Easy & Simple 36001 NSWDG Escorting Team

I believe this is a preview. And correct me if I’m wrong but these look like accessory kits and not figure sets.

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Reference pics


Another win from E&S in my opinion. Looks great.

Love it. Great Figures and for me a must have. The plate carriers are also difficult to get like the chest rig. Many parts are from the Limited Edition Figure with the coin. So these are not really new but very welcommend.

I do not think these are only accessory sets. These are very good and solid Figures. E&S have nearly all parts released and this would be a good seller i think. I like the idea if E&S or other manufactures would bring out kits just with uniform, gear and weapons.

These certainly look great, whether they’re full figures pr accessory sets! E&S is putting out good stuff at short notice these days and they are really bleeding my wallet dry…

E&S announced these as new series. Previous releases started with 260xx. The fist complete figure was the NSWDG MFF Insertion (ES26001), the last one was the recently announced NSW Ops Overwatch Sharpshooter (ES26036S). Then we had one release with the number 28001, this was the Task Force Spectre Skipper. And now these two new ones with the number 36001… :thinking:

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The two sets differ in the chest rig, plate carrier and rifle, right?! What PC types are these?

MBSS Plate Carrier and NSW Chicken Plate Carrier.

Here’s the NSW Chicken Plate Carrier from the 26008A figure. The new one in the preview is without MOLLE I think.


And here’s a MBSS Plate Carier.


Thanks! I thought that one is a MBSS, which isn’t so hard to come by. Has the NSW Chicken PC only been done once by E&S?

The new serial number might indicate an accessory set. Since there is only one number, will this be a two-figure box like the HALO Tandem? If so, I would prefer accessories only without figures/heads, to keep the price lower.

They’re pumping these guys out hard. Great job E&S!