Easy & Simple 26044C Tier 1 Operator Part XII The Evacuation Team; Unboxing Review, The DEVGRU?

One more unboxing review of the latest Easy & Simple Tier 1 Operator Part XII The Evacuation Team 26044C. Lets get right into this one.

The original promo pics can be seen here. Easy & Simple 26044C The Evacuation Team

I think this version is supposed to hint at a DEVGRU operator. But that’s a fairly loose interpretation based on the gear this figure is released with.

Same style box as the previous two. Same style packaging as the previous two.

Same foam inserts. I did notice there was some hair in the box. Long grey hair. Not something you would expect. It would be nice if the E&S employees wouldn’t shed on the figures. I can think of better bonus things in the package.

On to the body and head. Same Mk3 body. Joints are stiff and hold poses well. This time we get a head with a decent likeness of Chris Evans. Is it perfect? Not totally. But it’s obvious who they were aiming for, and for this application, it passes the likeness test.

One downside of the head. The hole for the neck connector is a bit larger than the previous 26044 figures. That means there is a gap at the neck joint on this one, which wasn’t on the previous two versions. This can probably be fixed by drilling out the head a bit more, and having the socket connector sit higher in the head, and closing the gap at the neck. Is it a deal breaker for buying the figure. Only for the most OCD of figure collectors.

And true to form, the relaxed hands included in the set are once again a different tone than the head and body. We’ll probably be seeing these hands in every figure from now until they run out of stock.

New Mechanix style gloved hands. Great molding. But the plastic is far too stiff again. So what we have here is a new material change that is not really a benefit. The old gloved hands were a bit soft, and had a tendency for the weapons to fall out. Both styles don’t work that great. And if I had to choose, I would pick the older style material that is a bit softer.

Primer Henley shirt. Nicely fitting and sewn shirt.

Kuhl Revolvr Pants. Again, nicely sewn pants. Pockets work for the most part. And a nice colour the give this figure a good low profile/civilian look.

Urban Assault Boot in a nice khaki colour. I like this colour version of these shoes the most, over the Multicam and Multicam Black from the previous 26044 figures. And like the B version, we get miles of shoe laces. I just stuffed the extra laces up the pants legs for now.

London Bridge Trading (LBT) 8005A Assault Backpack. This time in OD green, with Multicam Black back panel. Personal preference, this is my favorite colour combo of the three versions. The Multicam Black pattern is very subdued, and doesn’t have a decent defined pattern. Again, the different colour panel on the back seems like an odd style choice. So I decided to check on the actual packs. And guess what? LBT actually makes these model packs like that, as well as solid colours. All the straps, zippers and pockets work like they should.

Spiritus System LV-119 Plate Carrier. Well made vest. I did have a bit of a struggle weaving the straps and tabs of the accessories through the loops of the vest.

The zippers at the back appear to be able to add the built in packs like the ones from the 26040 and URG-1 sets. I’ll try that later to see if I can mix parts.

The mount base for the tactical terminal was a pain to get into the loops as the loops were sewn quite small. That may, or may not be the case on all the vests, but it’s definitely something to watch for. Prepare for some frustration there.

At the sides of the vest, the pouch for the radio is looped through. I weaved the pouch from top to bottom and it looks pretty decent. Unfortunately, when the built up vest is put on the figure, and the radio is stuffed into the pouch it sits too high. So, it should probably be added on the next lower loops to keep the radio lower. I showed the initial position, but I recommend going with the next lower strap when building.

Built up vest. With the radio antenna cord wrapped around the side straps, it pulls the side straps together too much, so I will need to find a better way to tuck that. I need to figure out how E&S attaches the tourniquet to those side straps.

I looped the radio antenna through the back of the vest as shown, as the initial promo pics don’t really show how to mount it. There is enough cord to put it on the other side as well.

Multicam Black mesh back ball cap. I think this might be only the second time I have seen a mesh back ball cap. It’s made well, and it looks pretty decent on the head. Ball caps always seem kind of hit or miss when they fit. But this one works quite well, and can be adjusted with the strap on the back. This one will fit well on other figures with a decent hairdo. I suspect it won’t look that great on a bald head.

LBT 0922R Blowout Kit. Nice piece. Can be woven through a vest, or in this case looped onto a belt. It will work either way. Handy.

DEVGRU Noveske N4 in .300 Blackout. Nicely made rifle once again. Almost all the accessories fit snugly. The magazines are a bit loose fitting, and the supressor could be a bit more snug. Other than that, everything fits very well, and that’s not usual for E&S rifle accessories. A piece of paper or tape on the side of the magazine when it is stuffed into the mag well with keep magazines from falling out.

