Easy & Simple ES06027 Coming Soon (300 Blackout)

We do care about those tiny details:) - Easy & Simple


Do I smell a Honey Badger on the horizon?

Would be great. 06027 also indicates it’s a rifle set only. Probably several versions or more of a 06026 accessory set? Hopefully, it’s more than just amm introduction.

The SIG MCX LVAW also uses .300 AAC Blackout ammunition :wink:.
Would be my favorite. A Honey badger would be cool too.

I knew all the LVAW discussion wasn’t going unnoticed! There are going to be some pretty happy people on this site (if they announce the right thing of course)

Someone has previously said that an LVAW with the Wilcox riser, the G33 magnifier that attaches to said mount, the NGAL, 40 round Pmags, and an Eotech XPS3 will come with an S version of the 26040 figures. I would not object to any potential box sets of that gun though, as those might be necessary if I can’t get a sufficient amount of the former in time, assuming that it is even released at all. If nothing else, the magazines would be worth getting so that I wouldn’t have to use 5.56 mags and pretend they’re .300 BO.

Hopefully if it is the mcx as a boxed rifle set there will be multiple variants, like a rattler also would be cool, not to sound greedy, I’d be just fine with only the lvaw

A few different options:







Bring it on, provided it’s not a simple retread of their MCX with different magazines!

Is the SURG one of the navy’s projects? The one they wanted to be able to put a sig upper on an m4 lower?

NSW/Marsoc originally. Both SURG and the Rattler retrofit onto existing lowers.

Thanks, I knew the rattler was a navy thing but I hadn’t seen the sig/m4 hybrid, I didn’t realize marsoc was looking at those two as well, I knew they looked at something mcx based though

Rattler was also a request from UKSF as a follow on from the 416C and UCIW.

And don’t forget this one!

HK416 with .300 uper and Odin Works rail. :crazy_face:


I never noticed the 300 blk writing on the magazine until you pointed this out

If you are talking about the mags in these images, then you couldn’t as they are new!

I was referring to the ref pic with the 416 in the shooting rest

What a teaser. Interesting potential here.