Easy & simple hands

Hey community, I’ve got a question about figure components. I’m not extremely familiar with the E&S brand, and am curious if any of their figures have been released without gloved hands?

The one based off of the SAS guy in Nairobi comes to mind.

Yup, the Lone Rescuer figure comes with bare hands. I have it, but haven’t had time to unbox it.
Otherwise, their figures usually come with molded gloves, mostly Mechanix.

However their gloved hands are not that stiff enough to hold a gun, they’re too soft.

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Personally, I found that taking cloth gloves and putting them on bare molded hands Offers the best of both worlds. It can be very difficult, but I believe that the results speak for themselves. Any gloves would work, so long as they’re flexible enough.

True, they use a softer plastic for their molded gloves than other brands which leads to a less firm grip in the weapons. The more recent figures I own - MARSOC Raider and Recce Team Spotter seem to have stiffer hands, so far, they haven’t dropped their guns…

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Which brand fits better with E&S wrists, Soldier Story or Dam? I’ve been thinking about trying this out.

I only use DAM hands, and they fit just fine on one of my figures that has an E&S 2.0 body. What matters is the wrist pegs, and either end can be tightened with super glue if the connection is too loose. That way, any hands from any manufacturer can fit on bodies and pegs from any manufacturer.

Either are fine. You also can get a pretty wide selection of choices between the two brands. Good luck!