Easy & Simple 26044C Tier 1 Operator Part XII The Evacuation Team; Unboxing Review, The DEVGRU?

I had posted this on one of my other threads but @cdn_rhino thought it was a good idea to share it here as well.

Here’s my experience with this release.

Working on 26044C. Be careful with the end straps on the PC, they’re very fragile. Had to repair one of them.

The molle phone holder was also a bit difficult to install. Seems very fragile too.

The PC is also very loose on the mid section. I’ll probably just add extra padding for the “faux” armor plates.

While test fitting the helmet with sunglasses some paint rubbed off the head. Makes me wonder if they’re skipping on properly sealing paint apps on the sculpt.

So I decided to put my paint skills to work. After a bit of mixing acrylic paints I was able to come up with a skin tone to my liking. It’s not the best but I’m fairly satisfied with the repaint.


It’s very apparent that E&S is skimping on some stuffs to keep costs down. I was quite disappointed when I found out that the PC on the A version can not actually carry the plates. And the paintjob on the sculpts are going downhill with each release it seems, I often opted to use Soldier Story or old sculpts from my spare bin.

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Would a suppressor be able to fit on the P320? And should I get the KAGwerks from this release or the Juggernaut phone case for my Tier 1 figures? With the former I’d have to only paint the phone itself black, but your observations about its apparent fragility are concerning.

I like this kagwerks set up more because its smaller. I had a hard time placing comms ptt sometimes because the juggernaut case is so big.

It’s a shame its so expensive on bits sites, I would like to get four or five.

That’s something else to consider. I managed (or at least I think I managed) to get 6 of the Kagwerks one a few days ago, along with about 16 of the mags to switch the ammo into 5.56 mags, and a couple of the bodies.

I can check on the suppressor compatibility.

I didn’t really notice if the tactical terminal case was fragile. It seemed okay to me. I handled it quite a bit, and it seemed sturdy enough. Sun_Gzu mentioned it seems fragile, but not that there were issues. It’s not the nicest molded part, but it held up to handling when building the figure, so I can’t comment on if it’s fragile or not, because it didn’t break on me. As far as fragility is concerned, it didn’t see an issue with it, so where your figure bashes are concerned, it should be a good option depending on what you like.

If it is suppressor compatible, then I may consider using a few of them for my PSD figures rather than G34s. I’ve always had an affinity for the looks of railed sig pistols, and though I’ve decided my main tier 1 figures will all be using DAM G17s with RMRs for their sidearms, I’d like to have at least some figures apart from them use sigs. There are a few positives I see to using them over the G34s (particularly the ones from the recent E&S Doomday set V):

  1. I would not have to get the G34s from the 26041 figures to switch either the doomsday slide or a normal slide onto, since the doomsday one has a golden barrel.
  2. Outside of painting the frame black and the slide sliver, the only modifications I’d need to make would be to replace the Doctor RDS with the RMR that comes with the doomsday G34.
  3. I would not need to get additional G19s in order to transplant their magwells onto the X5, as those already have their own.

That’s really the point of those bodyguard figures I mentioned: of using stuff that I decide not to use on my main team. Kryptek uniforms instead of Multicam Black, Team Wendy ballistic instead of Opscore, AMPs instead of COMTACs, laser cut intsead of traditional Molle plate carriers and belts, PVS-31s instead of GPNVG-18s, G-code instead of TACO mag pouches, SR-16s instead of HK416s, and quite possibly, Sigs instead of glocks. They’ll certainly still be high speed, but in a different way.

So, the answer to the question of the silencer fitting the Sig is yes and no.

You could fit the silencer from one of the newer G34 pistols, from the 06031 Doom’s Day Kits, on the Sig, but you really have to push, and that could damage the pistol barrel. Or drill it out, but it won’t fit the Glock any more. So, will it work? Yes. Is it a good idea? That is up to you, but it’s not a simple push on.

I did try it with the 26041 R&S SAD Field Raid silencers from those Glocks, and the fit is perfect.


Do you think the suppressor from the upcoming 26045A figure would fit, given that it’s meant for a Sig pistol?

Another great review. Thanks for the insight and the in-hand pics cdn_rhino!


I would only know if I manage to get one of those Sigs for comparison.

All depends on the E&S molds.

In theory the real life Sigs could be compatible if they are chambered for the same round. But that’s not always the case with different models of anything.

Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks.

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Concerning the offset mlok light mount, have you checked to see if it fits in the slots on a 416 Geissele rail?

No idea. Which rifle set was that one from? I don’t even know if I have it.

Pretty much any modern CAG figure released by E&S has the Geissele rail, as does their LAPD SWAT figure (from which I get mine, in black). It’s fine if you don’t have one, I only asked because I recently got an HK416 with the new Midwest Industries handguard, and from what I can tell the slots on that seem to be slightly narrower than on the Geisseles, so I’m concerned that the mounts would be too loose.

Im on a project to make an another member of the Evacuation Team with mixed parts of each one.
Your reviews are simply amazing , incredible detailed pics and info.
Thanks to this i decided without further thought to go for E&S figures and loose stuff.


Glad you enjoyed the review.

I have yet to see a perfect figure, but these ones are quite enjoyable.

Share your pictures of your custom figure here on the site when you get it built up.

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Is there a way to bend the prongs on the headset so that they’re in the proper shape? They come completely straight, which may explain the issue you outlined with them.

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You can do it bending them outward at the base (near the round connector) and then bending them inward near the peltor connection pins. For further reference take a look at the peltor assemble for DAM NSW figure in AOR1 or the DAM NSW in civvies with AOR2 rig and belt (the one with long sleeve/short sleeve t-shirts and denim pants). Just keep in mind that they are fragile so don’t use too much strength on them and do it one prong at a time.


Should be able to tweak them with some fine/needle tipped pliers. I may have to give this a try as well.