Easy & Simple Announce New SMU Tier 1 Operator Part III "The Raid" Figure

Originally published at: https://kitbashes.com/2017/11/09/easy-simple-announce-new-smu-tier-1-operator-part-iii-raid-figure/

Another week, another Easy & Simple release with a fantastically long title. The long hinted DEVGRU figure has finally been announced, and while not perfect, it is a very welcome release. This one is slated for release before end of year, making for a nice Christmas present. Interchangeable Front Panels Accompany Two Weapon Choices First…

I saved that from the former DAM DEVGRU figure for a few years now to use it on a proper MP7A2. It fits a Soldier Story MP7 perfectly. Hope it does the job on this E&S too!