Lots of fine molding details throughout the rifle and parts. E&S really made a good effort to get this accurate, and it’s a rifle that all the gear gurus have been asking for for a while. Ask and you shall receive… eventually. It was worth the wait. I would have preferred it in black for this figure instead of the sand colour, but beggars can’t be choosers, right? I’m sure one will show up in black sooner than later.

Tamper resistant Torx screw details. Nice.

NGAL details. Lots of fine printing details.

EOTech G33 Magnifier details. Flip Base.

Magpul MLOK AFG details. Good molding details on the opposite side (not shown).

Dead Air Sandman-S 7.62 Supressor.

Surefire M600 Tactical Light with remote switch, and offset mount.

Magpul 30 round .300 PMAGs. Some interesting details here. At the top of the mags we see the molding details with 7.62 x 35 caliber markings. But at the bottom we see the .300 cal markings. At first I thought it was a molding error as the .300 Blackout cartridges are supposed to be able to be used used in 5.56mm sized mags. But a quick search shows the marking are in fact correct. Nice work E&S.

Holo Sight. Promo pics have it labelled as the XPS3 Holo Sight. It’s not. I can’t remember what it is because it’s late. I’ll edit it later. :sunglasses:

BUIS, front and rear.

As mentioned, E&S did quite well with the fit of the parts for the most part on this one. The magazines are a bit loose, as is the silencer. The rest of the bits fit quite well.

One thing to note is the tac light and the AFG. While those part fit the rifle well, and are snug enough to not fall off or be loose, there is another fitting problem. When you try to pose the figure, the hard plastic of the gloved hands causes these parts to come loose from the front end. If the left hand isn’t softened up with a hair dryer, or warm water, the stiffness of the gloved hand causes issues with positioning and posing. This is where I would prefer a softer plastic, even if it’s a bit more loose fitting like the older models.

An observant eye will also notice I have the NGAL on Backwards in these next two pics. I fixed it for posing.

Another note, this figure and the B version rifles did not come with a sling. That seems like an odd thing to not include with a figure representing a Tier 1 operator. Time to hunt for a spare sling.

Sig P320 XS 9mm Pistol with Docter Optic RMR mini Red Dot Sight (RDS). Surefire XC1 Weapon Light (Promo pics say XC2, but printing says otherwise). Safariland 7377 als holster with cover.

Lots of great molded and printed detail with the pistol and accessories. This is the first release of this pistol, but it will be seen on some future figure with the upcoming GA/E&S Marines. Although I think this release gets the RMR and the Marine version does not.

Looks like the lever could be popped out to remove the slide. I didn’t try it on this one. But the slide does have a spring inside, and it is under a bit of tension which causes a gap between the slide and the grip. I suspect if you want to dismantle this pistol, you can. Just like the rifles.

Lots of micro printing details.

Surefire XC1 Light details.

Safariland holster details. Once you put it on a belt, you will never see this detail. But it’s a nice feature.

WK Custom combat axe “The Tribe”, and folding blade knife. The axe is new and nicely detailed. The knife is a throwback to some of the early E&S Tier 1 figures.

S7 Tactical Terminal with Protective Case, and mount. I talked about the mount and the fit issues on the vest. The mount itself is actually pretty cool. It has a small catch at the top,and a hinge at the bottom, and functions as it should. Open the catch, and you can view the screen on the Terminal. This was labelled as a new part, and it’s a nice piece. There is a small detail molding of Kagwerks on the front of the mount, that gets covered by one of the adhesive backed velcro patches, and the morale patch is applied to that.

PRC 152 Radio, folding antenna, and pouch (before attaching to vest).

Assorted accessories. Riggers belt, Garmin Fortrex GPS, compass, G-Shock watch, Oakley sunglasses, morale patches, Yates Personal Retention Lanyard, Sparpie marker, ball point pen, glow sticks, tourniquet.

Assorted grenades. We get a new flashbang holder. Oddly E&S chose not to include the holder for the fragmentation grenade, which would have been an easy add since it came with the 26040 set of figures. Not sure why they didn’t go for that here as well.

G-Code Softshell magazine pouches. Nicely detailed molding. One strange thing about these. We have seen these before on earlier figures I believe. The issue comes from the pins on the mounting side of the pouches. The pins are too small , or the holes slightly too big, and the holding straps just fall off. You’ll have to super glue those to be able to use them on the riggers belt. Be careful to not push the holding straps down to far, or it will be hard to get onto a belt later. Not sure if this is a new mold, and the design is flawed, or there is a mold issue. These got left off the belt until I can properly glue the parts together and have them work.

