Easy Simple 416 22lr Conversion


A new project: will add a crane style stock to my 416 pistol by using parts from an ES L119A1 rifle. Work in progress.


Very nice idea. Was it easy to disassemble the rifle without any damage? Especially the round nut at the end. I want to use the upper Receiver with the internal suppressor for an HK416A5. The color should match.


You can just poke it out with a blunt, thin stick. Just disassemble first and then press from the inside.

But be aware of not to damage the sling mount. I used too much force. My stick poked out this block and went through the hole of the sling mount as well, which resulted in braking the ring as my stick had a larger diameter than the hole of the mount itself. Had to replace it.


THX :+1: - i will be very careful

PN: If you need some 22lr mags i can give you mine.


Can you read my mind? Just needed them, as a certain retailer forgot to add 2 to my order.


So far, so good!

I have had a similar idea to give one of these a stock, although I haven’t managed to pick one up yet. Looking forward to seeing what you can come up with and how it will look with a buffer tube.


Master Joda is a good teacher :smile:. I think i have two or three in my “warehouse”.


Didn’t consider that so far, but I might just block/fill the hollow buffer tube.


Please safe these for me!


Ok, i will save them for you :+1::wink:


I was thinking something a little more along the lines of that shown in the following pics. I want to keep it sufficiently different from the HK416c ‘compact’ variant (which I already have a customised version of), so a different stock would be in order. Although, a full sized stock on such a short handguard might look a little funny.

Solid stock tube

Stabilizing arm brace

A couple more (lower one features an arm brace)

To be honest, I am leaning towards the brace … 1) for it’s uniqueness, and 2) for the challenge that building it would represent.


This was actually my favourite when browsing options for a stock. However, it’s not made yet and my skills in crafting a 1/6 item from scratch are not too advanced.

Please share your results, if you should give it a go.

By the way, it’s a bit limiting for me that the only receiver with the 22lr marking released so far is this golden one. So switching the color, would mean having a 9mm rifle with a lower marked 416D.


Another option would be a lower swap with the Pegasus 416 assuming the upper and lower will line up. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if we see some PDW style stocks next year given they are relatively easy product to adapt to existing receiver tooling. I’m surprised nobody has done one yet to be honest given the popularity of subcompacts and even the US Army evaluating options in that space.


I would love all the options, but I am too focused on having the proper marking on the lower.
Otherwise you are completely right, ES offers tons of options to swap parts around.


Final result using only existing 1/6 parts.



That looks great chpo, nice job.


That came together nicely. Was the buffer tube on the donor buffer tube glued in?


What I like with ES rifles is that you can remove grips and tubes fairly easy. Therefore I am never completely sure if it’s only dried paint or a weak adhesive they use to keep these things in place. With the 06015 rifle which I used I think it was glued in.

About this mod: charging handle is rubbing on the buttstock when pulled back in the usual manner so you need to lift it slightly.
I also didn’t fill or the buffer tube, so the longer spring with the 22lr bolt can cause improper movement of the charging handle.
Inserting the buffer tube ended in buldging the part of the rifle where it’s inserted and it bursted at the glue seam (where both molds where assembled). Fortunately, this is covered by the seam when I glued back together.
Hope, the last point is understandable.


Not too bad Christophe! Not too bad at all, mate. This looks much better to my eye with the addition of the stock (although it would probably look even better with a different, somewhat less chunky, grip). Good work.