Easy & Simple 26045A SMU Part XII The Recce Element


This is a definite must buy for me. I love the mountaineering equipment (gaiters, snowshoes, poles, etc.) and the Mystery Ranch Crew Cab.


What a time to be a collector… we are getting some great figures

What’s that NOD attachment on the 416, in front of the Nightforce scope?

Seems like the brands are desperately enticing us to buy two figures per release.

This is a good release but it seems BDU is too large?

I like the rifle, and I’ve been hunting for one of those chest rigs in AOR since I got back into the hobby. Other than that I think it’s a pass.

Nice to see mountain warfare figure, nice load-out, loving the snowshoes, gaiters etc. Also like the fact we have winter variant of a camouflage scheme, useful for future kit bashes.

I agree, although I think it’s because they’re winter outer layers - naturally much bulkier, but it still looks weird to me. I think they should have made the outer layers in Arctic Multicam, not AOR1, but that’s personal preference.

Definitely some nice pieces here, especially the Crew Cab. Does anyone know if the NODS are accurate though?

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I believe these nods have thermal capability, would make sense for the mission I think.

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If it is supposed to be a PCU Level 7 then it would be puffy/filled with Primaloft.

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Cold weather gear is designed like that. Intended for layering. The the pants being bulky is correct, my flight issued cold weather gear was the same

AN PSQ-36 Fusion Goggle Enhanced (FGE)

“The AN/PSQ-36 thermal fusion night vision goggle (FGE) combines the light amplification capability of image intensified (I2) devices, such as night vision goggles, with the heat-sensing capability of thermal imaging systems.”


Cool, thanks for the research! It’s incredible how small thermal/night vision fusion devices are getting - I tested one system at work that weighed about 2 lbs

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Yeah ha, another must-have for me I love the look of this guy and some new gear to.(does the h/S resemble any one in real live.) ?

Looks like Matthew McConaughey in True Detective


Yeah mate I can see that. Good job :+1:

Okay, that is a nice figure, the mountain warfare set-up is something different, although a bit along the line of the winter combat SEALS by Soldier Story and MiniTimes.
Some nice parts and gear, but for my very personal taste, it’s a bit too overloaded and bulky. One thing why I never really got into the HALO and UDT type figures with all that stuff on them. I prefer the slick, high speed door-kicker look and loadout, so this will be loose parts, for me. Definitely the backpack, jacket, tee, chest rig, probably the rifle, and maybe the sculpt.
Nice to see that E&S is keeping the price acceptable, I have seen it on pre-order for 179 USD, which is reasonable with all the gear.
I wonder what “B” will look like!


I can see some resued parts but seems like a great figure in general. Especially patches, rifle, shirt and goggles will be a loose purchase. It’s good to see diferent subjects pooping up now or is this like the 06026 a seasonal winter exclusive? :laughing:

Think so too, best crime series ever watched. Maybe, his face is looking too clean for that though. His character was pretty messed up in the show itself.

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The snow goggles look sub par compared to Soldier Story and the snow gloves are very lazy (molded rubber combined with cloth i/o full cloth).