier. Not a lot of fancy features to it, and it looks like the promo pictures.

Buckle details of the Cobra Riggers Belt.

Yates Personal Retention Lanyard details.

Eagle Industries Multi Purpose Chest Rig. One of those catch all chest rigs that everything gets stuffed into. It’s using the Tiger Stripe pattern that has been seen on the S.A.D. Field Raid figure. The pattern is odd as the tan colour should probably be a bit darker. Other than that, it’s a nice piece, and you can stuff almost all of the accessories into the pouches of the rig.

London Bridge Trading 8005A Assault Backpack. Same as the A release, except this time it’s black with an odd Tiger Stripe pattern panel on the back, instead of Multicam Black colour. Not sure why E&S chose to go with that camo panel on the back, when an all black backpack would have been more preferred, and wouldn’t looks so odd. That’s a strange design choice. All the zips, straps and buckles work as they should.

Paraclete GRG Admin Pouch. This is a new part, and the only piece that attaches to the plate carrier.

Altama Urban Assault Boot in Multicam. Same as before with the 26044A, but in Multicam. Boot foot style connector, but with a nicely sewn and detailed lace up top. An odd thing about them, they give a lot of extra laces. Like about 6 scale feet of extra laces on each shoe. I stuffed them up the pant legs for the photos. I will eventually re-lace the shoes and cut off the extra laces. Which should give some extra lace/cord material for future uses, while cleaning up the look of all the excess laces.

These are the shoes that AdamC discovered the heat dissolving ink on. The tracing lines for the sewing patterns on the fabric parts are done with that ink. When heat is applied to the ink, it disappears, and no trace is left behind. The boots you see here are actually the same ones that AdamC checked out, and tried the process out on before sending the figure to me. No pink or blue lines to be seen now.

Tan ball cap. It’s made well enough, but it fits over the figure’s hairdo oddly.

FAST Ballistic High Cut Helmet, with Multicam cover, and Dual Power Aviation NVG Mount. It’s not labelled as a new mount, but I haven’t seen this style NVG mount before. The NVG mount slips onto the helmet mount similar to the accessories on the rifles, with the dovetailed type grooves. Works really well.

Battery pack and aviation mount.

So, to put this NVG mount onto the helmet as shown in the promo pics, routing through the fabric loops on the cover, you need to disconnect the power cable from the battery. I don’t know if mine was glues in, or possibly fowled with paint and stuck in place, but when I tried to pull the connector apart, it broke off the stud in the battery. I’ll need to make up a new connector end for the cord. Careful with this part.

GPNVG-18. Looks good. Nice details and printing.

V-Lite Manta Strobe. This has a stick tape/adhesive back on it which can be an issue as the tape gets old over time, and will fall off the fabric of the helmet cover easier.

I didn’t take any close up pics of the V-Lites. They are sticky backed as well, but I chose to stuff them through the loops on the helmet cover instead of using the sticky tape backing.

Tac Charge Pro Helmet Light.

Blast Guage. Again, a sticky back and will have the same issues as the Manta strobe.

MOHOC Elite Ops Tactical Helmet Camera System. Nice molded details. This part has a velcro back on it to stick to the patch on the helmet cover.

Knight Armament Company (KAC) SR-16E3 with MLOC handguard in a nice coyote brown colour. And with that we get a pair of PMAGs with a new Taran Tactical baseplate on them. EOTech XPS3 Holographic sight, EOTech G33 x3 Magnifier, NGAL, MAGPUL RISR for the stock, MLOC rail inserts, offset back-up sights, XTM Foregrip, offset mounted M600 Tactical Light, Surefire 556 RC2 Supressor, QR code stickers and Wilcox rail riser for the optics.

No sling is included in the set.

This is the first time I have had an E&S rifle come out of the box and all the accessories are nice and snug on the rails. All of them. Well done E&S. Now keep up that good work. Everything has nicely molded details, and small printing details.

