Easy & Simple 26048S SMU Tier1 Operator Part XIV Combat Control Team

The 416C has a compact sliding stock and a shortend buffer tube. That is the reason while it is the shortest variant in the HK series. The rifle from the Figure has only the compact stock.


Im just made the pre-order… Cant resist.
Another Tiger Stripe junkie !

The individual operator they based that rifle on likes to switch his prior issued 416 lower around so it isn’t based on a 416C originally. Here are some of his other setups including the pdw stock he used prior to the HK 416C one…

MCX and Rattler configs:

416 with Arc-X stock


With the Gen 3 GPNVGs, are they compatible with the same cable used with PVS-31s and their respective battery pack? In which case, I may be able to modify the Gen 3 panos from this figure and it’s regular counterpart to accept both of those parts from DAM 31s.


Was looking at an another thread on here and noticed that in this ref pic he has the laser designator from this figure, thought that was neat so I’d repost the pic here

I’m digging the desert tiger stripes. I don’t have a figure representing that type so this may be a boxed figure purchase.

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