Easy & Simple 26046S 75th Ranger Regiment 2nd Ranger Battalion



I think i like this one better than the first one . I,ll sit on the fence for a while, and contemplate. Cool looking weapons though.

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Oh man, there’s a lot to like about this one. I will never not love desert tigers.


Regular version of this one is listed on preorder on the md around 195.

Wonder how much this will be… around 210, 220?

Looks like we’ve lost Easy and Simple.


Very nice much better than the first one. this is definetly on the ‘Maybe’ list.

I understand but, if Easy & Simple stop releasing figures at such a rate, is the hobby dead?

Only handful of releases from Dam every year, and Soldier Story not even having any modern stuff queued up at the moment.

I’m coming around to the idea of rising prices if it means the hobby keeps breathing.

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Same price. S versions to date have cost sellers the same as regular. If a seller is charging more than they are charging you for other figures in the same numerical series (ie R, A, B, C, etc) then they are gouging you.


So few pics of Rangers wearing Tiger Stripes. A few from about 5 years ago in Afghanistan, and some from pre 2010. Scattered ones in the last 10 years usually attached to Recon units. But the gear in this figure doesn’t really match with any photos as references.

Unless there are some new ref pics out there, I have yet to see Rangers using something other than the DDM4 or Mk16 SCAR. That URG-1 and bits seems out of place to me. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility, especially in the last 2 years, but I haven’t seen anything confirming anything like this in writing or pics.

Lots of cool stuff, but not very accurate to me. Seems like another E&S “custom” figure of what we think a new Ranger should have.

I might get it for parts.

Thanks for the Heads up @AdamC will keep it in mind when I (if I ever decide) purchase it.

Hmm, odd choice of uni for a Ranger I’d think but then again you never know I guess. Looks like a solid release overall however.

From a quick search this was part of a training exercise shoot of the 75th.


The jacket seems cool, though I already have my mind set on using TAD stealth LTs instead. What is of interest to me are the throw levers on the Razor, which should go wonderfully on my own rifles. I wonder if it could fit on an S&B 1-8? And for that matter, which lens caps? Other than the triple mag pouch on the front and the headset(though I could just get those from the regular release), nothing else really grabs me from this figure. As for the state of the hobby, While DAM is at the top in terms of sheer quality and detail, E&S is the most innovative in terms of gear, while not lagging behind in either of those previous qualities. Flagset and Minitimes can pull through in terms of cool loose gear, and are good for beginners.

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This was posted by someone on BBICN along with the announcement of the figure.


Looks much better than the regular version IMO. Would definitely put my PO in.

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Your search was better than mine. I looked for an hour, and still didn’t find anything. I like to be shown stuff like that. I’m okay with being corrected.

That’s pretty spot on for the figure ref. Not one I have seen before, but I have seen some in Tigers.

Great finds guys.


Definitely will be buying this one. The other release had an M9 but this version has G17. Strange.

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Ready to ship. That’s fast!


Going to have a little bits buying party with this release, mix parts from both to get a current Ranger.


Why is ES claiming the Razor HD to be a new part? Seen it loads of times already.

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I think the new part is this lever!