With all the goodies fitting just right, and like the set up on the promo pics, you don’t even need to use the 4 small rail sections included. Into the backpack or spares box they go for future use. Or save them if you prefer to use different accessories not from this set.

Magpul RISR cheek riser on the CTR stock.

Moving selector switch.

Sling QR detail on the front handguard. It won’t really be usable, but nice detail.

EOTech XPS3 Holographic Sight. You can see the little ring on the optic glass. Nice.

EOTech G33 3x Magnifier, with flip mount.

Wilcox optic riser.

Magpul XTM MLOK Foregrip.

MLOK rail inserts.

NGAL in a nice FDE colour.

Offset flip up back up sights.

Surefire 556 RC2 Suppressor details.

Surefire M600 tactical Light with offset mount, and remote switch. This is a new mold of a previously made part.

Steel 30 round magazines.

Magpul PMAGs with Taran Tactical base plates. New plate feature on the PMAGs. If you look at these too hard the plates fall off. Minor design/manufacturing flaw, but easily fixed. I’ll need to glue both of them back on again. Probably a good idea to clean off the paint from the mating surfaces first then glue them back on.

QR Codes.

Glock 19 pistol with RMR red dot sight, Surefire XC1 weapon light, spare magazine, and Crye Precision Gunclip holster.

Almost all of this pistol set is new. While the pistol itself and the magazine are old molds, the RMR, XC1, and Gunclip are new molded parts.

The Glock is fully painted from a black version. This has caused some paint fouling and a lot of friction, so when the slide is cycled back, it causes a gap in the frame and slide. The paint fouling also makes the magazine hard to remove.

Surefire XC1 Tac Light. This is a new molded part. It will be quite popular loose. I expect it will be sold out quickly until it can be released with more figures and rifle accessory sets.

Crye Precision Gunclip. Another new part. It fits well on the Cobra Riggers Belt. The painted surface of the Glock keeps the pistol nice and snugly in the holster.

One thing to be careful with on the Gunclip holster. In this picture you can see the hinge pin on the holster sticking out of the bottom. It’s actually quite loose, and can fall out. I found it sitting on my desk top and it took me a minuter to realize it was the hinge pin. I will probably glue the lower part of the hinge in place, or carefully crimp the bottom of the hinge plastic so the pin can’t fall out. Another minor manufacturing detail, but easy to fix.

Cobra Riggers belt without gear.

Gear bits. GPS, watch, compass, knife and sheath, sunglasses, pens, tape, ball cap, retention lanyard, admin panel, chem lights, and weapon catch (I think that’s what it is. EDIT; not a weapon catch, this is in fact a tourniquet. See the update in the comments below. Thanks SUN_GZU).

Flashbangs x2, fragmentation grenade, and M14 Thermite grenade (new part).

PRC-148 Radio and gear. Included is the radio, folding antenna, PTT box with ear pieces.

WK Custom Unit Spec Combat Knife and sheath (new parts).

Casio G-Shock watch.


Garmin Fortex 601 GPS.

I believe this is a weapon catch. It is shown in the promo pics, but no description, placement or how it’s used. If anyone can show how this piece is used, please add it to the review in the comments. I would assume it’s to hold the rifle if you want to show the figure with the pistol, or hands free.

EDIT; This piece is not a weapon catch, it is a TX Series Tourniquet, as mentioned by SUN_GZU below. Thank you sir for the updated information.

Yates 65Frog SF Personal Retention Lanyard.

Oakley Juliet sunglasses. Molded in a reddish tinted opaque plastic, with a silver painted frame.

These are interesting for a few reasons. E&S has released them on a few figures, so it’s not a new design. What is interesting is that they are the same glasses that you see Eric Bana wear in the movie Blackhawk Down, and also the same set up seen on the Playhouse Toys D-Boy figure release almost 10 years ago (Bana’s Hoot character in BHD). Nice nod to the movie, and indirectly an older set.

