Easy Simple M3 MAAWS Carl Gustav Recoilless Rifle


This was a welcome release from last year’s Ranger RRC figure. I had passed on the Hobby Nuts release as their launchers tend to be quite fragile. Happily this one is quite sturdy with nothing threatening to fall off with normal handling. Scale is quite close to the actual unit which is a nice change from the Hot Toys model.

The full package includes the Gustav and a full set of accessories including one 84mm HEAT round. It would have been nice to see one or two of the other rounds for the system but we at least get one here.

The front and rear sights can be flipped out.

The sling can be attached by pulling it through the attachment points on the Gustav. Once threaded through there just pull pack the sling material near the buckle as shown below and the weave the webbing from the attachment point through the buckle.

To open the tube, pull the right most knob forward as shown then rotate the rear up and away from you. I recommend using the tube body to do this rather than the knob as the paint application makes for a tight fit of the two tube pieces. You can also loosen the philips screw that attaches the rear section slightly as needed.

The bipod is inserted into the Gustav and aligned via two indexing sections.

If you look at the inner track on the bipod you’ll notice two protrusions or stops. The bipod is a friction fit and the two stops are what give you a bit of extra friction to hold it in place. When you first insert it you will feel resistance and you’ll need to give it a bit of a push to wear down those stops and allow the bipod to insert further. Not ideal but it works.

The optic mount consists of the main body and then an addon accessory rail that is used to mount the Elcan sight. The addon rail section is not a great fit and will require something to hold it in place. A bit of double sided adhesive applied to the section that mounts onto the main body does the trick.

The Elcan sight also fits quite loose on the accessory rail and gets the same adhesive treatment. The Elcan design isn’t the best as the scope body attaches to the base via two channels on either side of the front of the base and are held in place with glue. I found a few examples of the sight where one side wasn’t pushed down to the right height and left the scope body crooked. To fix this you can just use a razor blade and run it between the front of the base and the sight body to break the adhesive bond then adjust as needed. The PEQ fits well and requires no reworking.

The sight assembly likewise fits loosely in the slot on the Gustav and will fall out if tilted. More double sided adhesive does the trick here. If you find your sight rail to be crooked once mounted, it can be adjusted up or down as it has a pivot point in the center. Just be careful and support both sides of the rail when you adjust it may need a bit of force to get it moving.

Both color variants are weathered slightly. The camo version gets a few paint chips while the OD version has several different weathering patterns applied. It was slightly disappointing to see that the parts unique to this model like the sight support did not fit together snugly. It would be nice to see more consistency in the tolerances of all rail mounted accessories as it sometimes feels like Easy Simple doesn’t test their accessory fitment with the final shipping product. An easy enough fix for those of us with a bit of experience but it doesn’t give a good impression for the casual buyer. A good solution to this would be to include a small sheet of double sided adhesive with each release like with the 100mph tape sections we often see included. Otherwise this is a fine model and a surprising inclusion on a reasonably priced figure that also included a detailed primary weapon.

Easy & Simple 26026 SMU Part VII Ranger Regimental Reconnaissance Company

Thanks for the review! That’s a nice piece.


Thanks for the review. Very nice big boy. Have it on my list. I like the OD Variant. The camo on this baby does not fit for me.


Awesome review. I missed out on the Hobby Nuts versions, so I think I need one of these.

If you have any OD versions available AdamC, fire me a PM or email.

I have some resin rounds, and cases, made by Elfbait, and I wonder how they scale in comparison to this version.


Lots to choose from

You probably have to try getting another type of round loose from this release.


Unfortunately just have the camo versions left now.


I had almost forgot about that one, good reminder.


How is it compared to the Hobby Nuts Version? Does anybody have both Version and can say which one is better?


I don’t have the Hobby Nuts one but from reading comments about that one and comparing my experience with their previous products I’d say the ES one is a more solid piece. The Hobby Nuts products tend to use a more brittle plastic.


OK. It looks like the Hobby Nuts one is made from Resin.

The Hobby Nuts Version has the standard sight. E&S uses a Elcan Specter DR sight. I have seen no photo with that combination. I’m just thinking to buy the MAAW loose because i do not need the complete E&S Figure. Both MAAW Version cost about 30€. So i do not know which I should buy.


This is one of the reference photos that @Suicide_Commando had found. I guess it depends on what sight you want.

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I will buy the E&S Version. I have compared some photos from the review at OSW and the E&S Version is much better detailed at all.


Thank you very much. That helps :+1:. Than the E&S will be mine :sunglasses::wink:

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