That was an odd snag to see. I’ll fix this later as I was moving on with the review.

Riggers Belt buckle details.

Built up Rigger’s Belt details. The G-Code mag pouches will be added later when they are glued properly.

Exfil High Cut Ballistic Helmet, AN/PVS-31 NVG with battery pack, Matbok Tarsier Eclipse filters, Mohoc camera, foam padding inserts, Wilcox helmet mount, blast guage, V-Lites, and V-lite Manta Strobe.

The boom mic doesn’t fit onto the headset well. The clip section of the mic will need some trimming to fit into the groove on the headset.

Once the helmet and all it’s corresponding bits are attached, it’s easier to remove the head from the body and attach the helmet, than to try and handle it all together. Then just pop the head back on the body.

The Comtac headset doesn’t fit the ears too well once the helmet is on. And it’s not adjustable as far as I can see. Best option here would be to pad the helmet some more on the top to get it to sit higher so the headset fits better.

Details of the top of the helmet. I chose a slightly different layout to the parts. In the promo pics, the V-Lites and Manta Strobe are attached to the velcro patches on the helmet. From past experience the glue on the adhesive strips on the parts will only stick to the fabric for so long before falling off. I did attach the Manta to the velcro that way because it’s a logical place to put it. But I moved the V-Lites in and back a bit and mounted directly to the helmet surface. This should help to keep them in place longer.

Interesting feature of the gloved hands. It’s a bit loose at the wrist to hand connection. Notice the gap at the wrist of the glove. It’s not a floppy joint, but it does move here. I am not sure if this is by design, or a happy accident, but it does allow for a bit of extra movement when posing.

Comm gear set up. Details of the PTT switch.

I was trying to figure out what this small connection was for. After studying the promo pics for a few minutes, I figured out what it was. It attaches to the bottom of the Tactical Terminal on the chest. See the promo pics for details while I get the comm gear sorted and edited here.

On to the posing. The new body poses well. The new stiffer joints of the body make posing a lot more reliable.

Final impressions. This is a pretty great figure. A bit lighter in the load out than the A and B figures. And some small but finicky details with the N4, the magazine holders, and the helmet comms. But overall it looks great, and poses well. Of the first three 26044 figures, this one has the most issues. They are small issues that are easy to deal with, but they are still there. Even with those small snags, I would still love to have another one of these for a set of spares for bashes. But at the current prices, that’s a bit of a luxury.

For me, the A version scores highest of the first three. Followed by C, then B. At least my for my needs, and assessment. Each version has little issues. And all three bring some cool stuff to the table. They all need some refining in the builds, and then it’s time for a team photo.

I’m sure I have missed some things, and have a bunch of typos. It’s late and well past my bed time. I’ll fill in more on my EDIT over the next day or so. And add some details with other parts and fit. EDIT; fixed my typos haha.

I hope you enjoyed the read. Feel free to add any questions and comments below. And your own assessment of the figure.


This section will be added for additional information. Like stuff fitting from the other versions.

I have noticed that pretty much all E&S figures come with the tape. Does anyone actually use this stuff? And what do you use it for?

Also, the two small rail sections fit nicely in the handguard of the rifle. But they aren’t referenced in the promo pics as being used. Essentially these are spares that can be stuffed into the backpack, or used if you want to add accessories from other sets. Might be a good way to swap out the tactical light for something that doesn’t interfere with the gloved hands.

Just for giggles, I figured I would try the Sig P320 in the Gunclip holster from the B figure. It doesn’t fit. You can’t close the clip feature.

A question was asked in the promo post about the helmet and comm headset being removable. Short answer is yes.

Longer more detailed answer is this. If you are looking to swap the headset to another helmet it will probably require the screw in the middle to be removed and dismantled, and swapped that way. It may be possible to slide the comm ear pieces off the rails, but my earpieces wouldn’t come out of the slots on the helmet rail. This rail system isn’t compatible with the normal rail system we see on helmets. So a straight across swap isn’t going to be easy.


Another well done review. I’ve completed building sets A&B and should hopefully be able to start this one soon.


I wish E&S would include different accessories and panels for the plate carrier since the LV119 is modular in real life

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Very nice review and some good photos. I have the 26044A and it is a great Figure with some flaws. This 26044 Figure line is really cool.

I think the Cry precision gun clip ist only suitable for Glocks. According to the description the clip is available for all GLOCK® 17, 19, 22, and 23 pistols. Right hand mount. So E&S has added the false handgun with that clip.

I have the old gun clip Version from Soldier Story (no opening option) and the Glocks fits like a glove.