One thing I am cautious about is leaving those glasses on a head for an extended period of time. You could possibly get a silver paint transfer onto the head if left on too long, especially with any kind of pressure added from something like the helmet straps, and maybe with temperature or humidity climate issues. This happened to an older Dragon figure of mine years ago, and now I watch for it. Like leaving balaclavas on too long then having the head stained from the dyes.

Sharpie Marker.

Badge set. Crusader type badge, some kind of death spade, and two triple triangle symbols. I have seen this symbol somewhere before, but I can’t recall what it represents. Can anyone enlighten us on that symbol?

EDIT; See below for more details. The Norse symbol, the vaulknut. Thanks Woody and Jostovar_01.

Ball cap. Nicely sewn, and adjustable. It fits kind of oddly on the head due to the hairdo on the head. Otherwise, it’s a nice piece.

Eric and his shades.

Comms gear details. Side of the radio, and the Press-To-Talk (PTT) box. The box fits onto the clip with the stud seen on the chest rig strap, and is nice and snug, and can be rotated to your preferred position.

The only real glaring flaw in this set are the ear pieces for the comm. The little studs on the ear pieces are smaller than ear holes on the head sculpt, so they just fall out. That makes them pretty much unusable. The one thing that kind of helps is if you use the helmet. Then the straps aid in holding the ear pieces in. Otherwise those ear pieces are pretty much useless unless you glue them in, or use an alternative method like some blutac. Maybe some ear wax… eewwww.

Time for some posing and gear locating. The promo pics show a bunch of gear in the set. And for those folks that love to build just like the promo pics (I usually do this on the initial build, then refit/reposition as I see fit) it will be a bit more difficult on this one because we get a bunch of stuff that is shown in the complete figure breakdown pic, but not all pieces are shown on the figure. So basically you have to get a bit creative with this one and use some logic to put them where they make sense. If you don’t want to do that, there is always the spares box, or stuff it all into the backpack and use them as filler bits.

I’ll get into this a bit more in the next post. The body part details. The gloves, just like the A version are really stiff, and that makes them a bit of a hassle to pose, and get weapons into and out of. When trying to pose the rifle, the arm joints and the stiff gloves offer enough resistance that it actually caused the grip of the rifle to come off. That part was very tightly glued on, and not meant to come off. Definitely a case of too much of a good thing is not always good when dealing with nice stiff joints.

Final impressions.

Of the 4 versions of the 26044 figures being released this one was initially less interesting to me because of the choices/combination of the gear. In hand, I enjoyed the figure a lot more than I thought I would, and that’s because of the quality of the parts, and the amount of new, and newly remolded parts in the set. Individually, it’s a lot of really cool bits, and everything is really well made. But there doesn’t really seem to be any real specific reference to any type of soldier using this type of gear all at the same time. It’s very typical of E&S’s choices, like their PMC figures, to add a bunch of cool bits on a figure, but not really make an accurate or specific soldier.

There was chat on the promo page about this figure possibly being a CAG type of figure. Since some of the style of gear, and the choice of head sculpt is definitely a nod to the BHD Hoot figure, a Delta soldier, which is also known as CAG, it’s not a very far stretch to see that’s what they were going for on this figure. Is it accurate? Not really, to any current pointed out photo ref. Is it close and possible? Sure, why not.

The figure looks great all built up. Enough so that most of the parts look the part, and for the most part work together. The biggest down sides to the figure are the ear pieces on the comms, the choice of the addition of Tiger Stripe pattern to the gear, which looks more of a stylistic choice by E&S than a choice to make it look more cohesive, and oddly the joints/glove being so tight. Other than that, it’s a great buy. Lots of awesome parts, and generally looks really good.

Feel free to add any questions, or your own thoughts below. Maybe someone else has noticed something I haven’t. And see the next post for the review/evaluation of the Mk3 body, and comparison of the new Mk3 body compared to the Mk2 Body.


