Easy & Simple Announce New French 1ER RPIMA Figure Exclusive Version

Originally published at: https://kitbashes.com/2018/01/18/easy-simple-announce-new-french-1er-rpima-figure-exclusive-version/

As a followup to their previously announced French figure, Easy & Simple have announced an exclusive sniper version. The key difference is the use of an A-TACS camo pattern in place of the previous CCE camo and a swap to a HK 417 rifle instead of the previous 416 A5. This variant trend seems to…

Same head sculpt :laughing:

You’ll bringing this in? I want the 417, however the standard version 416A5 is the true gem here!

I love this one. Pre-ordering asap.

I should have some of these coming in if you want one. MSRP is $154.99 with tentative March release.

I want a 417 rifle definitely.

I’d take one Adam. Rather buy from you than BoT.

No problem I’ll be parting a few out.

Sounds good, I’ll follow up with you when they are ready.

BOT would charge at least 50 for set without spare mags :no_mouth:

For the rifle, yeah. And I’ve bought several from them at that price, to my shame. I’ll be getting the full box set from Adam though. :smiley:

Hi Adam, Did these arrive back in March as planned?

These ones shipped last month. I only brought in the regular version but have sold through what I had. If you check around the usual suspects there should still be stock available of both, but they’ve moved on several releases since such is their pace of late.

Cool, thanks for the update. I have been very slow with the figure stuff the last few months, so I’ve missed a number of new releases.