Again, nicley done review. I love your reviews…go on! :+1:


Good to finally see the figure in action, and an excellent review as always. I’ve given my two cents about it before, but I just wanted to ask that if you find a way to put the Opscore RACs onto the helmets, do let me know. On a similar note, would the Opscore helmet cover from the URGI set or a similar one fit on the exfil? What sort of helmet light would fit on the side rails?

I thinks it’s a Aimpoint Micro T-2 with a TangoDown Aimpoint Micro T-2 Cover on a Scalarworks LEAP 01 Micro T2 Mount Lower.


Excellent. Enjoy the last build.

Some spare pieces for the vest would have been nice. I could think of some other items that should have been included with this figure as well. Like the frag grenade holder, and a rifle sling. But this is a very lightly geared dude. He wouldn’t be carrying a bunch of gear. So extra pouches for “pick your own use” may just add extra cost to the figure unnecessarily.

Glad you enjoyed it. I do enjoy this civilian/low profile look of this set. The last one, 26044S, is okay, but budget wise, and the fact that it’s more overtly SpecOps looking made it a lower priority for a purchase for me.

Which flaws did you notice on the 26044A figure? Feel free to add your thoughts on that review if you haven’t. All feedback is good in these reviews.

I didn’t know that about the Gunclip, and only recently realized that’s what that holster was from the Soldier Story SDU. I figured I would try the Sig in it, and see if it fit between the figures’ gear. An experimental thing.

Glad you enjoyed it.

I can check on the URGI helmet cover if it can come off. Some of the covers are glued on, and some just attach to velcro patches inside the helmet which makes it easier to take the cover off.

As far as I know, there aren’t any lights out yet that would attach to that rail on this Exfil.

There are some SureFire lights that would clip onto the edge of the helmet, but none to that specific rail that I am aware of.

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Very good review, cdn_rhino.

Having recently received the figure, it was great to read your review and see what the good, the bad and the ugly were, prior to me setting it up. Looks like I’ll definitely need to look for a sling. This figure may end up being displayed with one of the shooting range dioramas, once they ship.

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Great review cdn_rhino, it’s very nice of you to take pictures of those tiny micro details that are mostly invisible to the naked eyes.

Kinda disappointed that they chose the molded rubber route with the g-code softshell pouches, would have been better if they put them as DIY pieces for us to assemble. And I hope they don’t superglue the screws on the headsets, I’d like to pry them open and cut the metal pins a bit.

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After checking out a few sales of loose items for the figure, I have noticed that the headsets will come off the helmet. So now I am curious how they slide off the rails on the helmet without damaging them.

Glad you enjoyed the read.

Those shooting ranges do look pretty cool.

If those pins can be cut and shortened for this figure, it will help for them to fit over the ears properly.

If you want to use the helmet covers from the URGI sets, those are glued to the helmets. Those will have to be peeled off, and glued on to the Exfil helmet. Unfortunately they not attached with Velcro patches inside the helmet. I’ll try and add a pic soon as, I have to download and resize the pics.

Fine by me, honestly. I’ve also considered the possibility of applying a camo pattern to the helmets through painting or even hydro-dip film, but I’d need to source the right color and stencils or a scaled down version of the film.

I have the authorized MultiCam patterns that I’ve downloaded from their website. II’ll try to setup some stencils with the correct size for the scale and come back later to see if it was possible. If so, you just need to get them printed in decal paper and done!

Oh sweet, that’s just the kind of thing I was looking for. I’d just need the right colors to replicate Multicam Black. I was previously hoping to paint some of my helmets in that manner, but since Very Cool announced a figure with MCB helmet cover, I’ve settled on those instead. At the very least I’ll still paint the cheek risers on a couple of my stocks.

@weskerfan5690 Here are the Hex codes for the colors used in MCB.

2B312C for Gray 206
34362A for Olive 205
000000 for Black 207

If you need CMYK codes, here are them, in the same order.
72 60 67 63
66 57 73 60
75 68 67 90

If you need another variation (regular, tropic, arid, snow) let me know.

Hope that helps.

Those are quite useful, now I just need to know which specific paint they match. Preferably they would be ones made for painting miniature or Gunpla.


Looking on Vallejo Charts, I guess these could be the ones you need.

Vallejo 70.994 Dark Gray
Vallejo 70.894 Camouflage Olive Green
Vallejo 70.950 Black

If colors look too shiny, you could use some weathering to make them look dirt.

Hope it helps…

BTW, on their website you could find the color charts so you could give a try on different combinations.

Those seem like just the ones I need. Might consider getting some lacquer versions of those colors, as the parts I aim to paint will have a lot of contact with a lot of stuff and those sorts of paints tend to be more durable than acrylics.

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