For the second part of the review, we’re looking more closely at the Mk3 Body, and how bits fit.

26044B Gets a new head, with a decent resemblance to Eric Bana in the head sculpt. It’s not a perfect likeness, but close enough. Maybe more like Bana’s brother (does he have one?) than Bana himself. Still a very good head, and if you aren’t too fussed about the likeness, it works well with the whole theme of the figure. Nice to see a clean-ish shaven head as well from E&S for a change as well. Okay 5 o’clock shadow-ish.

Once again, we get a pair of relaxed hands in the set, and once again the colour match is not even kind of close the the head sculpt. And as I mentioned above, the head is just a bit off from the neck/body as well, but at least it’s closer in the skin tones in the painting. With the shirt and jacket on that difference is less noticeable.

An earlier question with regards to the pants from the A version and a Mk2 body prompted me to do some 1:6 scale anatomy inspection.

Both the Fjallraven pants, and the Crye Precision G4 Hot Weather pants have a slightly bigger waist on the new Mk3 body. This is so you can at least stuff a shirt inside the wait band of the pants, but there is still a bit too much material there. That slack can be taken up by the belt, but it’s something that could use some refining. The only reason I can think that E&S is leaving some slack in the waist is to aid in posing. Otherwise, it might be a good option to tighten up the waistband of the pants a bit more to fit the bodies better.

The new mold of the Mechanix gloves. Great new mold and colours. After that, these gloves are very stiff to work with. It’s hard to get the weapons into and out of them. A bit of heat will help soften them for fitting weapons, but as they cool, they will stiffen up. With that stiffness, it actually hinders posing the figure a bit, and can actually cause breakage of accessories, or cause them to fall off if you’re not paying attention to the gloves and joints of the arms/wrists.

Here we have a comparison of the Mk3 body, Mk2 body from the 26022R (SAS CRW figure), and 26041 (S.A.D. Field Raid figure).

The neck joints and torsos will probably also get modified as we move ahead to accommodate different types of heads and necks, and even the slimmer bodies we have seen on a few figures with the Mk2.

The differences are subtle, but there are some. The hip joint on the Mk3 body has gone back to the weird up/down ball joint hip of the Mk1 body, and the Mk2 has rigid ball joint hips. It does give the body a bit more range of motion in the legs. And with the joints being more snug than both Mk1 and Mk2 bodies, it’s a nice upgrade.

What is also different is the pelvic piece. The Mk3 body is just slightly taller and wider than the Mk2. Just about 5mm, or a bit bigger than 1/4".

Front to back there is not as much change. Mk2 body has a bit more booty. 1mm worth or about .040".

Chest and torso measurements are almost the same.

The ankle pegs/joints in the Mk2 are a double ball/barbell type joint, but on the Mk3, they are a rigid ankle joint with a lower ball end. Not sure why they went back to a rigid ankle joint on the Mk3.

Elbow joints. The Mk3 elbow joint. It does look a bit odd. Not a very refined or smooth joint, but it does work well on the Mk3 body. if the figure has long sleeves or a jacket on, like most 1:6 figures, the appearance of the joint isn’t a big deal as it’s covered up.

The 26022 CRW figure muscle arm joint. Better looking joint, but can only be bend to 90 degrees. At least the tattoos look good.

The 26041 body also uses the muscular type arm and again, only 90 degrees of movement.

With the newer Mk3 body we get a much improved body with nice stiff joints. You can handle it quite a bit without worry that joints will get all loose and saggy. That’s always a bonus. But… when the joints are almost too stiff it can actually hinder the posing of the figure, and may cause issues with using certain accessories. I will always prefer a body with slightly stiffer joints as opposed to one that can’t hold a pose at all.

So, this Mk3 body will definitely be appreciated buy figure buyers who often spent time and more money on replacing earlier E&S bodies with bodies made by other brands. It’s a solid effort, and one that will pay off for E&S.

