Easy & Simple 26044C The Evacuation Team

Parts List:

Real like Head Sculpt
ES-Body MK3Mod1

Primer Henley Shirt
Revolvr Pants

Cobra Rigger’s Belt
Rigger’s Belt

LV119 Plate Carrier
Triple LS Mag Pouch
The TUBES Molle Cummerbund
0922R Blowout Kit
Softshell Pistol Mag Pouch
Softshell Rifle Mag Pouch
ASC Grenade Trigger Pouch-MK13

DEVGRU N4 .300 Assault Rifle
T2 Micro Red Dot Sight
XPS3 Halo Sight
G33 Magnifier
Flip Mounts and Riser System
Sandman 7.62 Suppressor
Offset Mounted M600 Tactical Light with Remote
Iron Sight
Mlok Angled Fore Grip(AFG)
NGAL PEQ Indicator
30RD .300 Pmag

P320 XS 9mm Pistol
RMR Mini Red Dot Sight
XC2 Weapon Light
7377 als Holster with Cover
Pistol Mag with Mag Cap

8005A Assault Backpack

EXFIL Ballistic High Cut Helmet
L4G24 NVG Mount
Tac Charge Pro Helmet Light
Matbock Tarsier Eclipse
Elite Ops Tactical Helmet Camera System

EXFIL Peltor Adapter Kit
Comtac 3 Headset
PRC-152 Radio
PRC Folding Antenna
Antenna Extension Cable PRC 152

Urban Assault Boot
M-Pact 3.0 Gloves

Fortex 601 GPS
V-lite Manta Strobe

WK Custom Combat Axe “The Tribe”
TQS M.E Tourniquet
M14 Thermite Grenade
M67 Frag Grenade
MK13 Flashbang

G Watch
Blast Gauge
S7 Tactical Terminal with Protective Case
Ball Pen
Sharpie Marker
Tactical Compass
SI Shocktube Sunglasses
IR Chem Light
65FROG SF Personal Retention Lanyard


The Noveske’s coming, lads. 26044C just got announced.

We are also getting a newly-tooled Sig P320 X5. Weird plate between the red dot and the slide - I think the red dot can mount directly to the slide on the 1:1? Will have to see if I can remove the plate from the equation.

As Adam has pointed out, the Noveske’s lower is missing the “spike” on the lower right side of the mag release fencing - nearly all AR-15-pattern rifles have this spike. A weird detail for E&S to omit.

Edit, some generations of the N4 do not have a spike. Not sure if this E&S rifle matches what SF units are trialing, but it’s close enough for me. This might be kind of a frankengun as the spike-less 1:1 Noveske lowers (gen 3?) do not have the same angular trigger guard.


Great news, but unfortunately, they didn’t retool the stupid inaccessible pin in this stock.

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In 1:1 the rds does mount on a weird plate like this it seams, sigs solution for a rds doesn’t seem as sleek as glocks mos slides although I’m sure if someone really wanted a direct mount they could have a gunsmith do the cut, heres a pic of the mount in 1:1 it could also be a length thing, the glock has more room between the ejection port and rear of the slide where the sig doesn’t appear to have enough room for a rds cut

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I did see that, but I saw even more evidence of red dots mounting directly to the Sig’s slide. So even if this adapter plate exists in 1:1, I’m still going to try and ditch it.

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I agreed, the adapter plates are ugly, they are on the glocks too, I like the lower profile slide cuts a lot more, I was just looking at noveske s and both their gen 3 and gen 4 lowers do not appear to have the spike below the gate, I’m actually pretty shocked that e&s were pretty accurate with the upper and lower for this rifle, noveskes are unique receivers, I’m supprised they didn’t just resuse an existing generic mold


What should I do, buy a couple of these and repaint them black, wait for black versions to come out, or get more black HK416s with SMR rails?

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I could bet they will come in black too. Otherwise you can easily paint them. No markings on the receivers or handguard from what i can see. Just on the dust cover but this already black :grin:.

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Guess I’ll wait until then. I’d do the same for the pistols but I already have some kitted DAM G17s for my DEVGRU figures to use. I might at least get the holsters, assuming that they can fit G34s or 19s at least. I also like the helmet and radio setup. Is there a way that I could safely remove the rails and mount so that I can repaint the helmet white?

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Lowers are Gen 1 on the contract guns, upper is Gen 3. They likely used this one as the one they (ES) have with the correct profile has a KAC style trigger guard whereas this one resembles the MOE trigger guard on the contract guns.

Other details that can be changed without retooling.

Correct barrel color

Correct end cap color for the Dead Air (Tan end caps for contract guns are their training ones):

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My CAG sniper already has a tomahawk like this from the 26040 figure, but since they (at least in my head) are half Native American, would it make more sense to switch it for the tribal one from this figure?


P320 X5 has an optic cut for their Romeo 1 or the Delta Point Pro, others would use an adapter plate. From the profile of the slide it looks like ES has replicated the cut. Docter sight and the strange adapter plate are an odd choice here.

MOE SL stock is also an odd choice as the SL-K are the correct stocks for the contract guns.



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What are your guys thoughts on this figure?

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OH COME ON!!! 3 in a row.

Sign me up for this one too.

Actually I like this better than the B version.

Can somebody explain the googly eyes on the NOD for me? That just doesn’t look right. Some kind of filter I imagine.


See here


Who’s likeness on this headsculpt? Krasinsky?

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I think it’s supposed to be Chris Costa

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Pretty sure this is what this figure is loosely based off

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Looks to be a slimmer Chris Evans.

Ah, that explains the description. I probably could have Googled that right? If you want to see something funny, check this Tarzier video out. True Facts About The Tarsier - YouTube

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Thanks. I don’t know if there is a headsculpt that looks like Krasinsky… I’d love to bash a 13 hours main characters but haven’t been able to spot this guy…

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