With the different sizes of the bodies, we might see some issues with being able to use body parts, and some clothing between newer and older versions of the bodies. As an example, using the 26044A Fjallraven pants on the 26022 SAS CRW Mk2 body, to get a more accurate example of the photo refs of that SAS soldier, the pants will be a lot more baggy at the waist, and it can’t be hidden easily as the figure has a t-shirt for the torso and to expose the tattoos. That means to use those pants on that body, the waist will have to be padded to take up the slack in the waist.

We modellers are a crafty bunch, but there are going to be a few trial and error situations when mixing and matching body parts,and accessories from older and newer figures.

Bonus material.

So, as an add-on to the review, I figured I would mess with the G17 from the 26044A figure, and the Gunclip holster and XC1 light. The light fits beautifully, and looks decent on the black frame of the pistol.

Because the pistol is molded in black, and not painted at all, it’s a loose fit in the holster and moves about easily. If the light is on the pistol it won’t fall out. If the light is off the pistol, it will fall out easily.

I also tried the G34 from the Doom’s Day 06031F set just for fun. And it is also a bit loose. I quite like this holster for its look and ease of use if you were to leave a silencer on the pistol. A quick click and it opens up, instead of having to drag that full length with silencer added through the holder. Cool stuff.


@cdn_rhino you were absolutely right about the Taran Tactical base plates. They must not use the best glue because they came right off while gently holding the mag. Good thing I have plenty of Loctite.

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I noticed there is a bit of paint at the base of the magazine. CA type glues don’t usually stick to paint very well. I think if you remove the paint first before gluing again, the new plates should stick on better.


This is actually a tourniquet.


Thanks SUN_GZU. I didn’t know that. I’ll update the review with that info.


“Maybe some ear wax… eewwww.”

Ha! Tho actually, there’re some paper tubes of a parrafin-type wax, sold by hardware and tool supplies, to use on drill bits. They are pretty easy to work with, and can hold stuff like those ear buds, or magazines in place.

Another alternative might be a dab of that food grade sticky that holds cards on mailer papers.

Good review, details, warts and all.
Everyone has something that rubs them wrong. For me, it’s the tiger stripes.

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Great and very detailed review! Your comparison of the bodies is very interesting. Thank you for that! :+1:


The patch you were confused about with the triangles is a norse symbol, it’s called the vaulknut and there’s different theories on what it represents from being the heart of a giant and it’s also associated with Odin



I think it’s because the mag is designed for PMAG base plates and E&S want to save cost by just using glue to affix the Taran base plate. The peeled brown paint shows how the plate is hanging on thin ice.

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Indeed it’s associated with Odin.

I don’t exactly recall what it means but you can see on this patch that it´s shown at the bottom part of it, along with Huginn and Muninn (Odin’s crows).

EDIT. I’ve done some research, and this is what I found about the Valknut (three interlocked triangles).

“This is thought to symbolize the power of the god to bind and unbind, mentioned in the poems and elsewhere. Odin had the power to lay bonds upon the mind, so that men became helpless in battle, and he could also loosen the tensions of fear and strain by his gifts of battle-madness, intoxication, and inspiration.”


Normaly the Taran base plate is pushed up these little deepening on the PMAG and is secured with a pin or better snaps into place. You can see the pin at the photo. This original detachment was not take over from E&S an so the glue holds only at the edges of the plate.


I was thinking the soft wax that works on braces and dental work might be a good idea, and it is an opaque white colour, so may not be noticeable in the earpiece.

I do like tiger stripes. Big fan… But not how it’s used on this figure. Right from the promo pics, it looks out of place.

Glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks guys. Edited above to include your additions to the post.

Super glue never sticks to paint very well. It’s not surprising that they fell off.

That pin work probably have helped to hold it on if it was copied in scale.

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